Covid-19 And The New World Order

By Dr. John Reizer

I regularly receive emails from readers who ask me questions about the subjects I have written about on NoFakeNews. Believe it or not, I do write about other topics on this forum that don’t have to do with the fake viral pandemic currently being carried out by the powers that be.

During the past several months, I have been writing almost exclusively about Covid-19 and the mass lockdown of the worldwide community. After all, it’s one of the most significant psychological operations ever carried out by the World Government that’s been running the Earth show for a lot longer than most can imagine.

If we really want to understand why and how a false flag event like Covid-19 has come to be a reality for citizenry around the globe, we have to discuss certain subjects and wade into murky waters that might not be comfortable for most people. That would include some of the people who regularly read this website and are fully awakened to the idea that the coronavirus is a full-fledged scam.

What am I talking about?

Since our very first days here, we’ve all been taught a carefully scripted presentation about what’s real and what’s not. Our collective perception of reality is very far removed from what’s actually happening on the planet.

Our knowledge (or lack thereof) of many things transpiring today has come to fruition from the information we learned in educational and religious institutions controlled by different governments that have a vested interest in distorting the public’s understanding of life and our existence here.

Much of what we think we know about this place called Earth has been taught to us by parents, school teachers, ministers, priests, rabbis, news corporations, physicians, governments, and other sources we have learned to respect and trust.

When we went to school, as part of our required formal public education, we were not exposed to many things that would have been really helpful to us in our attempts to navigate through such a confusing world. Please try to understand that we were intentionally given a limited amount of information about many subjects. In fact, much of what we think we know about the world and our planet’s history has been so distorted by certain people that it would be too painful for the average person to view reality as it actually is.

A review of history clearly demonstrates that there have always been groups of people within the structure of numerous societies, which controlled all of the critical information and decisions. These controlling members were not always visible to the rest of the citizens of a given community. In reality, they intentionally avoided public exposure and preferred to control things from behind the scenes.

Conspiracy theorists have long made the case that a cabal of wealthy families has had firm control over the rest of the world for lengthy periods. Depending on what authors you read, and there are many of them, the length of time that these conspirators have been manipulating humanity stretches from one century to many thousands of years.

I have read many of these authors. While I do not agree with every specific point that they make, I now believe that there is a hierarchy of control that manages the world from the top down. In my considered opinion, this is not a conspiracy theory – it is a fact!

Many would argue that such a hierarchy, explicitly designed to secretly control the world, would be impossible to conceal from the rest of society. The skeptics are quick to point out that the scholars of the world would be able to identify such an evil construct. Another logical argument that is routinely voiced and delivered by the skeptics to conspiracy authors is that it would be virtually impossible for the same groups/families, which are supposedly in control of the world, to maintain the continuity of that control from one generation to the next. In other words, how would these elitist families retain their firm grip over the world’s people for hundreds and possibly even thousands of years as many conspiracy authors have suggested?

The Principle of Compartmentalization

Maintaining control from the top down is not as difficult as one might imagine. This goal has been successfully accomplished throughout our modern history, especially within the corporate world. The organizational structure of a given company is akin to the design of a pyramid. At the top of the corporate pyramid, a select few know everything of importance regarding the health and well being of a particular company. The further down the pyramid you move, the more people in the company become involved. The company members that hold a specific position of rank/status/employment within the lower levels of the pyramid are not privy to the same quantity of information as the individuals who hold a higher level of pyramidal rank/status/employment. The further down the pyramid you move, the less company information is known by each of the employees. At the very base of the pyramidal structure, the least amount of company knowledge is known or understood by the vast majority of company employees.

The pyramidal corporate model I have just described allows for the limiting of access to vital information. This is what I and others refer to as the principle of compartmentalization. The principle of compartmentalization occurs every single day of the year in the operation of various companies, organizations, countries, and yes, it even happens on a global scale as I will eventually point out. To develop a more precise understanding, for readers, about how the principle works, I offer the following description of the inner workings of an automobile assembly plant.

An automobile assembly plant is a very technical and sophisticated operation. A large part of the factory’s success is based on the smooth and uninterrupted performance of an assembly line of workers and modern machines. The automobiles that are produced at the very end of the assembly line are precision designed pieces of machinery, and they will no doubt function flawlessly for many years.

If I were to interview a group of assembly line employees from a particular automotive plant and ask them to explain how to build the automobile they regularly work on, I would wager a small amount of money that the employees would be unable to explain how to proceed.

