Eyewitness Claims Professional Protesters Traveled to DC on Multiple Busses and Received a Police Escort (Video)

Dr. John Reizer

I found it hard to believe that unarmed civilians would successfully get past the US Capitol building complex’s security personnel without having inside help.

We are talking about one of the most security-laden buildings in the entire United States. The DC police are also used to handling massive crowds and protesters.

The entire event has the feel of a well-designed false flag operation complete with media support.

Since hearing about the first reports of violence, I have believed that professionals were hired by someone and bussed to the Capitol property to commit the crimes that everybody observed.

It’s possible that some people who entered the Capitol property were not professional protesters, but it is more than likely that the initial push onto the property was carried out by professionals.

4 thoughts on “Eyewitness Claims Professional Protesters Traveled to DC on Multiple Busses and Received a Police Escort (Video)

  1. tim January 8, 2021 / 8:54 am

    Yep, then MSM says captial raided by Patriots, smashing good Americans who love this country and the Constitution in the face, while trying to make them look bad, after all anything good is an ememy to the state and should be put on a list that then killed (not my words, politicians words from the cabal)

    And another reason, they wanted the sheeple to take their eyes off the ball, ie: this dirty fake election, dirty fake politicians, fake FBI, CIA, DOJ, ETC, and instead, look at the terrible Republicans, Trump supporters, Constitution and freedom lovers, who are destroying this nation. Lets make a list of their names, and then shot them in the head, one by one. (this is what our new, fake vice president wants, and she just may become president if something happens to biden) And then the world will be much better off without good Americans in it (for the cabal.)

    Stay strong, keep the faith
    tim 🙂

  2. tim January 8, 2021 / 10:05 am

    So the FBI are NO WHERE to be seen, like , forever , right ? And now they’re available to MAKE A MAGA LIST OF PEOPLE ? Are you kidding me ? What are they planning to do to the people on their list ? Someone needs to get that list, and watch those on it. If they start “disappearing, or end up a fake suicide, or fake suicide and murder, heart attack (the cia’s fav) etc, then we will know the FBI is continuing to contribute to murder. If there was any doubt that the FBI is run by the deep state and hate Trump and good Amerians to the core, there can be no doubt now.
    And the way they do it so openly, is scary. Such a poweful entity of the fake government against so mamy MILLIONS of Trump supporters and Republicians. And their actions have made at least 1/3 of Americas their enemy !!! This is the FBI we’re talking about here.
    I mean, I always knew the CIA, DOJ, ETC, were corrupt and cruel factions of the fake government designed mainly for profit, lets face it, prisoners, traffic fines, drivers licence’s, registrations and so on are all designed to get more money from Americans. It always seems to come down to money and power doesn’t it ?
    After “THEY’ murdered both Kennedy’s, this confirmed what I was taugh by my parents, that the govenment is corrupt to the core, and kills without prosecution.
    The day the second Kennedy was murdered was the day I took the red pill. I knew in my heart it was an inside job.
    When 911 happen. I knew it was a false flag. I know history welll enough to recognize another Pearl Harbor or Vietnam. It was so obvious. And what a surprise, off to war we gooooooo.
    I didn’t believe my dad when he told me about our fake, corrupt, government, I certainly do now.
    Did you ever think you would wake up in a world where:
    fake americans would be putting out a “HIT LIST” on real Americans ? Litererally stating that they should be killed, or murdered, or “CLEANSED? ” I don’t know about you, but I do my own cleanses, ( for each biological system)
    I don’t need any other cleanses , Mr Global, thank you.
    Or that you would face the possibility of not being able to leave your house (legally) without a mask, and possibly even have to wear BY LAW a mask in your own house ?
    Or face the possibilities of laws stating you must take the shots ?
    Or a world where you are told you cannot call your family, grandmother, father, mother, sister, brother, etc, but instead call them all the names that Lisa wrote in her post ? What the hell?
    Another blunt blow to the human family. It’s pretty obvious the cabal wants to destroy the family unit.
    Or a world where those who want to go to Church are fined and put in prison, while pedo’s, and murders, and rapist and vicious criminals are set free, because of a fake virue ?
    Welp, believe it or not, THAT IS the world we have woken up to. The old story about one who wakes from a mightmare, just to find out that it WAS NOT a nightmare, that’s where we are now.
    (having said all that, lets not forget a small group of Politicians, Business men, Doctors, Lawyers, and many other good people inclulding those of us on this site, and millions of other sites around the world, who are freedom fighters and are doing everything they can to stop the ca-ball from continuing to roll down the hill over the faces of the people. Lets give a shout out to them, keep up the good work people. In the end, good will always win. It’s the ” getting to the end, ” part, that is hard though. But if we stick together, with more taking the red pill everyday, we can win this war. )
    Stay strong, keep the faith.
    FBI Release ‘MAGA Most Wanted’ – President Trump Could Be Added


  3. tim January 8, 2021 / 10:14 am

    And now they are going to try to use the 25th Amendment, or impeachment to remove Trump from office before his term is up, using the attack on the capitol as an excuse, so Trump can never run for president again.

    They are trying to stop him from coming back in 2024-25. And you know what, I will not be surprised if they are successful. Not after what I have seen what they can do. I should not be that suprised with what they did with this fake election. After all, they have been putting fake presidents in the white house for decades, if not centuries.

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