Humanity is being Held Hostage to Tyranny

By Van Robison

Every nation on Earth is being held hostage to a psychological force that is so fanatical that mankind has become mentally paralyzed.  Wearing face masks and social distancing are draconian measures that are stupefying, illogical, and prove that most human beings are simple-minded pawns of mass-propaganda. It is all mind-conditioning through public television.

The creators of this fake pandemic are not stupid. They are, in fact, evil geniuses. They have no conscience and laugh all the way to the bank over the profits they will make from their vaccines. While many see through the fog of utter deception, many more are blind to reality.

Never in human history has mankind been so manipulated as now in this mind-bending fake worldwide “pandemic.” It leaves critical thinkers speechless.

There need to be public television stations that are not controlled by liars, mind-manipulation, and endless propaganda. Truth is a disease to every public “news” source and including Hollywood.

Are there any multi-billionaire sources out there willing to establish truth-television?


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3 thoughts on “Humanity is being Held Hostage to Tyranny

  1. tim October 5, 2020 / 11:09 am

    Hi Van. Great article. I agree with 99% of what you said. The only part I slightly disagree with is the “…geniuses” part. The “evil” I agree with. “They” certainly are evil beings, but I do not believe “they” are geniuses.
    Because anyone who believes that “they” can fool ALL of the people with “their” lies, ALL of the time, are fools, not geniuses.
    Sure, tell a lie long enough, enough times, and eventually most of the people will believe the lies, but that’s not genius, that’s programing. And it does not take a genius to figure out how to program and hypnotize the sheeple.
    And there are so many holes in “their” lies, that whosoever does come up with these psycops are not to smart and eventually the rest of the sheeple will have to catch on, and see the lies for what they are. Unfortunately, by then, it will be to late, when they realize they are in railroad carts getting taken to enternment camps (FEMA.)
    What we are really up against isn’t genius, or even evil genius, it’s the fact that “they” have an unlimited amount of money, resources, black mailing, threats, coercion, and so many other ways to manipulate the ones who do see the lies, into doing what “they” want them to do anyway (puppets of the “master puppeteers”.)
    And then the few of us who know the truth, do not have enough power to stop “them” and are of no threat to “them”. If ALL those who know the truth stood up together, then we could change the world, but that’s not going to happen.
    “They” also own all main stream media communications, the enforcers, the soldiers, the politicians, kings, gueens, and so on so “they” don’t need to be very smart at all. All “they” have to do is try to brain wash most of the sheeple and the rest us who have taken the red pill, will be forced into submission.
    No, i don’t think “they” are very smart at all, just powerful, with an unlimited source of resouces, while the poor little sheeple under “their” feet, are struggling just to survive.
    This is life. We can either let it kill us , or let it make us stronger. I choose to let it make me stronger, so then I am prepared for the second coming and that “great and dreadful day of the Lord,” when I will help our Savior and Redemeer Jesus Christ, along with His Saints, wipe the “evil” from off the face of this earth and send” them” too “their” deserved judgements for the much evil that “they” have perpetrated upon the innocent here on the earth during “their” life time.
    Oh, if only the evil would turn from “their” evil ways, and see the truth , that Jesus is our Brother, Savior and Redeemer who died for our sins, so we may be forgiven, be baptized in His name, and endure to the end in righteousness , then return to our Father in heaven.
    But they are to weighed down by satan chains, to see the truth, and so, sadly, they will instead, suffer for their crimes that “they” committed upon the innocent here on earth.
    I weep for the self-destruction of “their” souls.
    Keep up the good work, Van. Love your articles. Stay strong. Keep the faith.
    brother tim 🙂

  2. Van Robison October 5, 2020 / 9:28 pm

    Thank you Tim, I always enjoy your comments.

    • tim October 6, 2020 / 5:04 pm

      Thank you Van, back at ya. Always love your words of wisdom and truth. You and the good Doctor are always spot on. In fact, everything I have read on this site written by others are ALL spot on and speak the truth and frankly I’m amazed at the level of intelligence and truth spoken by all on this site. Thank you for speaking the truth people. Keep up the good work.

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