The Target List Movie is Now in Post-Production!

Dr. John Reizer

I have just returned from Reno, Nevada, where The Target List movie was filmed. Let me first write before anything else that I was utterly overwhelmed and highly impressed by the crew’s professionalism at Mad-Wife Productions as well as by the terrific cast of actors and actresses that worked tirelessly through the long hours of filming.

Having never been on a movie set before, I had no idea how many people were involved in the movie-making process. It was indeed an educational experience for me, and I was honored to watch the entire process unfold. Watching The Target List being filmed ranked right up there with the top two or three most exciting experiences in my lifetime.

The readers here at NoFakeNews are well aware of this project because I have been shamelessly plugging it at the end of every article I have written for many months. Some of you might be sick of hearing about the film, but it’s a critical story, and I have wanted it out there in public for the longest time.

Because so many people here have graciously donated money to the film through the movie’s GoFundMe page, I have been regularly updating the project’s progress.

Although The Target List movie is a fictional story, some truthful content is embedded within the plot. Many of the stories I have written in my writing career have at least a bit of truth sprinkled in them.

People who know me personally understand that I am not a violent person. Usually, I wouldn’t say I like movies or stories that are violent. I think many of my friends and acquaintances were shocked when they read The Target List novel and discovered that there were some murders and violent scenes within the book.

I don’t think you can realistically create a story like The Target List without including some violence. The psychopaths running big pharma don’t always play nice. The genocidal plot currently unfolding worldwide should convince people about the accuracy of my assertion.

So, while there is some violence in The Target List, it’s in there to realistically portray what I believe is happening and has happened in real life. The violence has not been added just for the sake of trying to shock people.

The movie’s production went well, and I believe that some great acting was captured on film. From what I observed and from what the film’s director and producer have stated, this pilot movie will be fantastic. I cannot wait to see the final production.

The movie is now in post-production–a process that can sometimes be a lengthy one. I promise to keep everybody updated. As soon as the movie’s trailer is released, I will publish it here for all to view.

I have included a few behind-the-scenes photos below from the movie set:

8 thoughts on “The Target List Movie is Now in Post-Production!

  1. sandy edwards April 13, 2021 / 5:38 pm

    Dr. Reizer, You sound really excited about all this and it’s catching for the group here. I know you as a kind and caring person and think that most of what you write is probably coming from truth. We have to remember that everything can’t be settled with a wink and a smile. I know I sometimes go off the wall when I lose my temper but even Jesus lost his temper. I so look forward to seeing the trailer. You are now famous or very close. lol I’m adding a link that I think applies when it comes to what people have to do or must do to survive this world. We can’t sit back and wait because that has been done before and we all know the result.
    Thank you for the update. Sandy

    • NoFakeNews April 13, 2021 / 7:12 pm

      Thanks for the link and kind words, Sandy. I appreciate your support and encouragement concerning the movie. 😄


  2. Lisa April 13, 2021 / 5:40 pm

    John, thank you for sharing. You must have left the production feeling quite fulfilled and proud. I couldn’t feel more delighted and happy for you. You have my admiration as always!

    It will be so incredible when the “The Target List” shows on Amazon Prime. I am sure you will be ecstatic when it does. And I’m with you! 😀


    • NoFakeNews April 13, 2021 / 7:09 pm

      Thank you, Lisa, for all your support and for being a part of the production. I think the movie is going to turn out well. At least I hope it turns out well. 🤣


  3. Dirkje. April 13, 2021 / 7:24 pm

    This is sooo wonderful and I’m so curious…sharing this…I do admire your intentions and your braveness..thank you very much John…best regards from Dirkje…the Netherlands 👏👏💪

    • NoFakeNews April 13, 2021 / 8:15 pm

      Hi Dirkje, (Doctor)

      Thank you for your kind words and all the support. I hope to entertain and enlighten a few folks with my creative works. 😀


  4. Anonymous April 13, 2021 / 9:17 pm

    Dear John..thank you..told you already I spread your site by writing it on the ugly Eurobiljets..and ofcourse informing my colleagues and friends, family and so on..some are looking at me like a I am poisonous snake and others snickers..but most of the time they follow and trust me 👊 you go John I do admire you for standing up ..long past bed-time here (2.46AM) I have a couple of free days here..IC is not full..last year “they” closed two hospitals and fired nurses because of “onknown reasons” 😎 now they are complaining about shortage of doctors and nurses but sending a lot of them to Curasow (islands the Netherlands) lot’s of people here are aware now how they are deceived..the bloody vaccine for instance…still meeting folks who are standing in line for receiving the jab 😬 television and media are “war” on the mind..disgusting..haha having a last glass of Chardonnay (Chardonnyes) having a goodnight sleep and keeping up the (my) spirit …yippee 😄

    • NoFakeNews April 14, 2021 / 9:56 am

      Thanks again, Dirkje! I hope you have a great night. 😀


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