Another Intellectual Property is Launched into Action


By Dr. John Reizer

The great Influenza campaign of 2020 is up and running, and the sheep are lining up with their arms exposed to get the poison. No matter how many times people have been through this ridiculous process, they still come back for another booster shot the following year.

The corporate lie being told by big pharma: For our magical potion to protect you for twelve months, enough people in society must get the life-saving drugs. If not enough people are vaccinated for the flu, the products won’t work. In other words, if you don’t take your headache pill, mine won’t work. Take your medicine, everybody, for the benefit of others.

The massive lie centered around vaccines, in general, is that they provide limited herd immunity if enough people get the medicines. This is an escape clause for the manufacturers so that when millions of people test positive using fake PCR tests, they can state that not enough people participated in the program; therefore, the shots were ineffective.

Why Vaccines Don’t Work:

When vaccines are introduced into humans, they bypass the regular portal of entry and overstimulate portions of the immune system. This, unfortunately, causes an overabundance of junk antibodies to be produced. The vaccines stress out the immune system and can throw it out of balance setting up the stage for life long battles with autoimmune disorders and other diseases. Also, the junk antibodies that are produced from the vaccines do not protect the person from the conditions in question, and booster shots are required to keep the antibodies at a level the mainstream scientists believe is sufficient for the human body. This is quack science!

Over the years, we have been taught so many ridiculous concepts about microbiology, viruses, and vaccines. The reason for this is because vaccines are very profitable products, and the big pharma companies are champing at the bit to produce them. This is especially true since the US Government has limited healthcare consumers to a $250,000 maximum award for vaccine product injuries. All COVID-19 vaccines have been granted complete liability immunity by the federal government and injured parties cannot file a lawsuit against the drug makers.

If a person is injured by a vaccine product, he or she must file a claim in a national vaccine injury compensation court. There are virtually no legal remedies for people injured by vaccines. And this is why the drug companies can’t wait to enter the vaccine market. Big pharma companies have lobbied hard to get the government to legally mandate vaccines for the American public.

Keep in mind,  the words pandemic, epidemic, and outbreak are predicated on case numbers for a specific disease. The case numbers concerning Covid-19 are predicated on PCR lab test kits that yield nothing but false-positive results, the misreporting of other diseases as Covid-19 cases, the misreporting of deaths from other conditions as Covid-19 cases, the misreporting of presumptive positive cases as actual Covid-19 cases, and the inappropriate reporting of Covid-19 cases that have been diagnosed with only a CT scan to check for the presence of pneumonia in the lungs of patients.

If we remove the case numbers based on the quack science listed above, there would be no world pandemic, no epidemics or outbreaks, and no sensational news stories to obsess over. And there would have been no lockdown and destruction of world economies!

The same can be said about Influenza, which is another intellectual property, like COVID-19, that is diagnosed by a fraudulent PCR test and introduced by vaccines that trigger viral shedding in the human population.

CDC director Robert Redfield has already stated that this coming fall, we will be dealing with two possible epidemics: Influenza and the second wave of Covid-19. Remember, the CDC is a drugstore and working for the best interests of the pharmaceutical cartel that has been keeping the world sick for a long time. If you want to practice social distancing, keep you and your loved ones far away from the advice this regulatory agency is pedaling.

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    Stick me with that needle – I’ll stick you with this ice pick

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