Big Pharma Is Claiming Ownership of Those Who Got Their Injections

By Ashley Hayes

Investigative Journalist Maria Zeee interviews AttorneyTodd Callender (“Todd”) in a video which must be shared far and wide right now.

Todd is part of a group of attorneys representing hundreds of thousands of enlisted men and women against the Dept. of Defense, Health & Human Services, and the FDA and the vaccine mandate. But he is also fighting for all of humanity, doing everything he can to expose the truth, alerting the world to the gene-modifying, injection-created enslavement and mass genocide that is underway.

His statements and warnings are irrefutably proven by DOD documentation used in his court case, Robert v. Austin currently in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado. Of most concern is the finding in Supreme Court case, Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics which states that “use of mRNA to effect gene modification results in the product [in this case, vaccinated people] belonging to the patent holders.”

The Supreme Court held:
Naturally occurring DNA sequences, even when isolated from the body, cannot be patented, but artificially created DNA is patent eligible because it is not naturally occurring.

Todd states that this declaration of ownership of humans has never been refuted by either the DOJ, HHS, or the FDA during the pendency of the trial. And in law, not refuting a statement is deemed as an admission of it.

He reports that we are, without question, being genetically modified by the mainlining (injecting) of the weaponized nanoparticles, stating that these are already aerosolized, and in our food and water.

Todd and his team are addressing the legal ramifications behind the fact that Big Pharma is now claiming ownership over those individuals who took their injections. They claim that with the addition of their patented mRNA into one’s body, that person becomes a new organism: a homo borg or “Syn Bio,” (synthetically biological) vs. a homo sapien. Literally, no longer human.

In a previous article, I reported that Moderna co-founder, Dr. Robert Lenger credits himself as having come up with the idea of a pharmacy-in-a-chip stating, ”By remote control, we can take hermetically-sealed covers off the drugs embedded in the chip wells.” Lenger leaves out the fact that that capability means that vaccines can be used as backdoors for bioweapons.

Todd’s evidence shows that the lipid nanoparticles in the injections have a payload they dump resulting in gene modification and can cause a pathogenic crisis in the body.

His evidence also reveals how the 5G towers work in conjunction with the injected nanoparticles: An 18GHz signal, pulsed three times, for a minute each, will cause these lipid nanoparticles to swell and release their payload inside the body of the subject.

Todd cautions that we have no idea what has been injected into people because “the FDA no longer cares.” He adds that Ebola, and any number of pathogens, could already have been injected into millions, and we would never know, and that, for all we know, the controllers are just waiting to use that pulse signal and release them.

Todd asserts that the PCR tests appear to have been used to digitize our DNA, making humans programmable in real time, allowing for “any pathogen known to mankind” to be released from the bodies of individuals, the pathogen released being based on the power of the particular EMF signal used. The pulse signals that come from 5G towers range from 300 mHz to 300 gHz and, as mentioned, they work in tandem with the nanotechnology-laden lipid nanoparticles.

Importantly a “public health emergency of international concern” (the operative phrase) makes Tedros Ghebreyesus the most dangerous man on the planet. He becomes a dictator. All constitutional rights are suspended.

He also discovered the Department of Energy maintains a massive database of pathogens, including Marburg and Ebola, both man-made pathogens and is confident Marburg will be the next created pandemic.

He paints a horrifying picture, stating the controllers will be able to remotely make people start bleeding out of their orifices which, of course, will cause them to panic. He states, “They have already spent the Marburg money, so we know it’s coming. . . It’s coming soon.”

This is scary stuff. No doubt about it. But there is always hope. To that end, Todd shares some truly wonderful information about their findings on reversing any damage from the Operation Warp Speed injections. He refers us to Dr. Pete Chambers who has had amazing success reversing DNA damage via red-light therapy and chelation.

Dr. Chambers’ site link is below, along with a link to the excellent Truth for Health Foundation.

Please share this article wherever you can.

Sources & Links:
Dr. Jane Ruby with Todd Callender:,_Inc.


