NASA Releases Photos of Apollo Landing Sites

By Dr. John Reizer

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A number of readers have called my attention to photos that were taken and recently released by NASA of the landing sites for the various Apollo missions from the 60’s and 70’s. The photos in the link below were taken by a NASA probe that orbited the moon in 2011. The pictures have been described by some as being extraordinary with unbelievable clarity.

Visit this link to see the entire catalog of NASA photos showing the Apollo landing sites. 

In my opinion, the images are somewhat disappointing. I would have thought that NASA could have photographed the Apollo landing sites with a camera that revealed more detail and a closer view of the space equipment debris fields?

For example, click this link and take a look at a camera shot taken of a crowd of people in Canada. The high definition camera used to take this photo was incredible with regards to its capability of focusing in on a given subject within the picture. When you look at the crowd of people in the photo, move your cursor over an area of the crowd and keep clicking your mouse repeatedly to view the high definition capabilities of the camera.

I am sure that NASA has cameras on its probes that are technically equivalent or better in comparison to the camera that took the photo of the crowded street. Why is it that NASA cannot provide us with close up pictures of the Apollo sites on the moon? They obviously have the technologically advanced camera equipment to do this?

Next, take a look at the photo below. This photograph was recently taken by NASA. It shows the Apollo 17 landing site and what NASA claims are the astronauts’ foot prints that were left in the soft, lunar soil. They are the darker pathways visible in the photograph. You can also see the tire tracks that were made by the Lunar Rover vehicle(LRV). These tracks are the lighter ones in comparison to the astronauts’ footprints, but also quite visible in the photo. You will notice that the astronauts parked the LRV far away from the remains of the Lunar Module or the Lunar Descent Stage portion of the craft that was left behind when Apollo 17 returned to Earth. The location of the parked LRV is positioned about 4:00 near the edge of the photo. I have a question for NASA officials about the location of the parked LRV. How did the astronauts walk back to the Lunar Module after they parked the LRV so far away from the space craft? As you will clearly see in the photograph, there exists no footprints visible in the soft, lunar soil between the parked LRV and the Lunar Module?


Photo Credit: NASA

Click Picture to See Original Version on NASA Website

The images that have been provided by NASA, in my opinion, are not going to settle the issue, in the minds of many skeptics, about whether or not Apollo really reached the moon.

What do you think about this subject?

2 thoughts on “NASA Releases Photos of Apollo Landing Sites

  1. Sharon December 8, 2013 / 7:52 pm

    The thing is, NASA has had such a longstanding history of fabricating pictures, why should anybody believe that these photos are actual views of the moon?

    I don’t believe anything that is presented as evidence that comes from this agency.


  2. Danny December 8, 2013 / 10:28 pm

    According to Snopes and other sources, there are spy satellites 425 miles above the Earth. They all seem to claim the cameras on these orbiters are able to achieve a resolution between 3 feet to six inches. That means they can probably tell if a car has a license plate but they cannot necessarily read the plate. Personally, I believe they can read the damn license plate. Either way they spin this, the technology is out there to create very detailed images from far away locations. I think NASA and their equipment could definitely produce better images than what has been released and passed off as “good detail” in the Apollo images you wrote about in this post.

    As usual, your content is very informative and thought provoking.


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