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Have Too Many Of Us Figured Out The Truth?

By Dr. John Reizer

Perhaps I am slightly off-target with this post. Maybe the theory I have written about should be ignored and not paid any attention. I don’t know for sure if this is the reason why everything is being turned upside down, but I am going to roll out my thoughts for readers and see what comments come back.

What if the few (about 8,000 people) who control the many (4-7 billion people) have figured out that way too many sheep in society know the truth about the world?

I am not talking about the coronavirus fakery exclusively. I am referring to the possibility that the controlling powers believe too many of us understand the world is a far different place than has been presented through the mind-numbing mass media corporations.

What if 30% of the population has figured out the truth? Suppose the number is 40% or higher?

We have been led to believe that only a small percentage of the general population has been enlightened or are conspiracy theorists.

If you regularly watch what is propagandized through the mainstream media, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing the liars when they portray conspiracy-minded people as only making up a small fringe portion of the population.

Do we need to pick and choose what to believe from the lying media? Or should we consider all the information they report on as outright lies? I vote for the latter.

I have a real belief that far more people are aware of the Matrix than most citizens can comprehend. I think the number of people in the know is increasing every day, and I also believe that the controllers are freaked out about the fact that the herd has gained plenty of insight into their machinations.

Is it possible the controlling powers are planning a global reset — a culling of the herd because of the fact that too many of us have figured out the truth about the world?


It’s damn uncomfortable to write or speak about the fact that there exists a hidden cult of psychopaths that love to prey on innocent people and especially children. Pedophilia is a dysfunctional lifestyle preference of the elites and also common amongst our elected world leaders. It’s a sickness that runs deep and is rampant inside the entertainment and political circles, and if you think this is some giant conspiracy theory that lacks any merit whatsoever, think again!

The practice has even far deeper connections to subjects that most people are not familiar with and would have a hard time understanding. This is not meant by me as a jab at anyone’s intellect. It’s only because many of these subjects are deeply hidden away from most of society that people won’t understand their significance. The fact they have been obscured and are unknown by most doesn’t make them any less real or dangerous to citizens.

In some sovereign territories, proposals have been introduced to pass laws that would legalize the practice of pedophilia. Some would like us to believe that pedophilia is a natural way of life. The pedophiles want to come out of the closet, so to speak.

When Pizzagate came out of the woodwork a few years ago, it was dismissed by the mainstream mass media as a giant conspiracy theory. It was not a conspiracy theory and was buried quickly so it could be hidden from the American public.

There are celebrities and well know politicians guilty of heinous crimes against helpless children the world over. It’s an underground culture that involves human trafficking and lots of suffering. These types of activities have been going on for a long time, and the names of the people involved, at the highest levels, are well known to all of us.

Think about what has happened recently concerning members of the Royal Family in England. The smokescreen of  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving to the United States and drawing away negative attention caused by Prince Andrew and his ties to Jeffrey Epstein. The recent arrest of Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, undoubtedly has many people in highly respected positions worldwide extremely nervous.

The video below was made by a former Hollywood actor who names people in the entertainment industry who are connected to the Luciferian cult, commonly known as the Illuminati.

The actor, Isaac Kappy, was murdered (claimed by officialdom as a suicide) shortly after making the video.

Are the powers that be ready to drastically cull a population they believe is becoming more challenging to manage because people are finally waking up and seeing the world for what it indeed has become?

Please send me your comments about this subject.

Just an Observation about What’s Blatantly Obvious

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

 Today I have been reading through streams of information from the various media sources relating to the Paris shootings. My heart and prayers go out to the families that lost loved ones at this horrible crime scene.

My conspiratorial wired brain forces me to look for explanations connected to such heinous crimes that most people would never consider because they would find them far too uncomfortable.

Most people in society routinely rely on traditional media sources to spoon feed them explanations about everything that occurs in the world. The next thing that happens is those explanations are mindlessly parroted by the same members of society until they become officialdom.

The powers that be have many agendas in play and will never stop their machinations until they have completed what has been ultimately planned for the longest time imaginable.

In the real world, not the one we inaccurately view through the eyes of corporate media companies, there are regular happenings that sometimes get in the way of important agendas that have been designed and implemented by a global elite management team that is far more evil than you or I could ever imagine. When these happenings occur, they need to be quickly removed from public view before society’s collective understanding of the world transforms into something not desired by the few that control the many.

Let’s review what has transpired most recently in the mainstream media. A huge sex scandal is currently in progress that involves the Royal Family (Prince Andrew) and former President Bill Clinton. Evidently, a lawsuit that is six or seven years old has recently come under public scrutiny and the details of this legal action might have made some people in very high places quite uncomfortable.

Much of what could potentially come out about the Royal Family and Mr. Clinton has been previously discussed by certain authors and conspiracy theorists for many years. To have the information corroborated at this point in time is not exactly what the elite power-brokers of the world want to see take place. And although the powers that be control, to a very large extent, what is fed to the media viewing public, they cannot prevent the release and distribution of every piece of news that comes down the pike. Occasionally, some of the news that gets released through the mainstream media is detrimental to their important agendas. This is especially true in situations where certain individuals in prominent positions are linked to morally questionable acts.

Some sources have suggested that what’s being reported about the Prince and former United States President is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg; an iceberg that has the capability of sinking Hillary Clinton’s ambitions of being an American president. More important, the iceberg could corroborate the many accusations of conspiracy authors that, for the longest time, have been screaming the unthinkable about certain individuals in the highest positions of power.

I ask the following question: Was the Paris shooting a false flag operation designed to reposition the public’s eye away from a sex scandal of enormous proportions and back onto another terror plot organized by radical Muslims?

What do you think about this subject?