Your TV Is Watching You

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By Ashley Hayes

A while back, I mentioned in an article how a sportscaster on ESPN was bragging/amazed that, from the TV studio, they could see into the living room of a family watching their son in a basketball game; e.g., the family was being watched by the TV they were watching.

A family being watched through their TV

Not only have I (and many others) written about the technology that exists that makes this possible (just as you can be spied on through your digital picture frame or baby monitor, without your knowledge — or consent), I have personally had numerous incidents that have shown it was being done to me.

My articles on the DOD-contractor/fusion-center mafia/digerati who have long had the capability, and desire, to do so target individuals in ways that say, “We are watching you right now, [and you can’t do anything about it].” And one of the ways they operate this psyops is via television, whether it’s making a particular commercial play the moment you walk into a room, specially creating a commercial just for their targeted individual or audience (and, yes, they do this; they have the best production facilities, the fastest production facilities, the sick minds, the manpower, the technology, and the access to be able to do this all day long), meant to harass the viewer, or create stress for the viewer. (Needless to say, this falls into the “bad-actors-using-technology-for-bad-and-not-good” category.)

But, regardless of whether you get “hints” you are being watched in what should be the privacy of your own home, chances are very good that you either are, or will be, at some point. (This illegal surveillance, and data collection, is why everyone was forced to “upgrade” their TVs to digital.)

An image from Patent Application US20150116196A1

Just today, I was exercising in front of the TV while watching/listening to a music channel.  Today’s choice was “Hits of the 70s.”  This channel regularly puts trivia questions on the screen about the band that is playing.

In this particular instance, while Fickle Pickle was playing, two separate “Did you know?” questions came up: the first one about “Bewitched,” the second one was about “Marcia Brady.”

Neither Bewitched nor Marcia Brady has anything to do with Fickle Pickle, but if you have read my articles here, you know they have something to do with me:

This was not coincidence or happenstance. It was overt harassment. And it is happening in households throughout our nation.

One of hundreds of other instances where this abuse of media has occurred in my life has to do with the death of my sweet yellow lab, Molly: After selling my home in one state, and moving to another state, closer to my father, I was telling my potential new landlord that we couldn’t live there unless we could have our dog. Literally five minutes after I had said that, my mother (who was dog-sitting while we looked for a new place) called and said, “Something is wrong with Molly. She was outside, but came in acting differently. I am going to get the neighbor to help me take her somewhere for help.”

My mom’s neighbor, “Jim,” drove my mom and Molly to a national-chain pet store. They said Jim ran into the store carrying Molly. They hurried to the doctors there, who gave Molly some oxygen and said she needed to go to the animal hospital, but that they couldn’t borrow the mobile respirator because they “only had a few.”

Molly died during the seven-minute drive to the animal hospital.

A few weeks later, I was watching a show late at night when a commercial for this national-chain pet store came on. It was, literally, five seconds long. It showed a man running through the store, carrying a Lab. The voiceover then said, “[Pet store brand]: We’ll get you there, from beginning to end.”

It was heartbreaking which, of course, was the goal.

These are just a few of the reasons I rarely watch TV anymore (and if I do, I either leave the room while commercials are on, or just mute the TV for a bit). And I am happy to report, I am meeting more and more folks who are doing the same. They are coming out of their boxes Dr. Reizer mentioned in his recent article here. Some people are seeing things as they actually are — and not as we’re told they are — and are changing their ways. One of these ways is by actively taking steps to minimize the interference in their peace and lessen, to the best of their abilities, the targeted intrusions into their places of sanctuary, their homes.

To be sure, these are not steps we should have to take in America. But we either have to take steps, or take a stand.

Which do you choose?

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