Yes We Can’t!

By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for

 michaelmorrispicAs I explained in the year 2003, several power elite groups are in control of your world and are completely addicted to the perceived power and control they have managed to acquire. It matters not which political party is in office at any given period of time. Nothing in the way of public policy will be changed that would ever jeopardize the political agendas that are currently in place.

The enslavement of the masses by an elite minority continues as originally intended by the real global overseers. You must wrap your minds around the uncomfortable concept that those entities that really do control your world are not human! As difficult a concept that this may be to fit inside your brains, it is the truth!

It really does not matter which political party is in power. The system has been designed to fool the common man and woman into believing they have a right to choose a political representative. This charade of picking political candidates that originate from a two-party system, in the United States and other countries, is nothing more than a cleverly scripted play that demonstrates the fine art known as sleight of hand. When citizens vote for choice Democrat or Republican, they are voting for the same thing. Both camps are controlled, at the highest levels, by the same dark forces. Think moon!

The lunar bases that your editor and others write about are a confirmation that humans are being watched, managed, and manipulated from an off world location. These global overseers also have large bases on your planet, under your oceans and soils.

If you are still caught up in the idea of trying to vote the right candidate into public office to make things better, fairer, and more prosperous, it’s time for you to comprehend that this is not going to happen. Elections are not performed to choose a president or other important representatives. They are performed to convince the population base that they have a choice in the management of the world’s business. Don’t become fooled into believing that these election events are genuine. Voter fraud, rigged elections, and similar concepts are routinely placed into the news to try and convince members of your society that the integrity of the election process is important and must be maintained at all costs.

The elections always produce a winning candidate that is owned and operated by the real powers that be. There is never a candidate listed on an election ballot that represents a win for the common man or woman. This is especially true in major elections. The powers that be couldn’t care less about what candidate wins any major election because all candidates that make it onto a ballot have been previously approved as acceptable puppets for the powerful elitists that manage the world for the real global decision makers that exist off world.

Yes we can’t! And you never will either. I write these words in regards to the idea that human beings have a voice and a choice in the global management of Earth’s business. You do not! You never have! And you never will! This is non negotiable and quite unchangeable at this stage of the game.

This article is not meant to be a lesson in doom and gloom. It is intended to be a reality check and nothing more. If you want to understand your place in the world, and especially in the eyes of the global overseers, you must embrace the truth and not the false perception of reality that has been pre-programmed into your physical, mental and social state of being since you entered this game thousands of lifetimes ago.

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One thought on “Yes We Can’t!

  1. Edwina Reizer September 28, 2013 / 2:15 pm

    John (Michael), I have often thought of this possibility as being not far-fetched but probably the truth. There is no earthly reason that can explain why humans seem so helpless in the decisions that ultimately affect our destinies. I will be waiting to hear more from Michael and I know that the wait will be well worth it. Thank you. Mother of John in this lifetime

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