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reizer3By Dr. John L. Reizer

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On September 8, 2003 I published my first book of fiction, “Introducing Michael Morris.” This story was one that I was very proud of at the time of its release. It is quite possibly, in my opinion, the best piece of writing I have ever turned out. Sure, there were a few grammatical errors in the book, but as far as the writing content was concerned, I was really pleased with the way the story read.

When Introducing Michael Morris was first published, I received a lot of emails from interested readers that wanted to know if the story was really based on fiction. For those of you that have not read the story, Michael Morris is the main character in the novel. In fact, Michael is one of only two characters in the entire book. The other character I included in the work was yours truly, John Reizer.

The story takes place in the year 2003. It begins with me falling asleep and Michael Morris awakening. The character, Michael then proceeds to write the story, revealing all types of interesting information to readers. I have included the book’s description below for your convenience:

“Michael Morris (John Reizer) discusses the single most important story to ever affect humanity. A self proclaimed parallel incarnation of the author living in an alternate dimension of existence, Michael dissects a vast global conspiracy which has been in the works for thousands of years. He methodically takes the reader through a journey of disturbing alien agendas and creates a state of clarity so that the common man can understand the many components of this system of deception. According to Michael, the Earth and its human inhabitants have existed under the manipulative control of an extraterrestrial civilization for over 187,000 years. The manipulation of human beings along with a strong alien presence influencing the world’s governments continues on present day Earth. The countdown to an absolutely Earth changing event, which will take place in the year 2012, is on and for the people in the world who wish to survive, this book is a must read.”

To this day, I continue to receive a fair number of questions from people that have read my story. The questions are usually the same, asking me if Michael Morris was a real entity that channeled a message through me or a work of fiction as the book claims. For the longest time I avoided answering these questions because I wanted to maintain the mystique of the story. I would usually reply to readers by writing, “What do you think?”

After all these years, I have decided to come clean and answer the question. I honestly believe that Michael Morris has been sending me information for most of my life. As a young child, I already knew a lot of the concepts and ideas that I am writing about today. I understood, as a child, about reincarnation, dimensions of existence, frequencies, quantum physics, extraterrestrials, and many other subjects. Children that are five years old do not usually discuss such subjects with their parents. Children that are five years old do not usually reject organized religion and tell their parents that we live many lifetimes as men and women. So when people ask me if Michael Morris is really a parallel incarnation of mine, living in an alternate dimension of existence, I have to believe that he is.

When I wrote this novel, I did so at breakneck speed. The entire manuscript was created in one weekend. I, obviously, fictionalized certain parts of the story to make it more appealing to readers and also to attract the 2012, end of the world, audience. After all, the book was published and marketed as science fiction! Having written that, let me also write that the meat of my novel (90% of the book) was based on what I have always believed to be factual information. There is a lot of truth in the Michael Morris story.

Whenever I write or speak about subjects of this nature, having to do with off world and supernatural concepts, I think I am often channeling information from somewhere or someone. That is just the way I feel about it. Maybe I am wrong, but I do not think so. It’s funny to me that when I begin to write something I always ask Michael if we are ready to begin. Then I place my hands on the keyboard and the ideas just seem to flood into my head and onto the paper. Don’t get me wrong. I do not go into a strange trance where I am unaware of what I am creating. That is not how it works for me. I think that Michael and I work together. I have always been an active participant in our writings. But I also believe that I am definitely having help with certain concepts and ideas. There is no doubt in my mind about this collaborating process that seems to take place.

As far as the name, Michael Morris is concerned; it just popped inside my head when I wanted to know what the name of this silent helper was.

Why am I writing about all of this information on The only reason is because I continue to get questions from subscribers that ask me what Michael Morris would have to say regarding many of the subjects that I cover and write about on this website.

Beginning very soon (depending on Michael’s availability) he will write/speak again, and his articles will be published on this website. I hope readers realize that I only publish content on this forum that I believe is based on factual materials. I do not believe I am compromising these standards by publishing Michael’s articles.

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  1. Dr. Dee September 24, 2013 / 12:59 pm

    Hey Dr. Reizer,

    I remember your novel well. I also remember going to that little coffee shop in Boiling Springs where you did your autograph signing. It was a fun evening. I loved your story and talking with you about all of those conspiracy theories. Sure miss those days at Sherman College. I follow your website here all the time and look forward to your articles. Cannot wait to read Michael’s new articles that are forthcoming.


  2. Edwina Reizer September 24, 2013 / 8:45 pm

    As your mom, I know that you have experienced what most don’t get to. I remember when you were five talking to me about strange phenomena and alien cultures and all about different densities and the planes of existence in the universe. I was astounded that a small child could know so much about these things. It was a little un-nerving for me but as you grew I came to understand that you were different and were in touch with things that others were not. . I cannot wait for these new insights that Michael (you) will reveal for every one that finds your material. You are brilliant John. Mom

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