The Answer to Cancer and Other Diseases is already known!

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Dr. John Reizer

We are being intentionally poisoned every day!

In chemistry, there’s a thing known as titration. A small beaker of colorless liquid known as the analyte is the recipient of individual drops of another chemical known as the titrant. After each drop is introduced into the glass, the observer watches to see if the colorless liquid changes are temporary or permanent.

After a certain titration saturation threshold is reached, the colorless liquid permanently turns a vivid color and is forever changed. There’s no getting the analyte back to a colorless state. To a casual observer, it seems as if the last drop placed into the beaker magically changed the liquid’s color.

The last drop placed into the beaker was not the sole cause of the permanent color change to the liquid. It was all of the other drops that preceded the last one and never seemed to make a difference in the liquid’s color that made the permanent chemical change come to fruition.

Health is neither lost nor recovered in one day. All processes in nature require time. And no drugs exist that can make a sick person well!


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2 thoughts on “The Answer to Cancer and Other Diseases is already known!

  1. lhakes12 May 16, 2023 / 12:43 pm

    What an excellent analogy, John, to describe how the controlling powers slowly but surely destroy our bodies with poison into an early grave!

    Little by little the terrain of our bodies is being compromised. And they encourage us to do this to ourselves with their many lies and propaganda. And by the people using these toxic products on a regular basis, we then eventually become ill and seek guidance from the influence of the mistaught medical system of health that distribute the poisonous pharmaceutical drugs to supposedly cure whatever ails you. And they used Louis Pasteur’s (A chemist, scientist, and inventor) diehard germ theory to help accomplish this.

    The Truth About Cancer by Ty Bolinger:

    “Pasteur’s claims to fame, pasteurization and vaccines, hinge upon a worldview that looks at bacteria as a menace. And this worldview is still prevalent today; I’m sure you have friends, family members, and neighbors who are deathly afraid of “catching” a disease if they’re exposed to disease-causing bacteria or viruses. But this this fear justified?
    Contrary to what you were probably told in school, not all bacteria and viruses are bad. Other scientists who live during the item of Pasteur strongly disagreed with his theories of disease, and they too claimed to have science on their side. Rather than bacteria being the cause of human aliments, they alleged, it’s the terrain on which bacteria gains a foothold that determines whether or not a person gets sick.

    Your immune system, believe it or not, technically operates as a type of backup when your internal ecological terrain fails to fend off germs as a first line of defense. Cell tissue then become diseased. attracting germs and the immune system responds by kicking into high gear, sometimes with success and sometimes with failure.
    Maintaining a healthy internal terrain is your first priority, and boosting your immune system is second. Fussing over germs shouldn’t be a priority at all, it turns out, and yet this where we are as a society today.
    The significance of this from the perspective of cancer treatments and prevention is huge, as you’ll soon see, because patients today aren’t being told about the importance of maintaining a healthy terrain for optimal immune function. For the most part, they’re being told that they have no choice but to undergo intensive therapy treatments that, much in the same way that Pasteur dealt with germs, attempt to destroy cancer cells with toxic substances rather than repair the damaged terrain that they’ve penetrated.

    Western medicine, for the most part, still clings to an improper understanding of germs that reject the ecological terrain component to health, to the detriment of public health. Millions of people are needlessly suffering and dying on account of failed treatments that target germs, not the least of which include pharmaceutical cancer drugs.”

    The terrain of our ecological bodies is key in the maintenance of good health and in helping us ward off the many toxins that they throw at us! Although the powers that be work diligently to extinguish our natural defenses.


    • NoFakeNews May 16, 2023 / 12:47 pm

      Thank you for your input, Lisa! As always, you provide great points for our readers. And yes, the controlling powers like to methodically poison us over time.


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