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“Between September 12th and September 29th, 2021, I was on life support in a medically induced coma. While I was asleep, Michael was awake and speaking. Later this year, I will tell you what he had to say.”

John Reizer


Fall 2023


“Reizer is one of my favorite authors. I accidentally stumbled upon Introducing Michael Morris, and since then, I’ve been hooked. I believe in the future, he could be esteemed as one of the prophets of science fiction. If you’re not familiar with John Reizer’s works, you should be.” — AthenasBooks


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3 thoughts on “Answers Are Coming Soon!

  1. lhakes12 January 16, 2023 / 11:52 am

    John, I received a friend request the other day on Facebook from a very strange name. But I briefly looked at and and saw a few words that told this person was awake, so I accepted his friend request.
    And then last night I noticed a post from him with hints as to who he was such as his nationality and where from. Well, then I realized who it must be and went back to look at his Facebook page again. It was flooded with everything “cuz Jeff.” And although I have not had confirmation yet, I am certain he is back! ( And for newcomers to the site, I have periodically posted my cousin’s extraordinary writings.)


    16 hours ago

    “We humans are an interesting creature

    Three dimensional beings
    Existing in multiples of conscious polarity

    Th first being the animal king
    Bound to the chains of nature, instinctive mind,
    Carnal behaviors, Reptilian survival mode flight or fight reactions and attracted to lower vibrational
    Energies And habitual personality traits
    Vulnerable to fear, trauma and hive mind simulations

    The second being the programmed
    Civilized citizen of social Indoctrination and
    Culture conditioning
    Separated from Nature and fallen from nature’s co inhabitants
    Recreated as something of an ego phantasm
    Reflection of social conformity
    Given labels for all alter egos of natural schizophrenia
    But diagnoses as Sane in an insane false reality
    Disconnected from Nature and Self
    So easily manipulated, hypnotized and manipulated to act and behave as any composer would direct an ensemble of
    The magician is the architect of this entity
    Who’s multiple personalities are based on different social environments he or she has with themselves
    With nature
    And again
    With society as a whole
    Creating false images of themselves
    Like a sort of fiction that is born in the minds of others
    Projecting us as a human race into these separate micromanage able conditions only the engineers are permitted to control

    And then there is the spirit
    Which transcends life and death as thought forms
    Energies And consciousness
    Through genetic regeneration
    Reincarnation and resurrection of the sacred seed of life through quantum and ritual practices
    Spirit has a dual identity and connection with nature
    Th elements of the earth and aspects of light
    As well as
    The sun and the moon, and the mazarowth itself
    All of this is connected
    But beyond our five physical senses
    It is in our sixth sense
    Dreams, memories, visions, clairvoyance, And the growing awareness of senses unlocked in our DNA through the practice of
    sacred occult knowledge and mediation, that they alchemise from imagination to physical miracles of the divine Essence in
    all of us

    Having knowledge of this amazing predicament we are in as human beings
    It is easy to see how disconnected we really are with reality, nature, and ourselves
    Due to the ego conditioning and social subversions we’ve created for ourselves
    and accepted as our
    Status quo reality and way of life

    Yet we are the most fragmented creature on earth
    The divine angelic human being
    Fallen so far from heaven on earth
    So manipulated by his fellow man And woman
    So that he’s the only creature on earth
    Who is a slave of himself
    while every animal in the animal kingdom
    Has the opportunity to experience true freedom in the wild
    Mankind pays bills, taxes, and restitution fees for the right to survive
    And we call that


    I’d wager that mankind has amnesia
    And is marked for death from birth by systems of devolution

    And he’s forgotten that God/Nature
    Gave this paradise to him for free
    Because it was our own inheritance

    Yet all we do is destroy everything about it
    And use this precious living earth
    As a resource
    So we can worship precious metals
    Paper and digital currencies

    We suck

    Mankind has clearly taken heaven on earth
    And turned it into his own
    God-damn Hell”

  2. Dr. John Reizer January 16, 2023 / 12:18 pm

    Cool, Lisa! Thanks for sharing! 🙂👍


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