The Rocket’s Red Glare…Probably Won’t Get You There!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

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 reizer3On November 19, 2013, I watched the Eastern Carolina skies with great anticipation as NASA launched an impressive Minotaur rocket into space that was carrying a record number of 29 satellites. As that rocket raced through the earth’s atmosphere, people along the East Coast of the United States from Maine to Florida, and as far inland as Kentucky and Tennessee, were able to see the spacecraft as it made its way into orbit. It was quite a spectacular show for many people that were not precluded from viewing the experience due to excessive cloud cover.

I have to admit that it was a very memorable moment for me, standing outside watching a rocket hurtling towards the heavens. It was the kind of event that you remember for the rest of your life.

Years ago, as a young child, I remember watching another spectacular event that became permanently etched in my mind. I remember watching Neil Armstrong on a live television feed originating from the moon. My eyes were glued to the TV screen as he descended the steps of the Lunar Module and firmly planted the first human foot print on our satellite. It was quite a memorable moment for many people all over the world.

Forty-four years later I find myself doubting the authenticity of this alleged achievement by our nation’s space agency. On numerous occasions I have read many opinions regarding the subject of a possible Apollo, moon hoax. For the longest time I never paid much attention to theories that cast doubt about the authenticity of NASA’s Apollo program. Not until 12 years ago did I come to the conclusion that America and its citizens had been, yet again, deceived by the powers that be.

It was shortly after September 11, 2001 when I first came across a unique book titled, Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-blowers. In my opinion, the authors, Mary Bennett and David S. Percy, performed a fantastic job in dissecting and pointing out countless anomalies within the pictures that had been supposedly taken by astronauts while visiting the moon. After reading this book over and over again, there was no other conclusion I could come to other than the fact that the Apollo moon pictures had obviously been filmed somewhere on earth.

Bennett and Percy went way beyond pointing out the errors that were captured on film that proved the lunar photographs were not created on the moon. The authors spent lengthy amounts of time interviewing the camera makers and film companies that supplied Apollo with their equipment. They methodically demonstrated how the film allegedly used on these missions could not and would not have worked in deep space let alone on the lunar surface.

I am not going to go through all 568 pages of the book’s text and photography in this article. I will leave that chore to my readers. I will write, however, that reading this monster is well worth your time if you have a true desire to know the truth about Apollo.

Bennett and Percy do not make the claim that astronauts never visited the moon. They do, however, lay out a most convincing argument that NASA never went to the moon via Apollo.

Perhaps the most convincing part of the authors’ argument against the integrity of Apollo was revealed through the mounds of information they provided in their book about rocket technology and the presence of deadly, cosmic radiation that exists throughout the parameters of deep space. They reported that in order to achieve deep space travel, human beings need constant protection from cosmic radiation and that the space suits that were worn in the late 60’s and early 70’s by our astronauts did not offer the adequate protection those human beings would have required on a journey to the moon. They also made an ironclad argument that the Apollo rocket technology could not have offered astronauts the protection that would have been necessary to survive deep space missions. Bennett and Percy maintain that Apollo and its “astronots” never left the lower portions of the Earth’s orbit. This is why, according to the authors, NASA prescribed the space shuttle missions for so many years.

NASA’s real goal with the space shuttle program was to, ultimately, study the Van Allen Belts that protect Earth and its astronauts in low earth orbits (LEO’s) from radiation. LEO’s are where the space shuttle and other missions in outer (inner) space are carried out by the American Space Agency. In LEO’s, astronauts and their spacecrafts are still, very much, protected from cosmic radiation. According to Bennett and Percy, the Van Allen Belts were still, in 1999, an obstacle that NASA had not managed to solve.

Finally, Bennett and Percy wrote in their book about spinning disk technologies. Their claim was that this method of travel was necessary to successfully carry out manned, deep space missions. The authors pointed out that the rapid turning of a disk shaped space craft would potentially create a magnetic shield around a particular spaceship and protect its occupants from deadly, cosmic radiation. The best example of this spinning disk technology at work, they explained, was our spinning Earth. Its constant spinning action creates an atmosphere and an environment that shields human beings and life on the planet from cosmic radiation.

Evidently, as far as the moon and deep space are concerned, rockets and their red glare won’t get you there. But those rockets sure are pretty to look at and quite successful in launching men into LEO’s and unmanned crafts into deep space.

What do you think about this subject?

2 thoughts on “The Rocket’s Red Glare…Probably Won’t Get You There!

  1. Edwina Reizer November 21, 2013 / 7:47 am

    I have read the book and am also convinced that it was a hoax. Another reason to be added is the USA did not want to let its citizens think that Russia would beat our timetable in getting to the moon. Great article son. Mom

    • Dr. John Reizer November 21, 2013 / 9:29 am

      It is so true that public perception was a big part of NASA’s strategy regarding the entire moon hoax agenda. As Bennett and Percy pointed out in their book, Russia and America worked together, behind the scenes, with ex-NAZI scientists to achieve the ultimate goal of getting a man on the moon for real. According to the authors, it had been decided by America and Russia, or others calling the shots, that Russia would undertake the real mission to the moon with an American and Russian riding together in another spacecraft that was launched from Russia.

      The authors made a compelling case in their book that Apollo, from day one, was the cover program that would be showcased to the general public. The facade of the Cold War was instrumental in pulling off the illusions that the USA and Russia were in competition with one another to get to the moon first. In reality, they were always working together privately.

      Bennett and Percy wrote that the real moon mission ended with both astronauts dying from radiation poisoning before being retrieved from the moon via remote control. When they arrived back on Earth, the moon rocks and artifacts they retrieved were collected, but many of the pictures they had taken were destroyed by cosmic radiation. It was determined at that point that a different technology would be required to successfully land astronauts on the moon safely. That’s why we never went back.

      Apollo was filmed in studios and very few people involved with the mission realized that the entire program was not legitimate. Even the majority of people in mission control believed the astronauts were broadcasting from the moon. This is how NASA was able to keep the missions, in the eyes of the public, seem legitimate and credible. Even Apollo 13, evidently, was part of the script. It helped NASA to make the public embrace the idea that space travel was dangerous and that Apollo was lucky to have been successful in the past. People that worked on Apollo operated in a very compartmentalized capacity. It was commonplace to keep employees operating on a need to know basis regarding mission objectives and directives. The book is extraordinary and explains in great detail how everything was pulled off. According to the authors, Apollo was probably one of the best staged hoaxes in the history of mankind.

      Dr. Reizer

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