Covid-19 Absurdity

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Covid-19 is an epic hoax upon humanity. No one on Earth has ever seen anything like this. Lockdown of society and businesses borders on absurd insanity, and the psychopaths in power behind this madness are criminals that should be behind bars for the rest of their lives.

The hidden motives behind this madness are very obvious to critical thinkers—no one but the naive and the gullible wears face masks. The human brain requires a certain level of oxygen, and face masks restrict oxygen to the brain, killing brain cells and causing brain damage.

Social distancing was invented in the mind of psychopaths. In other words, social distancing is a form of human insanity created in the twisted and perverted mind of an insane human being.

Of course, television “news” is the promoter of Covid-19, because television “news” is a groveling sycophant of the lying agenda behind the fake virus.

No person on the planet that is fully awake believes this massive scam upon humanity.