US Hospital Corporations Profited Like Never Before During the World Pandemic

Dr. John Reizer

Money is the tool that allows the controlling powers to get science and the health care system on board with the COVID narrative.

Since the beginning of the infectious disease psyop, US hospital corporations have profited like never before.

The federal government needed plenty of COVID-19 case numbers reported to be able to use the pandemic label and get emergency use authorizations in place. Without the pandemic terminology, experimental and deadly vaccines could not have been administered to the public.

Additionally, the deadly COVID mitigation protocols implemented by different hospital settings were paid for by US taxpayer dollars. The mitigation protocols were key factors in the murdering of millions of patients false-positively diagnosed with COVID.

Federal funds were set aside and paid to hospitals as long as they diagnosed patients with COVID. In many instances, hospitals and doctors got three times the number of fees they normally received when taking care of non-COVID patients.

In a nutshell, hospitals made more money by diagnosing patients with a nonexistent disease. Also, these corporations protected their medical facilities from lawsuits because anyone diagnosed as having COVID immediately lost the right to sue for medical malpractice.

In theory, the federal relief funds paid to hospital corporations by taxpayer dollars were supposed to be used to help offset the expenses hospitals incurred during the pandemic. The funds were earmarked to help uninsured patients not become financially ruined from astronomical medical bills.

What happened in practice was much different than what was supposed to happen. Hospitals financially gouged patients by sending the survivors huge medical bills while also pocketing the federal relief funds.


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