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st-century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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4 thoughts on “Big Pharma Is Claiming Ownership of Those Who Got Their Injections

  1. Rage against the War Machine March 10, 2023 / 10:10 am

    War is killing for profit. The military-industrtrial complex doesn’t care how many are dead they just want the money from military arms sales.
    Covid and the covid-Vaccine is the same. Covid19 and the Covid-vaccine is “killing for profit”
    Fauci and Trump don’t care how many are dead from the covid-vaccine they pushed for the Big Pharma killing machine, they just wanted the profit. People supporting Trump are supporting his vaccine killing agenda. I don’t care what Trump says he’ll do. You can’t overlook what any politician says or does when it comes to this issue. Trump should be in prison.

  2. lhakes12 March 10, 2023 / 11:18 am

    Ashley, an agonizing but very valuable and superb article to educate the public about the abominable reality at hand. People have to start believing if we are going to make our way out of this!
    And I love the ending where there may be some hope with reversing DNA damage via red-light therapy and chelation. Thank you!


    And my cuz, Jeff, remarkably expands on this in his own way with his own tale about the abhorrent nanotechnology:

    “The spirit speaks thru me today
    It wishes I share this message

    Here’s my story
    And I’m sticking to it

    Back in the 90s I remember
    There used to be a lot of conspiracy Theories about the government micro chipping everyone
    That never happened

    But what did happed
    Was that they realized they couldn’t possibly microchip everyone in the world
    So they went with plan B

    Nano technology

    I remember when I first started taking about nano technology
    Every one thought I was crazy
    Many of you still do
    But a lot more people are coming around and realizing what it really is, how real it is and how it affects everyone

    See, they transferred the microchip agenda to geo engineering, GMOS and other microbial ways to infect the public with this nano technology
    So that we all have it inside of us
    Without consent or knowledge of it
    As what some call ‘smart’ dust
    And Magnetic assisted transfection via
    EMF radiation

    The difference being some people are immediately targeted by it to effect them
    Where others are infected with it but aren’t aware of it
    Because it lies dormant in the body until activated

    I remember doing a lot of research on something called the Nano BIoApi
    Or long version, the Nano technology biosynthetic application program interface

    For a while it was heavily censored online
    But now I see they are admitting it more and more

    This is a big part of the agenda that ties ‘chemtrails’
    Vaccine, And the rampant spread of viral plandemics together for the purpose of tracking and tracing everyone for the coming WEF digital reset of the digital crypto economy, or fourth industrial
    revolution they are pushing for as well as with planned terraformation of earth for the Lockheed Martin spacegrid and agenda for sustainable development of the elite supremacist class

    I remember reading about how this BioApi worked

    It starts as biological infection of sorts
    As the smart dust metabolizes in the body and blood stream
    Forming a sort of candida fungus made up of
    Morgellons like fibers that grow in the body

    EMF radiation allows these polymers to get into blood brain barrier And hijack our central nervous system with remote censoring
    This is why we hear intense pinging and ringing in our ears
    Or artificial Tinnitus

    As we live in a smart grid, tied to smart technologies
    Smart phones, TV’s And appliances
    We are practically swimming in Electromagnetic radiation that we can subtly feel, but most of us don not notice it

    As we are all infected with these microbial fibers and dust, mot of us don’t even realize it as it remains dormant in the body until it receives what’s called a payload, or vaccine

    I was aware of this 2016
    And watching for something that would resemble
    This conspiracy come true

    Then along came March 2020
    I screamed bloody murder
    But so few listened

    To make matters worse
    I had already realized I myself was already infected by this as I had unknowingly given consent to medical experimentation when I had agreed to have spinal fusion neck surgery in 2013

    Through the process of acupuncture
    And then later the surgery
    My skin pores were opened to infection
    And I experienced horrible skin conditions thereafter with
    Itching and candida fungal infection in my blood

    I’ve been treating this condition for a long time And learned that sugar or high fructose corn syrup especially makes it worse
    Makes the itch unbearable

    I realized that these sores in my skin
    Would never heal
    They kept reproducing and coming back again
    And again, In the same spots
    As the nano technology reproduces itself
    And they were forming a symmetry all over my body

    It was apparent to me I was dealing with nano technology
    As an intelligent sentient artificial disease

    I’ve tried to be more holistic in my diet and avoid sugar
    I get really sick

    I remember reading about he nature of the bio Api
    And how it interacts with our body
    As if it plays God with our sinful nature
    Until we learn to obey it
    As it tortures us if we don’t

