Australian Medical Doctor Reveals The Truth About Deadly Vaccines

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews

If you write a post or commentary that shines the light of day on the truth about vaccines and the damage they are doing to human beings, you will quickly be labeled a conspiracy theorist, quack, lone nutter, or a junk scientist. Medical science (Isn’t that an oxymoron?) and the pharmaceutical companies worldwide that underwrite and control the profession of medicine continue to promote the false paradigm that more vaccines equate to a healthier and happier population base.

The vaccine industry is big business and it produces astronomical profits for the most powerful corporations in the world. This is why we will not see a decrease in the number of vaccine products being manufactured in the foreseeable future. Instead, we will see additional vaccines being introduced and more innocent people being irreparably harmed over time.

Every year the number of children being seriously injured because of vaccines increases. The cases very rarely, if ever, make it into the mainstream news. Vaccine injuries reported to medical physicians are usually not recorded as such and get lost in an intentionally manufactured statistical abyss. Make no mistake about this subject matter, there is a concerted effort by medicine and Big Pharma to keep a lid on the biggest secret within the medical profession; vaccines are the lifeblood of medicine and the etiological cause of autoimmune disorders as well as many physiological expressions of cancer and other diseases.

Every once in a while a brave medical doctor will step forward and spill the truth about the serious and shocking dangers associated with vaccines. An Australian medical doctor, John Piesse has written the following open letter:

“I have been encountering cases of vaccine injury for over 40 years. In June it was a happy, healthy nearly 5-year-old whose parents were required to put her on a catch-up schedule, in order to get her into kindergarten. She won’t be going to kinder. She’s in a wheel-chair, brain-damaged. Her life ruined. Then came a friend’s father who died after a flu vaccine, and last week a 4 year old boy, made autistic by a catch-up schedule.”

“In 1988, the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created. It has paid out over US$3.5 billion to the vaccine-injured. The NVICP was set up to protect vaccine manufacturers from ruinous costs of litigation by vaccine-damaged people. It was deemed preferable to have ‘unavoidably unsafe’ vaccines than no vaccines. Unfortunately the protection provided to vaccine manufacturers also reduced incentives to develop safer vaccines in USA.”

“Vaccines contain health-damaging ingredients, not the least aluminium – a known neurotoxin… CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE LETTER

In addition to Dr. Piesse spilling the beans about vaccines, ABC News has recently reported and simultaneously downplayed an apparent connection between flu jabs and miscarriage in pregnant women.

If you want to label Dr. Piesse and others like him as conspiracy theorists, it’s your prerogative. Labels and names are not going to physically harm these brave professionals, but the vaccines we continue to distribute to healthcare consumers worldwide will undoubtedly destroy the lives of your children and loved ones. How many children have to die from vaccines before people wake up?

7 thoughts on “Australian Medical Doctor Reveals The Truth About Deadly Vaccines

  1. Christy September 14, 2017 / 5:24 pm

    It’s so frustrating being a single parent who’s done her due diligence in researching this subject very thoroughly. I have had to listen to the ridiculous claims of other parents that I am putting their vaccinated children at risk by not vaccinating my child.
    First of all, if your child has been vaccinated, he or she should theoretically be immune to a specific disease. The only person(s) at risk should be an unvaccinated child (children) according to the medical world. Not that any of this crap they’re injecting into kids will create any immunity whatsoever.
    I appreciate very much this doctor in Australia speaking up and telling the truth. I also appreciate this website for having the guts to publish the information so others have a chance to read it.

    • Dr. John Reizer September 14, 2017 / 6:16 pm

      Excellent commentary, Christy. Your points are quite logical and a great response to anybody trying to shame a parent into vaccinating a child in order to make a safer environment for the entire community.

  2. James September 16, 2017 / 8:49 am

    If you attempt to read research about vaccines, you’re faced with studies overseen by the CDC and that is a big problem in my opinion.
    The CDC and other agencies within the government fudge research studies to hide the truth about dangerous outcomes that the examinations uncover. This was reported accurately in the movie documentary, “Vaxxed” that was intentionally held out of major theatre chains in the United States. The movie can be viewed on Amazon for interested parties.
    After watching this movie, I cannot rely on the CDC as a reliable source regarding information about vaccines and other drugs.

    • Dr. John Reizer September 16, 2017 / 10:00 am

      What you have written pretty much sums up the entire landscape concerning peer reviewed medical research. It’s flawed by fraudulent data that doesn’t reflect the true dangers of the products with regards to healthcare consumers.

      You can’t, in all seriousness, trust most medical research being conducted. There are almost always conflicts of interest concerning the researchers and pharmaceutical industry executives.

      As you point out, the VAXXED movie brilliantly demonstrated why the CDC cannot and should not be trusted as a reliable source regarding vaccine safety. This is why the movie was blocked from being released in the major movie theaters. Its content would have been too damaging to the medical research image being portrayed by the powers that be.

  3. Andrea September 16, 2017 / 12:28 pm

    I have 3 sons that are now young men and were never vaccinated. They experienced the usual childhood diseases and have otherwise been healthy in their lives.
    I was raised in a home with two parents that were against taking any medicines unless it was a dire, life threatening situation.
    My boys were rarely sick when they were growing up and continue to be healthy presently.
    Two of my sons developed whooping cough when they were 4 years old. It lasted about three weeks and subsided on its own without any drugs. My other son never came down with it. It’s amazing how healthy children can be when you don’t shove drugs down their throats for every single cough or sneeze.

  4. ppjg September 21, 2017 / 8:53 pm

    We do not vaccinate! Rarely is anyone sick and if they do get sick it is short lived.

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