As a smaller group, or as individuals, these employees would not have the necessary knowledge to build the exact product they are regularly employed to help manufacture. The employees are obviously a tiny part of a much more extensive assembly team. This assembly team has been intentionally compartmentalized or given only enough information/knowledge to be able to successfully complete measurable objectives as outlined and defined by the company’s assembly line managers. In this way, a sophisticated product can be regularly produced by a large workforce of employees. At the same time, only a minimal number of high ranking company executives, who share a much different knowledge base than most of the lower-level employees associated with the company, would know how to build the product in question.

The automobile company needs the complete cooperation of all the workers employed at the factory to successfully produce the end product. Without the workers who reside at the base of the pyramidal corporate structure, the company would not be able to succeed. The principle of compartmentalization, however, allows the people on the top of the pyramid to maintain a different level of knowledge and control over the people who reside at the lower levels of the pyramid.

This hierarchy system is widely known and regularly accepted within the corporate/business arena. It is common and quite acceptable by society’s standards for company executives to be privy to a different knowledge base than lower-level employees. What would not be fair to the members of society, however, is for the same hierarchy systems to exist within the major genres of our everyday existence. The genres I am writing about are the elements that are deeply embedded into our societal structure and help to form the very fabric of our perceived reality.

The actual genres that define and make up the fabric of our perceived reality are the institutions known to us as science, history, finance, banking, religion, education, sports, entertainment, medicine, energy, the military-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, politics, the occult, philosophy, and many others.

What is the one common factor that each of these genres shares with one another? What information should you, the reader, retain when assessing these genres that shape our very own version of reality? The answer is twofold. You should first, and foremost, comprehend that for each of these genres, there exists a much different knowledge base and understanding about the actual subject matter at various positions within the pyramidal hierarchy. Only a select few know the total truth about what is really going on in each genre/subject. The second thing you need to learn is that all of these genres strongly encourage individuals to form, in their minds, a perceived reality construct that is very far removed from what’s actually happening on the planet at any given time.

The Fabric of our Perceived Reality

Explained in Further Detail

As members of society, we are all, for the most part, disciples of unverifiable information. What I mean by this sentence is that the people on our planet must regularly rely on specific official sources for most of their data. The sources you and I rely upon must be trustworthy, in our eyes, for us to actually accept the information they peddle as credible. This is how human beings determine what is real or possible in various communities around the globe. We are usually not afforded the luxury of being placed in a position to be able to validate many of the pieces of information that routinely enter our daily lives.

Because human beings are only able to learn about certain subjects from the so-called “trusted sources,” a genuine problem is immediately created for most of the members of society. At the same time, a real opportunity is designed for the controlling members of the community who reside at the upper end of the structured hierarchy. That opportunity regularly allows the members of the ruling elite the chance to create a false perception of reality for the vast majority of the population base.

Many individual genres have been sewn together to form the fabric of our perceived reality that we rely upon to guide us through our daily existence. To the average person, the fabric of our perceived reality is not widely understood. The abilities of the global power brokers to keep the rest of humanity attached to a distorted perception/understanding of what is actually taking place in the world has been no small chore. Yet, it has been brilliantly accomplished over an extended period of time.

As I wrote earlier, the fabric of our perceived reality is actually made up of many subjects that we are all quite familiar with. Some of us have studied these subjects in great detail and believe that we have a good understanding of them. In reality, we don’t

                         Touchy Subjects

Again, let me reiterate that the topics I am writing about are complex issues and also considered touchy subjects within the minds of most people. As human beings, we have varying degrees of emotional attachment to the individual components that make up the fabric of our perceived reality. For example, the subject of religion is one component within our constructed fabric that many people feel strongly about.

Once we have accepted specific belief systems and welcomed them into our lives, it is absolutely natural for the concepts to be reinforced by the members of our immediate community. The belief systems eventually become attached to our core beliefs, and from that point forward, we will always defend such concepts until the very day we leave this planet.

Each genre that helps to create a portion of the fabric of our perceived reality is controlled or managed from the top down. The subject of politics is no exception to this rule. Many of us get quite emotional when we begin discussing politics. It is, without a doubt, a genre that a lot of people are very opinionated about. Unfortunately, we have been cleverly duped into believing that we are free to choose leaders in a given country that can actually make a difference.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents account for the significant party players in the farcical game played in the US. I use the word “game” because, in my opinion, the entire political system, in America as well as other sovereign territories, is a game that has been set up to appease the participants – the voting public.

