David Icke’s Clown of the Week

The mainstream media and entertainment industry are hell-bent on promoting mRNA vaccines along with the false narrative that speaks of more Covid-19 variants.

–Dr. Reizer

The Clown of the Week!


Fall 2023


“Reizer is one of my favorite authors. I accidentally stumbled upon Introducing Michael Morris, and since then, I’ve been hooked. I believe in the future, he could be esteemed as one of the prophets of science fiction. If you’re not familiar with John Reizer’s works, you should be.” — AthenasBooks


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2 thoughts on “David Icke’s Clown of the Week

  1. lhakes12 January 16, 2023 / 1:51 pm

    David Icke’s sarcastic comment on how Bill Gates is talked about as being a god, reminded me how on an episode on the TV show Big Bang Theory the actors all acted as if meeting Bill Gates would be like meeting a God. Their hero! (Bill Gates was a guest on the show. )
    It was quite sickening to watch to say the least, but I was very curious to see how it was it was going to play out. And the objective really was to make Bill Gates look like a “God.” To influence the public.
    And this episode was first aired back in 2018.


    And a writing from my cuz Jeff on Facebook:
    January 9th

    “Due to the rise of awareness in the world since the Advent of the Internet of things

    The powers that be decided to use it as its initial purpose was created as a surveillance weapon for the military industrial complex.
    And chose to use it for censorship purposes as well
    By creating things like social media

    It wasn’t enough to silence people and control their narratives
    They wanted to control everyone from within
    To take this rise of consciousness and knowledge and holistic health
    As millions of people were awakening from
    Mass mind indoctrination and entertainment as Reality
    The elephants in the room
    The lip zippers invented many ways to distribute poisons into our blood streams and hijack our biology
    And as the awakening was pulling people up into a new state of being of higher consciousness
    The real world and all its social constructs of
    Media propaganda and medical establishment coercion with political extremist segregation
    Was pulling the majority consensus of the public opinion
    Down and under the higher frequency
    To divide and Conquer
    To keep control of the population and the narratives of their beliefs by rewriting reality according to the conformity
    Of political cowards and media actors to promote the greatest scam in our recent history
    And yet
    Instead of disassociating ourselves with the agendas these parasites roll out for us
    We defend them
    We become the very inmates running our own asylums
    And all we do is program ourselves for the next big Deception
    And they roll these psychological operations out on us
    Like the new flavor of the week
    Top 40 pop song
    But do we recognize it?
    We just conform to it
    And defend it
    And make it our own little lie

    And that’s how the architects an engineers of socialists civilizations control us Like a

    Master of puppets”

    • Dr. John Reizer January 16, 2023 / 2:22 pm

      Once again, great points were written by your cuz, Jeff.

      People like Gates, in my opinion, are most likely front people financially supported by the powers that be to influence the masses and provide a plausible reason why never before observed technologies can suddenly appear on the scene.

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa! 👍🙂


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