The Global Medical Genocide of 2020

Dr. John Reizer

The Global Medical Genocide of 2020 was a world government-funded and constructed program that specifically targeted all members of society. Tools were built and utilized to isolate, censor, poison, and sterilize the human race.

The deaths of hundreds of millions were not a result of a viral pathogen propagandized by national mainstream media companies but rather the direct result of an ideology that preplanned the creation and distribution of deadly poisons disguised as life-saving medicines.

To be completely accurate when providing content about this subject matter, I believe it is important to stop discussing and legitimizing a virus that has never been isolated and is, therefore, nonexistent.

Until the members of society recognize the facts that they were and continue to be victims of a global medical genocide and that the vaccines they continue to voluntarily take to mitigate a fake disease are bioweapons designed to harm human beings, the perpetrators of the crimes will never be held accountable!

As long as for-profit big pharma corporations are trusted and allowed to manufacture healthcare products that are broadly administered to society, there will continue to be a world filled with sick people.

I believe that it is important for people to understand that no sars-cov-2 virus was leaked from a lab at any point. Likewise, no gain of function research weaponized an already existing virus. There never was any virus in the atmosphere during the world pandemic. People were made sick by other nefarious technologies and the large number of cases were created by a rigged PCR test.


Curing cancer was their first mistake!

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