Here’s the Story of a Bunch of Masons, who were trying to take over planet Earth…


Here’s the story, of a bunch of masons,
who were trying to take over planet Earth. They were hellbent on keeping secrets, and shaking hands in broad daylight.

“The Masonic Bunch”

In this story, the masons grew larger, and began to hold secret meetings in every town. Before they knew it, they were in every public office, and keeping secrets from everybody else.

The Masonic Bunch,
The Masonic Bunch,
That’s the way they became the Masonic Bunch!



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5 thoughts on “Here’s the Story of a Bunch of Masons, who were trying to take over planet Earth…

  1. lhakes12 October 20, 2022 / 8:44 am

    John, they all look so damn happy and proud to be a part of the Masonic Bunch. And they care about nothing but themselves. Keeping secrets and deceiving the public must empower their souls.

    They’re are creepy and kooky
    Mysterious and spooky
    They’re all together ooky
    They really are a scre-am
    The Masonic Bunch Family


    Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da , Da Da Da Da! (Snap, Snap) 🎶


    • Dr. John Reizer October 20, 2022 / 8:48 am

      I see where you are going with this, Lisa. I like it a lot! 🤣👍


  2. lhakes12 October 20, 2022 / 8:59 am

    Thanks, John. I just wanted to have a little fun with an old familiar tune as you did. 😂
    Be it the Brady Bunch or the Adams Family!


      • lhakes12 October 20, 2022 / 9:08 am

        Ditto! 👍

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