Many years ago, the British born conspiracy author David Icke coined the term “opposames” when referring to political parties. Icke convincingly made the case that political candidates in the US Democratic and Republican parties, who were successfully elected into the higher levels of government, were being controlled like puppets on a string by the real rulers of the world. The political parties people become so enamored with were purposely disguised to look like they were different from one another. And looking at what has happened in the world with Covid-19, and how all political leaders have genuflected to the world government, it’s pretty obvious Icke was correct.

According to Icke, the political parties were only dissimilar on the surface and underneath the superficial façade that was being presented to the public; they were, in fact, both representing the interests of the ruling elite members of society that were really managing the world’s business. Hence, the term “opposames” was used by Icke to describe the game pieces.

Once again, it should be reinforced in our minds that what we think we know about a given genre that helps to make up the fabric of our perceived reality is very different from what the people at the top of the pyramid know about the same subject. There are very different perceptions of what truth might be depending on your position in the hierarchy of knowledge.

The New World Order has been written and talked about by many people. Numerous theories have been brilliantly explained by different scholars and conspiracy authors. So, I guess it’s fair to say that everybody seems to have their own ideas as to what a New World Order would look like if it were to be implemented by the powers that be.

When we think of horrible events or periods in our recorded history, most people automatically think of Hitler and his march through Europe. And when we think of the NAZI regime, a picture instantly forms in our minds that’s been placed there by our reading of historical accounts that have been written into textbooks and methodically taught in public schools. How accurate are these historical accounts? Only the victors who have written the stories that later become officialdom know the answers to those critical questions.

I was not present when the NAZI’s wreaked their alleged havoc on Europe, so it’s difficult for me to accurately compare the New World Order machinations taking place today to those events occurring so long ago.

I will say, however, that I do believe the Illuminati masters responsible for financing the NAZI movement many years ago, have their hands in the egregious crimes against humanity that are currently unfolding.

I think a lot of people have this idea that the powers that be running the Earth show have only been in existence for a few hundred years or so. I believe that those in control have been on Earth for far longer than most of us can even begin to comprehend.

I think the controllers of our world have a desire to change the way the different governing constructs are managed in all sovereign territories worldwide. And I also believe that the false flag happening now concerning the coronavirus is all about providing the few who control the many a more effective way to guide their herd in a different direction that will allow for a new management system (New World Order) to come to fruition sooner than later.

It’s difficult for the New World Order architects to carry out their plans by applying physical force to the members of society because there are so many of us and so few of them. Instead, they rely on psychological operations and sleight of hand tricks. They lie about the technologies they possess and drastically exaggerate the truth concerning health and diseases. They have compartmentalized nearly every genre that makes up the fabric of our perceived reality construct. Everything we think we know about science, healthcare, politics, religion, space travel, life, death, existence, and many other subjects have a different knowledge base attached to them than what we have been taught. Once again, let me point out that the information that is known about many of these subjects by specific individuals at the top of the pyramid of knowledge is far different than the information that is available and known by those of us residing at the base of the same hierarchy structure.

Understanding the New World Order movement is a difficult chore because the agenda itself is so broadly constructed and affects nearly every part of the planet. And it’s also something that’s been in play for much longer than most of us realize.

11 thoughts on “Covid-19 And The New World Order

    • NoFakeNews May 10, 2020 / 3:02 pm

      Thanks for sharing!

  1. Terry F. May 10, 2020 / 4:07 pm

    There are quite a few interesting points in your article, Dr. Reizer. I am shaking my head in disbelief over the number of areas you seem to be familiar with. I look forward to reading your articles and am happy to tell my friends about the work you are doing. Thanks so much!

    Terry Franklin

    • NoFakeNews May 10, 2020 / 8:47 pm

      Thanks for the feedback, Terry! And thanks for telling others about NoFakeNews.

      Dr. Reizer

  2. tim May 11, 2020 / 2:19 pm

    Hi Doctor, another great article. You mentioned touchy subjects like religion and politics. I get that and I’m not going to take away from the subject line, ie: fake virus, just wanted to make a distinction pertaining to religions.

    There are religions (not going to point fingers) that are NOT Gods church, they are based in an evil entity / satan / or whatever you want to call it, type of church. But there is a “religion” that IS God church.

