Why Are We Blindly Following CDC Guidelines and Recommendations?

By Dr. John Reizer

Covid-19 is a worldwide hoax. It is not a regional psyop by any stretch of the imagination, and it is crucial to understand this fact. I believe a lot of Americans that are awake and know the virus is not real incorrectly view the psyop as being exclusively an American happening that was designed to destabilize US politics and the upcoming 2020 election.

Although it will undoubtedly affect US politics this year, I don’t believe this was the reason the hoax was unleashed on all of society.

Ladies and gentlemen, the powers that be rolled out the massive psyop event called Covid-19 to get the world community to rethink their hesitancy about getting vaccines and to introduce a plethora of draconian policies and laws that will drastically change the way the citizenry around the world will be managed by a world governing construct that has been around and hiding in the shadows for decades. The few that control the many have a plethora of vaccines they want to inject inside all our bodies.

In the United States, most people and businesses blindly follow the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Why we do this here in America beggars belief.

The CDC is, for all intents and purposes, more of a drugstore than it is a government agency designed to protect the public. They receive monies directly from the pharmaceutical industry through the CDC Foundation. It goes something like this: the drug companies give the funds to the CDC Foundation, and the CDC Foundation hand the monies to the CDC. No conflicts of interest there, right?

When American businesses and American citizens blindly follow the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, they are really following the instructions and recommendations of big pharma companies that want to inject toxic poisons into every person on the planet.

I want readers to understand something important. I don’t write articles on this blog for 97 percent of the population that are close-minded and uninterested in learning about what’s really transpiring in the world. I don’t care about communicating the truth to those people. I am interested in educating 3 percent of the population that’s already awake and interested in understanding what’s taking place right in front of their eyes.

Vaccine theory is a fraud! It has never worked and should have been discarded long ago. Contrary to popular belief that has been fueled by disinformation written and disseminated by drug companies, vaccines cause the proliferation of diseases throughout society. They do the exact opposite of what we have been taught.

Natural and Herd Immunity

When people acquire infections from their natural environment, the entire human immune system is activated. It goes through many sophisticated processes that allow the body to form lifelong antibodies to various microbial invaders. This is known as natural immunity.

The general population should have never been locked down or isolated from one another. When people are allowed to socialize with others, citizens with weakened immunity become infected, recover, and form herd immunity throughout the population. They will not have to contend with second or third waves of infection from a given microbe.

This is how government and public health officials should have handled the Covid-19 pandemic. Keep in mind that Covid-19 is not a real virus, but rather a scripted event.


When vaccines are introduced into humans, they bypass the regular portal of entry and overstimulate portions of the immune system. This, unfortunately, causes an overabundance of junk antibodies to be produced. The vaccines stress out the immune system and can throw it out of balance setting up the stage for life long battles with autoimmune disorders and other diseases. Also, the junk antibodies that are produced from the vaccines do not protect the person from the conditions in question, and booster shots are required to keep the antibodies at a level the mainstream scientists believe is sufficient for the human body. This is quack science!

Over the years, we have been taught so many ridiculous concepts about microbiology, viruses, and vaccines. The reason for this is because vaccines are very profitable products, and the big pharma companies are champing at the bit to produce them. This is especially true since the US Government has limited healthcare consumers to a $250,000 maximum award for vaccine product injuries.

If a person is injured by a vaccine product, he or she must file a claim in a national vaccine injury compensation court. There are virtually no legal remedies for people injured by vaccines. And this is why the drug companies can’t wait to enter the vaccine market. Big pharma companies have lobbied hard to get the government to legally mandate vaccines for the American public.

Keep in mind,  the words pandemic, epidemic, and outbreak are predicated on case numbers for a specific disease. The case numbers concerning Covid-19 are predicated on unreliable lab test kits that are prone to giving lots of false-positive results, the misreporting of other diseases as Covid-19 cases, the misreporting of deaths from other conditions as Covid-19 cases, the misreporting of presumptive positive cases as actual Covid-19 cases, and the inappropriate reporting of Covid-19 cases that have been diagnosed with only a CT scan to check for the presence of pneumonia in the lungs of patients.

