Remembering My Past Lives


By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

At the age of five, I had an exceptionally clear understanding that I had lived multiple lives. Although I cannot presently recall the specific details of those lives, there is no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that I have lived before.

As a young boy, I knew things that a person just entering the world for the very first time wouldn’t be aware of. I remember telling my parents, as a young child, that people lived over and over again. I also remembered what happened in-between those lifetimes. For example, I knew that when a person died he or she immediately reviewed what had happened in their most recent life as well as events from previous lifetimes. I knew that we picked our parents and friends prior to being born. I knew we chose what problems and challenges we would have to work through in a particular lifetime. I also knew that what we failed to learn successfully in one lifetime would have to be reintroduced and addressed in future lifetimes.

I remember knowing that we lived many lives as men and women and that a person who was a parent or a sibling to a person in one lifetime might have been their friend or spouse in another incarnation.

I knew very early in my life that the people closest to me had been present in my other lives. We were all connected, as a package of souls, to one another and enrolled in a never ending curriculum that offered universal lessons about experiencing physicality while being housed in third dimensional bodies.

When I was three years old, I was able to play a piano that was situated in my parents’ home. Whatever music I heard on the radio or television I could replicate on the keyboard without any problems. How could I have had the ability to play a musical instrument like a piano unless I had played one in a prior lifetime?

By the time I was eight years old, I spoke about past lifetimes and the different dimensions of universal existence. I knew about many other things early in my life concerning this subject. Later, I would read about the same concepts in books that had been written by paranormal researchers.

As a young child I knew that all physical matter vacillated between being solid and a frequency. At 10 years old I understood the basic mechanisms of what is known today as quantum physics. In addition to this, I had already developed an understanding that frequencies were read by something in our bodies that made our environment look and feel solid. Years later I would read interesting theories by scientists concerning this material and would come to realize that human DNA was the tuning mechanism that read and converted those frequencies into a third dimensional reality construct.

The fact that I knew all of this information as a young child could only be explained by another fact. I had lived multiple lifetimes as a human being. But I also realized very early on that I was not special or a unique individual. I understood that all human beings lived many incarnations in an effort to be exposed to universal knowledge that could be obtained by experiencing thousands of lifetimes in a classroom setting like our earth.

As of this writing, I am 51 years old. But like every other person walking around on this planet, I am an eternal soul that has lived many lifetimes in different biological vessels and I have experienced countless scenarios in various incarnations.

Déjà vu: Been There Done That Before?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

Did you ever have an unusual feeling after visiting a new place or experiencing a new event in your life that you had been there or done that before? Did you ever meet someone for the very first time and have a feeling that you had known the person from somewhere that you cannot quite recall? Actually, the feelings of familiarity with regards to certain events, experiences, and associations with specific people are a lot more common than the average person might realize. This condition that many people experience is known as déjà vu.

Do we really only live once on this mysterious planet for 80-90 years and then turn into dust never to be heard from again? Whatever grand intelligence designed and activated Earth and the life forms that inhabit our planet must have surely had a better plan in mind than that.

If you take a look at everything that has to do with nature, it is easy to spot a recurring theme. Things that are natural seem to recycle themselves over and over again. Nature is set up and designed to come full circle. The earth spins on its axis, revolves around the sun, and this causes the days, months, and years to come and go. It also causes the change in seasons. Life begins in the spring. It is followed by summer, fall, and winter. Then everything is repeated. Life is a great big circle that keeps repeating itself over and over again.

There are many people in the world that can recall past lifetimes. Some of these individuals can recall lifetimes with vivid details. They can remember where and when they have lived before. In certain cases individuals have remembered the street addresses where they resided in a previous life and they can identify family members and business associates.

The truth be told, it makes a lot of sense that the soul energy of living things can recycle into other living forms after their physical bodies die. Science teaches us that energy never disappears. It merely changes and transforms itself into other states of existence. It is this unknown ability of all living things to be able to live countless lifetimes that allows for our souls to have the chance to grow. Spiritual growth cannot be attained by living a singe lifetime. The soul energy attached to a human body needs the chance to experience many lifetimes so that it can mature and master life lessons that are more valuable to the soul as a collection of lifetimes rather than a singe lifetime.

How does one explain a young child that is borne into the world capable of playing a musical instrument with incredible precision? What about the cases where persons were placed under hypnosis and suddenly able to speak foreign languages that they had never previously mastered?

There are men and women that feel like they should be in bodies of the opposite sex. There are people walking this planet with unusual talents that they have possessed from a very young age. There are incredible artists that can paint pictures and yet they had no formal training to develop their talents. Look at the world around us and you will observe countless clues that demonstrate and point to the idea that reincarnation is not the exception but very much the rule.

What do you think about this subject?

Do We Live Again?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

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For as long as man has been able to think about important questions, he has probably been pondering one of the biggest questions of them all; do we live again? It’s a good question and one that has been seriously debated by many people throughout the world.

Quite a few of the modern religions that are in existence often preclude their followers from even broaching the subject of reincarnation. The truth be told, everybody in the world at one time or another has wondered what happens after it’s all over here.

We are borne into this world out of thin air and miraculously adapt to our earthly environment. Did you ever stop and think about how absolutely amazing it is that young children can easily master the language skills of any geographic location they happen to find themselves in? How is it that some very young children, with no prior experience, can play a musical instrument better than schooled musicians that have been practicing their artistic expressions for thirty years or longer? Why can some people remember past lifetimes in other parts of the world? Did you know there are documented cases of people that have been hypnotically regressed so that they can remember previous lifetimes? These same individuals are often able to suddenly speak and understand a foreign language? How is this possible unless they have lived before?

Several years ago my mother became very ill. She developed stomach pains, had little to no appetite, and lost an incredible amount of weight. She believed she was going to die and was admitted into a hospital several times only to be told on each occasion that she was physically fine. Finally, at my request, she visited a hypnotherapist. The therapist unlocked her subconscious mind and when she came home she began to feel better. Suddenly she had a strong urge to write poetry. This was a woman that had never written a poem in her life. Several years later my mother has authored over 3,000 poems and published many books. The funny thing is the poems are very good. Damn good as a matter of fact. Another funny thing about my mom’s poetry is that she believed she was not always the person responsible for writing the words that would land on the pages of paper in front of her.

A couple of years ago, my mother visited a reputable, psychic medium. She truly wanted to know who or what was really behind the poetic expressions that continued to flow out of her pen on a daily basis. The session with the psychic explained, pretty much, everything that had happened to my mom and she was finally able to understand why poetry had suddenly consumed her life. I won’t tell you the incredible story here, but I will tell you that my mom would say, “Yes,” if you asked her the question: Do we live again?

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