Propaganda is in Full Force: America Issues Worldwide Travel Alert

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

It’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that Americans are walking around with an irrational fear of being attacked by Islamic terrorists. The United States has just issued a worldwide travel alert, telling its citizens that future terror attacks coming from groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram are likely.

In my opinion the only thing American and European citizens have to fear is state-sponsored terrorism. If you ask me if I believe that terrorist attacks might occur in the future in Europe and America, I would have to say that this is certainly a possibility. But I do not believe that radical Islamic extremists are behind any of these operations. Sorry, I am not buying this propaganda.

Since the Paris attacks on 11/13/15,  citizens in the European countries are equally afraid. The sentiment in many European countries is that there will be additional terrorist attacks that will bring loss of lives to innocent people. State-sponsored propaganda and terrorism work very well. Problem-Reaction-Solution campaigns are currently in play and there is no reason to believe that the powers that be are going to stop their evil machinations anytime soon.

Having just returned from Europe with my mother and younger sister, I can certainly write with firsthand experience about this subject. I am no stranger to international travel. In fact I frequently travel between the US and Europe on business every year. I’ve been doing this for 8 years. Being a seminar coordinator, I have business contacts and scheduled events that are transpiring on both continents during a given year. I am getting sick and tired of having to worry about family living so far away and my business engagements constantly being changed because of the Illuminati.

I had planned on spending this Christmas in Paris but decided to cancel those plans after the problems that recently surfaced in France. In fact I have moved my mom and sister back to the United States this past weekend where I believe it is still reasonably safe.

We have written on this website about a significant event that might occur in the next 23 months. The viability of the event is predicated on a number of prerequisite events that must transpire beforehand. There are time-altering technologies that most people would not believe are possible currently in play. The entire situation is so damn unbelievable that it’s nearly impossible to discuss the subject in public or any other domain for that matter.

After the Paris attacks, I am beginning to believe that 11/11/17 might be the real thing. Please understand that 11/11/17 has nothing to do with terrorists or attacks. The future significant event we are looking at is completely unrelated to the bullshit currently transpiring. The fact that the Paris attacks actually occurred however, give us answers about our current timeline and how things are progressing with regards to 11/11/17.

Stay tuned…I think it’s going to get very interesting.


Wake-Up Call: The West Is ISIS – Ken O’Keefe

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

Barcelona, Spain – There is a great deal of fear running rampant through most of the European nations. I, like many others that have pulled our collective heads from our arses, believe the Paris attacks were a false flag event designed by the powers that be to remove any forms of public resistance with regards to the pending invasions of Syria and Iran.

As my good friend and co-editor of this blog back in the states told me two days ago via long distance, “Gina, this has all the trademark signatures of an Illuminati operation. Get your family and loved ones the hell out of there while you still can.”

I have spent the past 48 hours making international travel arrangements. My mom, sister and I are heading back to Atlanta on Sunday because I have finally convinced them after 6 months that it is not safe to be in this part of the world.

Interesting video by Ken O’Keefe is attached to this post below. I will be writing more next week after my return to Atlanta.

Just an Observation about What’s Blatantly Obvious

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

 Today I have been reading through streams of information from the various media sources relating to the Paris shootings. My heart and prayers go out to the families that lost loved ones at this horrible crime scene.

My conspiratorial wired brain forces me to look for explanations connected to such heinous crimes that most people would never consider because they would find them far too uncomfortable.

Most people in society routinely rely on traditional media sources to spoon feed them explanations about everything that occurs in the world. The next thing that happens is those explanations are mindlessly parroted by the same members of society until they become officialdom.

The powers that be have many agendas in play and will never stop their machinations until they have completed what has been ultimately planned for the longest time imaginable.

In the real world, not the one we inaccurately view through the eyes of corporate media companies, there are regular happenings that sometimes get in the way of important agendas that have been designed and implemented by a global elite management team that is far more evil than you or I could ever imagine. When these happenings occur, they need to be quickly removed from public view before society’s collective understanding of the world transforms into something not desired by the few that control the many.

Let’s review what has transpired most recently in the mainstream media. A huge sex scandal is currently in progress that involves the Royal Family (Prince Andrew) and former President Bill Clinton. Evidently, a lawsuit that is six or seven years old has recently come under public scrutiny and the details of this legal action might have made some people in very high places quite uncomfortable.

Much of what could potentially come out about the Royal Family and Mr. Clinton has been previously discussed by certain authors and conspiracy theorists for many years. To have the information corroborated at this point in time is not exactly what the elite power-brokers of the world want to see take place. And although the powers that be control, to a very large extent, what is fed to the media viewing public, they cannot prevent the release and distribution of every piece of news that comes down the pike. Occasionally, some of the news that gets released through the mainstream media is detrimental to their important agendas. This is especially true in situations where certain individuals in prominent positions are linked to morally questionable acts.

Some sources have suggested that what’s being reported about the Prince and former United States President is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg; an iceberg that has the capability of sinking Hillary Clinton’s ambitions of being an American president. More important, the iceberg could corroborate the many accusations of conspiracy authors that, for the longest time, have been screaming the unthinkable about certain individuals in the highest positions of power.

I ask the following question: Was the Paris shooting a false flag operation designed to reposition the public’s eye away from a sex scandal of enormous proportions and back onto another terror plot organized by radical Muslims?

What do you think about this subject?