NoFakeNews – Exposing the Fake Pillars of Fear!

What the mainstream media companies do regularly is build up the fake pillars of fear in the collective mind of the world population.

The fake Pillars of Fear

1 The threat of nuclear war.

2. The threat of new and already existing infectious diseases.

3. The threat of a potential grid collapse.

4. The threat of economic collapse.

5. The reported consequences of global warming.

6. The potential annihilation of the planet from near-earth objects (asteroids).

The NoFakeNews Mission

Since 2012, I have been writing content on this platform that attempts to awaken people worldwide. My goal is to poke holes and expose the fake pillars of fear that have been established and promoted by government-run mainstream media corporations.

The constant fear porn broadcast to citizens across the world is predicated on state-sponsored psyops strategically crafted to manipulate the perceptions of humanity.

What I attempt to do through NoFakeNews is the complete opposite of what the mainstream media does 24 hours a day — I try to expose the psyops and lies regularly disguised as officialdom.

I write informative articles on this platform that expose many fake technologies accepted broadly by society.

Our website is not for everyone! Many people are not capable of breaking free from their invested understanding of the world.

NoFakeNews is the knife that can surgically cut holes in the fabric of the game Matrix. Our website allows people opportunities to view a truer representation of reality.

Please tell others about our mission and invite them to join the forum.

–Dr. Reizer


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