Don’t Lose Focus Of The Covid-19 Scam

By Dr. John Reizer

Just a couple of weeks ago, I placed a message on the right sidebar of this website that stated, ANTICIPATING ANOTHER SIGNIFICANT FALSE FLAG EVENT BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2020.” We didn’t have to wait very long for the event to materialize — it’s here!

Visit any mainstream media company’s home page, and you will find it littered with headlines and stories about the US race riots and George Floyd.

As I have written on several occasions, George Floyd’s murder was a horrible act of violence against a defenseless human being. It’s being used, however, by the powers that be to distract public attention away from the fake coronavirus pandemic that continues to have people wearing useless facemasks, under lockdown, or practicing ridiculous social distancing recommendations.

Just a short time ago, the same mainstream media companies had their website homepages and television air time filled with nothing but coronavirus propaganda. They couldn’t go fifteen seconds without speaking or writing about the virus. How fast the powers that be can flip a narrative for their mind-controlled viewers.

When false-flag psyops are released by the controlling powers against the citizenry, most people don’t recognize the actions as being staged presentations. They view the fakery as being real. They understand the script as being an organic problem that has mysteriously and magically descended upon society.

For a particular psyop to work, it must be perceived to be authentic by the members of a given community. Covid-19 has worked this way for the controlling powers. The scam has fooled most people around the world. There is a small minority of the world’s population that figured out the pandemic has been staged. But for the most part, the psyop remains well received by enough sheep to keep things going as planned and on schedule.

In the United States, demonstrations of public discontent along with a growing number of protesters have been steadily increasing since the plandemic’s rollout months ago. The public displays regularly taking place, and the increasing visibility of citizens walking around without facemasks are bad signs for those running the show that want to keep the US population scared and off-balance until a Covid-19 vaccine is rolled out early in 2021.

Enter George Floyd and the US race riots. A second false-flag has been unleashed on American citizens, and the narrative has replaced the news about the fake coronavirus. Racial tensions and public demonstrations of those tensions are always good ways for the powers that be to create a divide in the public they so desperately seek to dominate and control. It’s simple math — the fewer people that you have to contend with, the easier it is to manage a particular situation.

If the US public is fighting and protesting against one another, they are not fighting and protesting against the world governing construct that is rolling out one draconian recommendation after another. The proposals will eventually become laws.

While stupid Americans are fighting with one another over the color of people’s skin, the powers that be are preparing a medicinal concoction to mass sterilize and murder people of all color. To the eugenicists that run the world, no lives matter!

American sports and entertainment venues have been shut down. The US public regularly releases stress and anxiety by living vicariously through its sports stars and by following the successes and failures of its sports franchises. None of those hypnotic distractions are currently available. The negative energy inherent throughout the population is highly palpable and an asset for those pulling strings who want to create rioting scenarios to distract people’s attention away from the civil unrest stemming from the coronavirus lockdowns.

I want visitors to this website to understand what is happening and to remain clearly focused on the big picture. Forget about the vast majority of the US population understanding about a second false-flag operation. They haven’t even figured out the first psyop that’s been in play for over five months.

If you want to survive what is coming down the road, you need to understand and have a realistic view of what is taking place. We can only attempt to save ourselves and any loved ones who are willing to be reasonable and intelligent enough to understand that what is perceived to be the reality and what is actually taking place are two completely different things.

More to follow…

Don’t Fall For The Media’s Race Card Diversion

By Dr. John Reizer

Are there racists in America? Absolutely! Is racism growing in America? I think it is steadily present in the country and there’s no getting around this fact. Having addressed the undeniable facts above, let me also write that what happened to George Floyd earlier this week occurs regularly to many other victims in the United States. But it’s only covered by the mainstream media news companies when it’s convenient to do so, or when the powers that be want to draw the public’s attention away from something else.

Right now, there is a media frenzy taking place over the Minneapolis riots and other copycat protests that are popping up in various US cities. Another movie script has been written and introduced into the public domain. The US media are at it again, helping the controllers of the world to divert the public’s attention away from the civil unrest currently stemming from the coronavirus scamdemic that has America and the rest of the world on lockdown.

People throughout the United States are protesting and voicing their concerns over being quarantined, locked down, contact traced, and not being able to earn a living at their places of employment. The protests are growing, and they are creating cohesiveness in society that represents a direct threat to the government and the controlling powers. There is tremendous power generated when citizens become like-minded and stick together.

Racism is an excellent diversionary tool that can be employed to quickly shift the focus of American citizens away from Covid-19. The demonstrations and riots currently transpiring have been staged by professional protestors. The fires have been set by skilled arsonists that know how to do this type of damage to properties without getting caught. The civil unrest being displayed on national television is another form of mass hypnosis being directed and produced by gifted magicians.

The same mainstream lying media companies that have helped hoodwink the American public into believing that a dangerous coronavirus has been lurking around every corner in existence are responsible for the latest Hollywood script that features race riots. The American people thought movie theatres were closed because of the plandemic? Think again. Some of the best long-running television programmings ever created are being featured on US television every day.

Don’t lose focus on what is really happening in America and the rest of the world. There are a plethora of draconian procedures currently being planned and about to be unleashed on society. The controlling powers are about to make life nearly impossible to live for everybody unless citizens are willing to submit and take a particular vaccine that will do irreparable harm to human physiology.

Stay focused, and don’t lose sight of the fact that our civil liberties and freedoms are under attack by a world governing construct that is calling the shots (pun intended) and responsible for the directives being handed down to the managerial elites running America and the rest of the sovereign territories on this planet.

Racism is divisive, and that’s the exact reason this tool is being utilized at this point in time. Dividing and conquering the public is what the elitists running the show want to do. Citizens have to stay healthy, determined, and, most important, they must remain focused on the fake pandemic and continue to fight against the tyrannical governments that are operating everywhere.