The WHO’s International Health Regulations and The Amendments That Stand To Enslave Humanity

Ashley Hayes

Last week, I provided a link to a must-read article by Brian Shilhavy of HealthImpactNews, as well as links to several videos, on the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations which researcher James Roguski had uncovered toward the end of 2022. Here’s a link to that article, in case you missed it:

The International Health Regulations, established by the World Health Organization, are, according to the WHO, “an instrument of international law that is legally binding on 196 countries, including the 194 member states.” These regulations require that all countries “have the ability to detect, assess, report, and respond to public health events.”

These regulations, established in 2005, had some proposed amendments made in 2022 that, apparently, the WHO was trying to keep secret. But due to multiple, persistent FOIA requests by Roguski and others, the WHO quietly posted their proposed amendments this past December to their website. (This mid-December posting is reminiscent of those sneaky senators back in 1913 who got the life-altering Federal Reserve Act passed over the holidays, when everyone else was either away or too busy to pay attention to what was actually being proposed.)

The importance of this document, and, more specifically, the proposed amendments cannot be overstated. Whereas the original document included this phrase: “with the full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons;” the proposed amendments show that phrase as being completely eliminated. Equally troubling is the fact less than 100 signatures are needed to make it binding, international law. No congressional approval needed. No presidential executive order. Nothing. Just the signatures and it’s done.

Raguski has more information at his substack, as well as downloadable, shareable flyers.

These proposed amendments easily make the IHR the most important document of our lifetime and must not be ignored.  NOW is the time to reach out to your congresspeople, senators, governors, local news, local government, social media, family and friends, and make sure they are aware of what is happening and its implications and encourage them to take action — continuously and persistently.

Finally, if anyone you know finds it hard to grasp the full meaning of these amendments, I encourage you to share this video documenting the already-established FEMA concentration camps (  Please see also, listed below the video,
Executive Orders associated with FEMA that would suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — Orders which may reveal the real reason behind all the recent gun buy-back programs so many states have had.

Please share this article widely.

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Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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5 thoughts on “The WHO’s International Health Regulations and The Amendments That Stand To Enslave Humanity

  1. lhakes12 January 18, 2023 / 11:49 am

    What powerful information, Ashley! Knowledge that people very much need to read and share. I have already shared it myself on my Facebook page.

    And, yes, it is very distressing. But the more we face it and share, the more we prevent this catastrophe from happening. And non-compliance is key! Together we stand tall! There are many more of us than there are of them.
    And our fearlessness to stand against them is what the controlling powers fear most!

    (Also, all great videos within this post. Although I found the one with the FEMA whistleblower and issue of Direct Energy Weapons being our next fake virus ‘soon’ to be quite significant.)


    Cuz Jeff’s Viewpoints on Truth:
    January 14th

    “Truth is complicated
    First, because everyone is at their own level of perception
    As the Eye of the beholder is also the wedge
    That keeps us separated from the collective union of
    Cohesive awareness

    But second,
    Truth is also frequency
    A sixth sense of knowing
    Which must be articulated And expressed
    In as many possible angles and points of view as possible
    Because the truth is public enemy number one
    In a world engineered by the lies and half truths that have shaped our reality
    So our search for the truth is also
    Dependent on our awareness of the lies
    Not only knowing the lies, but also

    Knowing WHO the liars are

    WHERE they the Origins of these Lies come from

    WHEN they were established to alter the perspectives And traditional wisdoms of our world with ‘revolutionary Big Ideas’ of liberating social experiments

    WHAT they were established to replace and divert future generation from to sustain continued subversion of knowledge

    And WHY they created these lies, false idols, illusion of artificial duality And systems of control for our human psychosis

    We need to be able to explain the dynamic of these lies and the art of circumventing the lesser educated much more
    indoctrinated minds of people
    So we can see the entire picture
    And they managed to replace knowledge
    That have erased our wisdom and given us
    This unrecognizable Mysterium through the alchemy
    Of occult science and practices

    If that’s not difficult enough a task to challenge ourselves
    With vigilant obsessive study to rise above the delusions of the architects and engineers,
    As if many it were Levels of a video game
    It is important to note the most strict and adamantly
    Enforced rules of the game are

    You can’t Say
    OR WHY

    It is, of course
    A violation of community standards
    Which leads to many different forms of censorship
    Ranging from banishment to crypto censorship via algorithmic segregation

    So we turn to indirect communication
    We to the celebration of art, literature, Hollywood, music And rituals
    There we can see all, but still blinded in the fog
    The tall muddy waters we wade in like cold darkness of the wandering mind
    The Revelation of the Method
    And the methodical reverse psychology and shape shifting mutations of Mente that
    Work in our imaginations, dreams, visions And conscious awareness
    In such mysterious ways
    Foreign to the practical mind and spooky to the mundane

    So who can defy this beast system?
    All hail Satan?
    Another polarized extremity of the end all be all
    great director
    For all the world is just a stage
    And we’re it’s actors
    Its audience
    its memory

    We’re the ones telling the story
    And we’re the ones fooling Ourselves

    We haven’t even begun
    To tell our own story
    Because we keep repeating theirs

    And there’s no truth in living in the shadows
    Of someone else lies
    And because the whole entire world has been living a lie

    Nobody wants to know the truth
    Because the truth suggests we need to change
    And reexamine reality and our relationship with the world

    We are innately good people
    But terribly misled by a MAD MAtriX of smoke and mirrors
    People become offended when you suggest
    Their Daily News is bullshit
    That their education is bullshit
    That there love of country is violated by the idea that politics is a scam and they can’t do their one civic duty to vote
    Challenge their illusions of God or spirituality
    And you welcome the self righteous wrath of hell upon yourself
    Tell them that medical science is a monopoly
    And every employee of the medical establishment will come crashing upon you
    Mention the letter J And you’re automatically labeled anti Semitic
    Flat earth, Trump And Jesus might be the three biggest buzz words that you get banned or hated in controversial esteem
    Simply mentioning them
    Tell someone that something they believe is wrong
    And that’s why so many hate the truth
    Because everything we believe is a lie

    Of course
    No one wants to believe that
    When so many of us have invested our hearts and minds in these lies
    It is our very culture and subconscious identity

    That’s why they have worked so hard on the ancient aliens agenda, on the Q narrative
    On the space agenda
    And on cryptic Kabbala like mysteries of the occult to steer our attention in other directions to create what we call
    Psychological operations

    To keep us spinning in circles
    chasing illusions and rabbit holes
    While calling the truth tropes And conspiracy theories
    Welcome to the upside down

    And at some point
    Someone will research them all
    At which point you
    Check off all the bullshit that doesn’t add up or resonate and use synchronicity to make your conclusions

    Have patience you must
    Truth is not a overnight sensation or revelation
    It’s a lifelong journey
    With age comes wisdom And experience
    And like the heart is itself a muscle
    Consciousness grows and ages with you

    Trust in your heart my friends
    It is the key to unlocking your mind
    Taming the ego
    And discovering the universe within you”

    • Dr. John Reizer January 18, 2023 / 1:08 pm

      As usual, great stuff, Lisa and Jeff! 👍🙂

      • lhakes12 January 18, 2023 / 3:10 pm


    • Ashley January 18, 2023 / 8:18 pm

      Thank you so much, Lisa. And thank you for sharing on FB, as the country — and world — need to know about this and, by knowing about it, will, hopefully grasp its gravity and the importance of actually taking action toward stopping it.

      • lhakes12 January 18, 2023 / 10:33 pm


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