Covid-19: We Must Hold Those Responsible for the Plandemic Accountable!

By Dr. John Reizer

Covid-19 is a horrible false flag event that has interrupted lives, careers, world economies, and just about everything else that has to do with the ebb and flow of society.

Although the farcical hoax has undoubtedly caused hardships for many, I believe the worldwide community has a tremendous opportunity to learn a great lesson from the overall experience. If enough of us wake up in time, we might be able to change the playing field for billions of people concerning taking away some of the control the powers that be have over the masses.

As each day passes, more people are becoming aware that the official narrative surrounding Covid-19 doesn’t make sense. Even those people who lack health science backgrounds are questioning the length of time the virus has managed to survive despite the extensive lockdown efforts of all sovereign territories throughout the world. People are slowly coming to the uncomfortable conclusion that things aren’t adding up the way they should.

Dr. Karol Sikora, a British oncologist, and a former World Health Organization chief, recently alluded to the idea that Covid-19 might disappear on its own before a vaccine could be developed. He tweeted,

“There is a real chance that the virus will burn out naturally before any vaccine is developed.

“We see a roughly similar pattern everywhere – I suspect we have more immunity than estimated.

“We need to keep slowing the virus, but it could be petering out by itself.”

Was the good doctor tweeting in code? Did he mean to tweet that the public had slightly more brains to figure out what was going on than the powers that be estimated?

I believe the world governing construct that ordered Operation False Flag Covid-19 underestimated the intelligence of people in general. Yes, the vast majority of the population still continues to embrace officialdom, but with each passing day, more people are beginning to see the light. They know the pandemic for what it really is — a movie script.

People must continue to educate themselves to the real facts, remain vigilant, and refuse to obey any draconian orders that may put them or loved ones in harm’s way. People shouldn’t be afraid to disobey orders that trample the fundamental human rights of all citizens regardless of where they reside.

Most importantly, do not forget or forgive the elected leaders that allowed or enabled this enormous crime to be carried out in the first place.

Any and all public servants who illegally ordered the voting public they represent to be in quarantine under the guise that an imminent health threat was taking place, should be immediately removed from their elected appointments and arrested for crimes against humanity. In America, the lockdown orders are illegal, according to the United States Constitution.

Those of us who are awake and aware of the facts must never forget the individuals responsible for the coronavirus hoax.

We must remember that the mainstream media companies have also been complicit in this egregious crime. Any television or radio personalities who were involved in making false claims about the plandemic should never be trusted again to be the purveyors of real news.

If the members of society can commit to a common goal of holding all individuals responsible for the fakery accountable, the hardships we have collectively endured will have served a useful purpose. Hopefully, living through a fake viral pandemic once will preclude the members of society from ever being fooled again by a similar false flag event.

4 thoughts on “Covid-19: We Must Hold Those Responsible for the Plandemic Accountable!

  1. Kenneth T. May 18, 2020 / 9:38 pm

    To what end? Jail? Fine?
    End results wouldn’t justify anything

    • NoFakeNews May 18, 2020 / 9:51 pm

      Jail and fines to begin. Whatever any other person or persons who aren’t in positions of power would be required to pay in time or money for such a crime. I disagree; the end results would send a definite message to others who are in positions of leadership not to follow a similar path.

  2. Alexander May 19, 2020 / 5:53 am

    “Hopefully, living through a fake viral pandemic once will preclude the members of society from ever being fooled again by a similar false flag event.”

    I’m afraid, it will not. Society was fooled throughout history. A recent example is communism. Although a pandemic and a political regime seem to be different things, the measures carried out on the takeovers are surprisingly similar:
    – People were not allowed to leave home during certain hours during the so-called Russian revolution
    – Prisoners were released
    – Borders closed
    – Alternative press censored
    – Dissidents were thrown in prison or later in psychiatric treatment, etc…

    The justification now and then is the same: the sacrifices are for the greater good. And by the way: in the Soviet Union vaccines were mandatory for everyone.

    I firmly believe, that the hidden ruling power that imposed the fake pandemic on the society is the same that established communism a century ago, or their descendants.
    (sorry for bad English)

    • NoFakeNews May 19, 2020 / 8:31 am

      Hi Alexander,
      I thank you for your comments. I agree with you. The likelihood that society will connect the dots and learn from the experience is slim to none. But there is an opportunity for people who are awake to learn the truth and hold the criminals accountable.

      I was trying to be optimistic when I wrote the article.

      Dr. Reizer

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