When you wish upon a star…

Where are the stars?

South Korean space craft 12/31/22

Where are the stars?

Artemis 1 — 2022

Where are the stars?

Apollo 11 — 1969

There are the stars!

Hubble Telescope – NASA
James Webb Telescope — NASA

Why is it that the Hubble and James Webb telescopes can capture amazing-looking star clusters, and Apollo, Artemis, and the South Koreans couldn’t’ find a single one?


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NASA’s James Webb Telescope – A bunch of pretty cartoon animations

Dr. John Reizer

Readers of NoFakeNews have asked my opinion about the James Webb Telescope and the “amazing photos” the technology has returned to Earth.

My response to those questions is that the data allegedly returned from the uncrewed James Webb deep space probe/telescope is nothing more than cartoon animations.

NASA and any other space programs, public or private, cannot get crewed or uncrewed spacecraft beyond low Earth orbits and especially the thermosphere which features temperatures over the melting points of all known materials used in the construction of spacecraft.

We never get back real photographs from outer space because traditional cameras don’t operate too well in the vacuum of space that is filled with intense radiation. That is, of course, unless we are talking about the Apollo moon landings where 1960s Polaroid camera technology was claimed to have worked flawlessly.

All the telescopic data returned from the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Telescope, and others are processed by computers and transformed into cartoon animations. The photos are not real!

James Webb of lies telescope

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