Insider Exposes Freemasonry as World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for a ‘New World Order’

A Freemason insider presents the video I have included in this post. When you watch this five-hour production, it will enlighten readers on how much control is exerted on society from the controlling powers.

This particular individual discusses how Freemasonry is a cover for a powerful religion practiced by the elitists managing the world’s business and the sheeple population.

The hidden religion, according to the Freemason insider, is Satanism. People looking for top-level stardom and notoriety in the entertainment, banking, and political fields are forced to pledge allegiance to Satan to ensure their rise to prominence in the respective fields.

After watching this informative expose, it is much easier to understand how the powers that be could orchestrate the scientific health fraud taking place without having any feelings of guilt or remorse for harming billions of innocent victims. Constructing a genocidal plot to cull humanity aligns with what these psychopaths believe to be their religious obligation.

It matters not whether you believe or disbelieve in the teachings of Christianity and Satanism. The people running the world do believe in these religions/concepts and reward individuals that pledge allegiance to Satan.

I believe the Satanic hierarchy extends to something otherworldly (extraterrestrial). You can believe me or not; I don’t care one way or another. I think that we are ultimately living in a frequency-generated simulation.

If you are tempted to dismiss the video above because of the religious beliefs discussed in the presentation, I implore you to hang in there and consider the large number of people involved in the practice of Satanism. For these people, the rituals are authentic, and their success in life is directly dependent on the pledges they have made.

There is a simple theme of polarities occurring on Earth – a dance between light and darkness. This fact is undeniable!
— Dr. Reizer


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— Dr. Reizer

Subtle Sabotage by [Lisa Hakes, Kristen Forbes]

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