    It works the same way with all sins
    Pride, Lust, Greed, Wrath, Envy and Sloth
    Not just Gluttony with sugar

    Counter pride with humility
    Counter lust and chastity
    Counter greed with charity
    Counter wrath with serenity, empathy and grace
    Breathe breathe breathe
    Counter envy with wishing happiness for others
    Counter sloth with being productive and active
    Counter gluttony with fasting and moderation

    These are all ways to ‘Raise our vibration’
    Along with seeking knowledge with an open mind and
    Loving compassionate heart

    The more we spend our energy or spill our seed
    It amplifies the effect of lower density vibration and behavior

    It works this way with anger or wrath
    You can feel the nano bio API SHIFT in frequency
    As if the body was a Cosmic radio satellite changing stations
    In that it becomes a sort of possession of the mind
    Making mere anxiety or frustration into potential full blown meltdowns and tantrums

    As if your anger has a built in modified remote control, Distortion pedal
    And everything gets extra fuzzy when we see red

    It’s truly mind-blowing how the BioAPI enhances our
    Senses and chemistry

    It has an ability to speak to us through us
    As an imitation of Christ conscious or ego
    And act as a vice to skull like technology
    Where AI speaks to us in our own voice
    And suggestive psychosis
    Making us think it’s really us thinking these things
    But it’s actually the nano technology interacting with you through satellite or WiFi
    This why mediation is important
    It teaches us to discern the difference between self inner dialogue and artificial intelligence Voice to skull symptoms
    Likewise it teaches us how to sense every cell and muscle in the body and how to speak directly to each individual cell for self healing and regeneration

    They say those of us experiencing the morgellons candida fungal infection symptoms are the lucky ones
    As the body has found a way to eject it from the body
    Rather than nest
    Because the nano fibers reproduce when activated by EMF radiation and heat in the body

    Where those who never realize they have it
    In the body lying dormant
    Are the real targeted individuals and victims of the sleeper cell technology
    When it is activated
    They will never know what hit them
    And these are the people who many be vulnerable to triggered event
    Some call the Zombie apocalypse theory
    Where they all become abducted or possessed thru this experience

    Much like in the movies

    However I digress

    I believe the event is long, sustained and drawn out
    Like since 2012 ish and still going on now

    All I know is that it was never dormant in me
    It was always very evident
    And I have acted accordingly to treat it for years

    The difference between me and many others
    Is that I never got the payload as far as I am aware of
    I have resisted And denied this agenda the satisfaction
    Of being Marked for artificial death

    I remain a pure blood

    Though it may be futile to resist it
    With all the other ways they get it into our body
    By food air And water
    The smart grid always craning out its deadly cancerous frequencies
    And the treat of inevitable force

    All we can really do is fast, mediate, keep grounded, stay aware and awake, reduce the effects of technology and keep trying to wake others to why we keep getting sick and the global agenda to murder
    and posses our humanity so we can alchemically create a reverse effect for our own salvation
    they distract us with all these others to cover up what’s really making us sick

    I would recommend Elana Freeland’s work especially
    If you are still learning about this
    She’s the most articulate person I can think of who has been studying and exposing these things
    All her life
    And still lives to tell the truth
    That everything else exists to cover it up
    She’s a national treasure and American hero
    She puts it all together

    Of course there are many voices of truth
    Out there trying to reach you all

    These are indeed biblical time my friends

    Not because Go had made it so
    But because a cult of Billionaires have made it so
    We have been living in false prophecy for a long long time

    The apocalypse is the revealing of that of which has been hidden from us all along

    The truth

    And this make believe Disneyland life we’ve been living for multitude generations is Satan’s world

    Say hello to the Anti Christ
    It’s everywhere

    Are you on the square?
    Are you on the level?
    Are you to swear right here right now
    To the devil?


    The only way to get out
    Is to go Within
    And find the real

    The Kingdom of heaven”

    • Ashley March 10, 2023 / 1:54 pm

      Thanks so much for your reply, Lisa.
      Cousin Jeff is right on the money, and every post you will find here about nanotechnology supports that.
      These are indeed Biblical times and those directing our country (and our world) are working for the god they worship: Satan.

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