The Dreaded Flu Season (Again)?


Dr. John Reizer

Author of The Target List novel

Every year in the United States between the months of October and May, people are inundated with flu vaccination ads and news programs that are generated by pharmaceutical companies and government agencies such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The mass marketing campaigns are relentless and cleverly designed to encourage (scare) citizens into getting the annual flu jab in order to supposedly boost human immunity against Influenza.

It’s frustrating for me, on a personal level, to watch the same campaign rolled out nationally and promoted by the powers that be every single year. You can count on it just like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Flu season is officially on the US calendar and you can expect to see the agenda being pushed on every “Fakestream News” company in existence.

Did you ever wonder where the Influenza virus hides during the months of June – September? Does it go to some other part of the world for a yearly holiday? Like magic, it suddenly reappears in October and people are told to protect themselves with flu immunizations once again. Do you smell something fishy with this storyline?

Is it possible that the flu vaccine campaign is actually the cause of the flu season? Is it possible the reason that flu season begins every October is because people begin receiving flu shots every September?

Before you roll up your sleeve, stick out your arm and let someone stick you with any vaccine, you better do your research and understand that all vaccines are medicinal concoctions, and they carry potential risks to your health and well being. Don’t think for one second that there aren’t consequences attached to receiving vaccines of any kind.

There are plenty of research studies that show a connection between vaccines and neurological diseases such as Autism and Guillain-Barre syndrome. There are also plenty of attorneys that specialize in representing people that have been injured by these dangerous drugs. 

Watch the video below to see what can happen from getting one flu shot. Get informed and stay informed about your health and what you put inside your body!



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I Caught the Flu And Survived

By Dr. John Reizer

I caught the dreaded flu virus several weeks ago. It had been about two and a half years since I last experienced any sickness whatsoever. And that episode had been limited to a simple cold that left me with a mild sore throat and some congestion for a few days.

A week prior to catching the flu, I had been bragging to one of my patients about how healthy I was and how I attributed my good health to eating properly, getting plenty of daily exercise and receiving regular chiropractic care. This recipe has always kept my nervous and immune systems working at a very efficient level.

Then out of nowhere, I had the damn flu.

I had been taking care of a lot of patients prior to catching the flu that had been experiencing flu like symptoms. A few of the patients I had seen even told me they had tested positive for the virus. And this was after they had taken the flu vaccine at a local drugstore down the street from my office.

This particular flu virus had me feeling pretty miserable within a few hours after the first symptoms appeared. It started quite innocently enough with me not being able to clear my throat. It then caused my throat to quickly become sore, and then the intense fever kicked in. The fever went to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and it lasted for 19 hours. I let it run its course like I always do. The fever dismantles the flu virus and actually prevents it from being able to replicate.

I drank plenty of water to prevent dehydration and secured a few blankets to keep me warm. I was shivering quite a bit. I propped myself up on a reclining chair and watched television and of course plenty of television commercials about how to fight off the flu with over-the-counter medicines.  The commercials told me I should take drugs to lower my fever, break up the congestion in my chest, dry up my runny nose, and stop my persistent coughing. WHAT A JOKE!

Shortly after my fever broke, I noticed that the other symptoms I experienced lessened. Within three days I was back to work and feeling much better. It’s amazing how fast the body can rid itself of bacterial and viral microbes if we get the hell out of its way. The human body really does know what it’s doing if we just give it a chance to function without taking a hundred different drugs that attempt to suppress every physiological response taking place.

Fever destroys many viruses like the flu. Most viral infections cannot survive in temperature ranges above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and so the body elevates its temperature for this very reason. It’s why the body causes the fever in the first place. The virus doesn’t cause the fever, the fever occurs in response to the viral infection under the guidance of the immune system.

Congestion is caused by the body in an effort to sequester the infection in areas where it cannot harm the lungs and other vital organs. If you take drugs to artificially breakup the congestion, it will cause the active infection to run rampant through your entire system. Instead, let the body do its job and kill the infection. Once the infection is neutralized, the congestion will disappear on its own and no harm can be done to the physiological system because the virus or bacterium involved has been dismantled or killed off.