    Like you said Doctor, you can tell a tree by it’s fruit. So look at the fruit of the church, (hidding and protecting pedifiles, etcf) before you decide whether it is the church of God or the church of evil / satan
    When I was confirmed a member of Gods church, I was healed mentally, physically, and spiritually by a warm, uplifting, powerful force that “vibrated” through my body from head to toe. It’s sacred spiritual experiences like this that confirm to every cell in my body that there is a very kind, loving, and powerful being that loves all of us very much.

    There where approximately 40 “healing rings” that went through my body. When finished, I was completely healed of all my physical and mental infirmities.

    satan, does not HEAL people. Evil, insane, fake virus thinking tyrants, do NOT make people feel uplifted or warm. . I was healed from head to toe. Evil does not do that.

    Evil only destroyes.

    I believe the fruit of Gods church / religion, is good. The fruit or religion of evil is evil.

    So you have, religion, which is good, and of God. And you have religion, which is bad, and NOT of God. I think it’s important to note the difference because when someone puts “religion” in a bad category, they are correct because there are a lot of false religions out there, but t they are also putting God, His true church, and all who believe in God, in a bad category.

    Maybe we can distinguish the difference by saying, false religions, verses the true religion that is of God. Then you only have to answer the question, what Church is of God and what church is NOT of God ?

    • NoFakeNews May 11, 2020 / 3:00 pm

      I appreciate the commentary, Tim very much!

    • NoFakeNews May 12, 2020 / 11:30 am

      Great points, Tim! These people are psychopaths and they all seem to say the same things about the NWO.

      Dr. Reizer

  3. Diane Sellers May 12, 2020 / 11:03 am

    All religions are based on beliefs that cannot be proven by way of facts. What is the right or wrong religion? Which one is God’s religion and which one is Satan’s religion are based on personal opinions? As soon as we make a statement that one church is the true church and others are false churches, we have inserted our opinion. An opinion is not based on fact. The opinion is based on a person’s faith. Outside of the person who believes in the godliness of the church, faith means nothing for anyone else.
    Where a person is borne has a lot to do with what religion they believe is God’s. If you are borne in India you might believe Hinduism and Muslim beliefs are the true religions. In the US and some European countries, Christianity is believed to be the true religion. Plenty of followers believe Judaism is the one true religion. Everybody has an opinion about what is the one true religion. Opinions are not based on factual information. My opinion is that all religions are based on absurd concepts that have been used to control people in different locations. And because I believe this, it doesn’t make my belief the truth. It’s just another opinion not based on factual information.
    I respect anybody’s right to believe in any religion. Believe what you want, but don’t believe for a second that a person ‘s faith in something changes the facts of a situation or in this conversation, whether or not a particular religion is God’s, Satan’s or some or some other imaginary character’s.

    • NoFakeNews May 12, 2020 / 11:33 am

      Thanks for the commentary, Diane. I appreciate your feedback.

      Dr. Reizer

    • tim May 12, 2020 / 3:49 pm

      Hi Diane, not to take away from the current virus scam, etc, your topic is one of the dots that needs to be connected if we are going to win over evil.

      We believe there are only two churches on earth.

      The first Church is the love you have in your heart, the love I have in my heart, the love Doctor Reizer has in his heart, which is why he is hard at work producing good fruit, and the love that everyone on this earth has in their heart, we believe this, is the Church of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

      The second church is just the opposite, the church of satan / evil.

      We face 1000’s of decisions each day, which “Church” we are going to “worship” in, or in other words, by out thoughts, words, and actions, which church will we represent ? When I worship in the Church of God, I “feel” good. If I “act” bad, I feel bad. If I think bad, I feel bad. If I think good, I feel good. It all starts with a thought.

      Our thoughts decide which church we will “worship” in.

      Like you said, Diane, there is no proof or facts to uphold my prior statements but we are all living proof of these truths. We reap what we sow. There’s no getting away from it. So I don’t have facts to back up that there are only 2 Churches on earth, I just know in my heart, that this is truth.

      The creators of all the evil going on today, worship in the evil church and will reap their rewards.

      The good and the righteous, shall inherit the earth.

      You just have to decide, using your thoughts, words, and actions, which Church you are going to worship in. Good or evil ? If it is good, then, congradulations, you are a member of the Church of God. If it is bad, then … well … it’s up to you. It’s up to each individual to decide with their thoughts, what their future holds. You are creating your future with your thoughts , right now ,,.

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