The NWO’s Police State Victoria … see how they operate & listen to cowardly MSM’s response

An incredibly revealing video that demonstrates the craziness and draconian policies associated with COVID-19.


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Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Sending messages of intimidation & fear. The independent journo clearly had crossed all his tees & dotted his eyes. Still arrested. Pinned to the ground. Fascism is rising really fast. Imagine this scenario say ten years ago? (Note: if the video won’t play, or says it won’t, try again. Second time usually works. I don’t imagine it will last long anyway). EWR

“This is how I got ARRESTED at the protest on Saturday. Please WATCH & SHARE the full story of what happened to me on Saturday. Make sure to SIGN the petition!👉 Shame on Victoria Police for abusing their State of Emergency powers and the mainstream media for REFUSING to hold them accountable.”

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4 thoughts on “The NWO’s Police State Victoria … see how they operate & listen to cowardly MSM’s response

  1. SeeBee September 10, 2020 / 9:39 pm

    Are the Police (or any enforcers civilian or otherwise) programmed automatons? Where are these persons coming from? Don’t they have families, children, relatives or friends living in a community and see the injustice and immorality of what is going on? The enemy is not the government or unethical “leadership.” It is the people who are choosing to ENFORCE these unlawful, anti-life mandates. They are our ENEMY! And we must rebuff and alienate them whenever possible. They should be treated like the lepers they truly are. They are the diseased. And if this means removing (protecting) yourself from family, friends or community, so be it. This is war.

    • NoFakeNews September 10, 2020 / 10:24 pm

      The law enforcement people in the video seem to have the mentality that this is their job, and they don’t care about anything else. Unfortunately, it’s easy for people in these situations to act this way because they have been trained to obey orders. Common sense and decency regarding other human beings are out the door when we are talking about the medical psyop taking place.

      Dr. Reizer

  2. Kenneth T. September 10, 2020 / 10:58 pm

    If you’re paid to arrest people – that’s what you do (morality be damned… I guess)

    The only issue I saw (from the popos point of view) was… ‘Rebel News’.
    They (the popo) only control the msm NOT reality news.

    ***It’s not as easy here in the US of A***
    But yeah, it happens here too.

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