The Cult of Vaccinism is Being Attacked Again

By Dr. John Reizer

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reizer3Once again we are witnessing an attack on the medical profession’s practice of Vaccinism. Attacks against the controversial theory are nothing new. People from all walks of life have questioned the safety of vaccinating children and adult human beings for as long as the medical profession has been administering such drugs. The recent criticism, however, has come from a person within the medical profession. Statements by medical doctors against vaccinations add a high degree of credibility to the longstanding argument that vaccines are more detrimental to the human body than they are helpful. That is why this most recent attack, by a medical doctor, is so important.

Vaccinism (a new word introduced by yours truly to denote the cult like following of this medical practice) is a protected science within the field of medicine. In other words, if any person writes negative content online about the vaccine theory, he or she is immediately attacked by a host of paid shills that are employed by pharmaceutical companies to police the Internet comment boards. In addition, any medical professional that speaks or writes negatively about vaccination theory will be ostracized from the medical profession.

For the longest time, medicine has vehemently defended any accusations that vaccines might be the cause of widespread diseases that have made their way through society. The most recent controversy connected to this subject is the ongoing public debate by mainstream medicine and health care consumers about whether or not there is a connection between vaccinations and Autism.

In 1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield published a study in the prestigious Lancet Magazine that linked Autism to the MMR Vaccine. In 2010 the published study was retracted due to a claim, by the pharmaceutical industry, that Wakefield’s research was flawed. To this day, Wakefield stands by his research and conclusion that Autism and MMR are connected. And a lot of parents that have had children harmed by these shots believe Wakefield is correct as well.

Recently, a famous neurosurgeon, Russell Blaylock, M.D. has come out with a video that describes how vaccines harm a child’s brain development. The presentation is lengthy, but certainly worthy of our time considering the importance of the subject matter.

As always, readers are asked to perform their own independent research about health care issues and then make health decisions based on what they discover. Remember that an educated health care consumer is usually a healthier health care consumer.

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5 thoughts on “The Cult of Vaccinism is Being Attacked Again

  1. Stan September 16, 2013 / 9:51 am

    The vaccination concept is and always has been a bad idea that has been vigorously protected by drug companies through media channels and professional journals. The fact that vaccinations are so widely accepted today has more to do with marketing and scare tactic strategies, that have been slung around by the drug makers, than the results realized from the actual medicines.


    • Anonymous January 28, 2014 / 6:22 pm

      SOME vaccinations are necessary. For example that’s how smallpox was killed. However that would be considered more of an epidemic. The problem is vaccinations for everything under the sun that could possible infect you. Not to mention if/since vacations do cause issues in some people that’s just more money into the medical profession after all… People need to get a little tougher. No need to go to ER because your puking…the flu will do that. And the body will build natural defenses. We live in a society that is weak and wants the luxury of never getting sick. Well, it comes at a price. While I am not a medical expert, and am not saying the Rabies vac is bad, I’m just using it as an example. But if someone is bit by a rapid dog or whatever, these days they can get to doctor in plenty of time. It takes like 1-2 days for the virus to infect the brain, at least from what I have read. And we all know how rare such bites are, so why vac people for it when it may be doing who knows what to their brain. Again, that was just an example.

      As for the msg, doesn’t surprise me at all. Its unnatural and something the body was NEVER meant to process, esp msg. What gets me is why people always think people like this are lying because “research” proves them wrong. Whos research? The people making money on vac and their side effects

      my two sense…

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