Certain Death for You!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of being inundated with advertisements that are promoting toxic drugs. These products are killing people every day and yet they’re being pedaled, on public television, as if they were the best thing invented since sliced bread.

I thought our Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was supposed to be looking out for our best interests? Are they in a coma or just in bed with multinational pharmaceutical companies?

Just the other day I was channel surfing on the idiot box in my living room. In a span of ten minutes I must have come across six different commercials promoting medicines that managed Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and other diseases that had to do with autoimmune disorders. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. One of the ads had a woman trying to open a jar of food. It was quite obvious, from the actress’s facial expressions, the arthritic degeneration in her hands precluded her from doing so. Then the commercial’s narrator cut in and began explaining how RA didn’t have to hamper your life any longer. The dialogue continued with the narrator explaining how the drug, CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU, (Not the product’s real name) could help prevent joint damage and relieve the discomfort experienced by RA sufferers.

According to the promotion, CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU, was approved by the FDA and had undergone 10 years of rigorous, medical research. This is what the scientific geniuses performing the research on the product discovered:

CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU can cause the human immune system not to work properly predisposing persons taking the drug to a large number of serious diseases; can cause various forms of cancers; can halt the body’s natural abilities to defend itself against cancerous tumors; can cause serious, irreparable complications in the body; can cause coma; can cause death.

After the long list of adverse reactions was read, the narrator went on to suggest that the viewing audience should ask their medical physician if CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU might be beneficial in their own specific treatment plan. I swear that I’m not making any of this up. Keep in mind that the entire commercial’s narrative content was being performed by an actor with a pleasant sounding voice. There were children playing in the background, and the woman that couldn’t open the jar of food earlier, was suddenly running around playing dodge ball with the kids.

Who in hell is writing this garbage? And more important, why is our FDA approving poisons for public consumption that are a thousand times worse than the diseases they’re supposedly managing? Remember that this is the same agency that makes natural health practitioners and individuals selling natural supplements print disclaimer statements assuring health consumers the products are not intended to treat or cure diseases. It’s the same agency that requires authors offering health advice to write disclaimers, at the beginning of books, clearly stating the information being written hasn’t been evaluated by them. This is done, supposedly, with the intent of protecting the public?

The question that needs to be asked is why the American public hasn’t demanded the FDA be held accountable for approving these products in the first place. Obviously, something is terribly wrong with this agency. The FDA seems to have lost its ability to be objective when examining and evaluating research associated with certain drug products.

Perhaps someone needs to evaluate the FDA. They’ve been approving drugs like CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU for a long time and still regularly approve similar products for public use despite the horrific problems they can cause in human beings. Doesn’t the FDA realize that by approving this drug, and similar toxic medicines, they are sentencing millions of innocent health care consumers to certain death?

Americans need to wake up and hold their government accountable. We can not afford to sit back and take an apathetic stance on such an important topic. It’s time to become proactive and get involved.

Don’t let drug companies get away with killing innocent people through the poisons they manufacture which are lucratively marketed and disingenuously presented to look like beneficial solutions to health problems. And finally, don’t let the FDA, that’s supposed to be protecting our welfare, get away with being the gigantic enabler they’ve become!

It’s because the FDA allows this type of activity to take place that it continues. American citizens need to standup, be counted, and remain committed to the cause of making the FDA operate with integrity and fulfill its mission, to protect all citizens against dangerous foods and drugs, as was originally intended by the United States Government!