Made in China: Jade Rabbit Rover Heads to the Moon

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


On December 2, 2013, China launched a rocket into deep space that was carrying a lunar, robotic device designed to crawl along the moon’s surface. According to mainstream media sources, China’s lunar robot, Jade Rabbit, is somewhat similar to the models used by NASA to explore the planet Mars.

As is always the case with deep space journeys sponsored by the world’s space agencies, the missions are quite limited with respect to their intended objectives. What I mean by that last sentence is that any space missions that have the ultimate ambition of leaving the comfy confines of Low Earth Orbits (LEO’s) will most assuredly be unmanned expeditions. The reason for this fact is pretty damn obvious. Unfortunately, nobody in the mainstream media seems to have the guts or the editorial permissions to write about the truth regarding space exploration. The truth be told, every space agency in the world most likely lacks the technological capabilities to properly construct space ships that can protect astronauts from the dangers that are inherently present in deep space. This is why they continuously send robotic rovers to the moon and Mars instead of men.

If it were truly possible to send human beings through the Van Allen Belts into deep space where a plethora of lethal micrometeorites, cosmic rays, and other problems that constantly challenge the lives of astronauts exist, we would, undoubtedly, see such missions taking place on a regular basis. In fact, this is the exact reason we do not see manned missions in deep space.

Since the Apollo missions occurred in the late 60’s and early 70’s, there have been zero manned missions executed in deep space by any government space agencies. Why have there not been other missions to the moon? Are we supposed to believe that countries such as Russia and China have not had an interest in deep space travel?

The official lines of disinformation routinely thrown around by NASA that claim human beings had the technological capability to travel to the moon forty years ago and then decided it was too expensive to continue the practice is absolutely preposterous. In the last 40 years there has not been one mission by any country that has attempted to send an astronaut on a voyage that even orbited the moon. Sure, we sent men to the moon, a strategic military destination that overlooks Earth, and then decided we would never go back again. This makes perfect sense and should raise no eyebrows whatsoever.

Can you think of any technologies that have been achieved, discovered, invented, or come to fruition that have not been significantly advanced since their inception? Automobiles, telephones, televisions, airplanes, radios, computers, military weapons, video games, and any other technologies you can possibly think of have all been significantly improved and made more effective than when they were originally designed.

Whatever happened to NASA’s Lunar Module technology? Why haven’t we seen this piece of equipment improved and used in newer missions to the moon? And what about NASA’s space suit technology? Has it been improved to the point where it can actually protect astronauts from the hazards encountered in deep space? There are countless accusations by many people that claim the Apollo space suits were inadequately designed and quite incapable of protecting astronauts from cosmic radiation during the lunar missions. Why hasn’t NASA proved the effectiveness of these garments? They could easily settle the debate by allowing scientists to use the suits to protect workers that are currently attempting to clean up the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster? Certainly, a space suit that protected astronauts from deadly cosmic radiation on their way to the moon could be useful in protecting workers cleaning up a facility like Fukushima? Such a demonstration would go a long way in convincing skeptics about the effectiveness of the technology with respect to its ability to protect a person against radioactivity.

The fact that we continue to send robotic equipment instead of human beings on missions that venture past the Van Allen Belts is a telltale sign that man has probably never achieved successful deep space travel or been to the moon with Apollo.

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