If we remove the case numbers based on the quack science listed above, there would be no world pandemic, no epidemics or outbreaks, and no sensational news stories to obsess over. And there would have been no lockdown and destruction of world economies!

CDC director, Robert Redfield has already stated that this coming fall, we will be dealing with two possible epidemics: influenza and the second wave of Covid-19. Remember, the CDC is a drugstore and working for the best interests of the pharmaceutical cartel that has been keeping the world sick for a long time. If you want to practice social distancing, keep you and your loved ones far away from the advice this regulatory agency is pedaling.

8 thoughts on “Why Are We Blindly Following CDC Guidelines and Recommendations?

  1. Davilyn July 6, 2020 / 10:10 am

    Very well said. As a person who left the medical field because of the overwhelming quakery; even as a young adult I could readily see (common sense) that injecting illness into your body results in illness, disease, immune disorders, etc.

    I come from a generation where the first polio vaccines were introduced. That is the only vaccine I ever took…even at that, from almost that day forward I fought an overwhelming immune disorder for most of my life.

    Thank you for you daily camaraderie; it is so nice to see this each morning….knowing that there are indeed others, albeit few, that have the common sense to see Truth from untruth.

    • NoFakeNews July 6, 2020 / 11:41 am

      Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your thoughts about the subject.

      Dr. Reizer

  2. telemar July 6, 2020 / 4:57 pm

    That’s a good analysis its the blindness. So the cdc puts out false info will everybody blindly do as the cdc dictatorship tells them to do based on the false info. Will it take a militia to protect the economic livelhood of our businesses this fall when the dictatorship under Bill Gates’ command orders the shutdown.

    • NoFakeNews July 6, 2020 / 9:18 pm

      Hi Telemar,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. This fall season will be unlike any other we have ever witnessed. I hope we can come out of this in one piece.

      Dr. Reizer 🙂

  3. sandy edwards July 6, 2020 / 5:23 pm

    Even though we seem to have very few people that are with us I honestly believe there are many, many more that are holding back because of fear. This is a situation that makes a person think more than twice before they come out and say they are against what is going on. Even Doctors won’t tell us the truth. Yes, we have a few that have come out but some have also suffered the consequences. I know this sounds like a cop out but if your family is threatened or your life is on the line you will probably take a break and think. I, personally do not want to think that I would rather live the way things are going but some people just want to live period. That’s human nature. I hope as doc. Reizer has said that we can find others/groups that want to join us and maybe we can do more. We have to be willing to die in this fight and that is very difficult for this generation. I have done my best to spread the word but people don’t want to hear it or are laying low. If we could join other groups that believe the same and build the numbers things would be much more in our favor and give everyone a peace of mind. Just my thoughts.

    PS: Dr. Reizer, I read “The Homecoming” over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was hard not to turn to the end but I waited for it. lol

    • NoFakeNews July 6, 2020 / 9:15 pm

      Hi Sandy,
      I certainly agree with everything you have written. It’s hard to go against the grain of conventional thinking, especially if doing so endangers the well being of the individual or their loved ones. I would never criticize anyone for lying low because of those reasons. But as you said, we have to be ready to lay a lot on the line in this particular fight. The future is not going to be a pleasant one for any human being unless we pull together and use the mouths we have been given to voice our concerns.

      Dr. Reizer

      PS: Thanks for reading my story, and I am thrilled you enjoyed it. I’d rather write novels than have to write about this nauseating Covid-19 subject day in and day out. But we have to keep telling the truth every day because the mainstream media keep telling lies every day. Thanks so much for your support and feedback. 🙂

  4. Hillary July 6, 2020 / 7:18 pm

    To overcome fear we must recognise that we are fearful then listen (to our heart) as to what we are fearful about.
    This will engender a self compassion that will help us to support others who are equally fearful.
    Fear causes anger and righteousness and does nothing to help.
    Embrace the fear first then the good sense will follow.

    • NoFakeNews July 6, 2020 / 11:23 pm

      Great advice, Hillary!

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