A runny nose, persistent coughing and sneezing is how the body expels microbes from the system. Drugs that suppress this process are preventing the immune system from getting you better. The same thing goes for vomiting and diarrhea. These are the ways the body’s immune system gets rid of toxins and bugs inside of us. If you inhibit this process, you’re ultimately lengthening the amount of time you will have to deal with the viral or bacterial infection.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no scientific evidence that flu vaccines are the best way to prevent catching the flu. In fact, evidence shows that people that receive a flu vaccine transmit the disease to others at a much higher rate than those not receiving the vaccines. It’s called viral shedding. The CDC has published misleading information about the safety and effectiveness of flu shots and also about the number of deaths that occur each year because of the flu.

Flu vaccines are known to cause serious side effects and the risks, in my opinion, far outweigh the benefits.

I caught the flu and survived just fine. I took no drugs whatsoever and because I let my immune system work out the problem of fighting this illness without any outside interference in the form of drugs, it will become stronger and keep me even healthier than before.

Flu Shot, Cancer Awareness, Back to School Vaccines….It must be Fall Again?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

It’s fall again, a very beautiful time of the year. When I think of autumn, thoughts of pumpkins, witches, Halloween and colorful landscapes, filled with countless trees and changing leaves, usually pop into my mind. The last quarter of the calendar brings with it the return of the holiday season as well as the reopening of schools for our children.

The fall season also features an extremely aggressive marketing campaign that is financed by the pharmaceutical industry. Their toxic products and ideas are then pedaled by its exclusive distributors, the medical profession. The efforts of this campaign can be observed by any person that happens to turn on a television, reads a magazine, purchases a newspaper, enters a public library, watches a professional sporting event, sends a child to school, visits a doctor’s office, peruses the Internet, or partakes in some other activity within a given community.

The pharmaceutical marketing campaign I am writing about has been carefully designed to sell toxic vaccines, drugs, and promote awareness about breast cancer and other diseases to American healthcare consumers. It is a recurring event. Placed into action like clockwork; you can count on the same propaganda being transmitted to the public by the pharmaceutical industry every year. It’s etched into the calendar, just like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

The proliferation of diseases worldwide has been accomplished, over time, due to society’s collective embracement of dangerous medical concepts. The dangerous ideas have been shoved down our throats for the longest time by the petrochemical giants that bombard us with one toxic poison after another. Poisons that are routinely packaged and marketed to consumers with fancy names are regularly painted as the exclusive answer to cancer or the sole prophylactic for childhood diseases.

When we support fundraising campaigns that have been developed to administer more toxic vaccines, promote awareness about cancers, cancer screenings, and cancer treatment protocols that do not cure patients, we ultimately contribute to the global expansion of chronic and deadly diseases.

Every single dollar that is collected through medical fundraising efforts helps the pharmaceutical companies pay for the development of additional toxic drugs that never cure anything. The management of a never ending list of symptoms is the only goal of big pharmaceutical companies. Keeping you and me in the dark about real cures, that have been previously discovered and found to be successful for eliminating cancers and other disorders, is what medical fundraising is really about.

Are you sure that you want to get the very toxic Flu jab this fall at the corporately owned drugstore in your hometown? Do you really know what you are injecting into your body? It’s amazing how the influenza virus seems to hide during other times of the year. How does it do that? Does it go on vacation like Santa Claus?

Each fall we witness the same pathetic stories all across America. The news stations will be filled with lengthy interviews featuring doctors dressed in white garments explaining about how the influenza virus will be the worst strain encountered in modern history. The carefully crafted news spots will also tell a gullible public that there will be drastic shortages of vaccines during the upcoming season. This will, undoubtedly, cause a run on the vaccine market. People will, for all intents and purposes, trample one another for the right to stick out their arms in order to be injected with toxic medicines that increase their odds of getting Alzheimer’s disease as well as other autoimmune disorders.

As kids, we used to scare one another by watching horror movies during the Halloween season. Those movie flicks were innocuous and quite harmless. Now, as adults, we take part in another type of horror show. We have become willing participants in a production that is not so innocuous and presents a real danger to the integrity of our immune systems. We routinely give our consent to take part in the medical horror show. In addition, we are financially supporting organizations that are making it impossible for the real cures to see the light of day. We are enabling modern medicine and the petrochemical industry to make us weaker and more dependent on a never ending list of poisons. Perhaps, one day, Americans will wake up and finally reclaim their natural right to be healthy. Perhaps, one day, Americans will become so spooked by this annual horror show that they will stop contributing monetary donations to these insane practices.

What do you think about this subject?