What exactly is a VIP special early release of the Target List movie?

Dr. John Reizer

About a month ago, I had a lengthy conversation with MJ Palo (co-writer, producer, and director of Target List) about the marketing and distribution of our movie.

After about five minutes into the discussion, I realized how little I knew about the movie industry and how much more knowledgeable my co-writer was about the subject matter.

I said to MJ that it would be nice if there was some way we could let the readers of NoFakeNews have a look at the movie before it is officially released in the Spring of 2023. I also explained that the readership has been emotionally invested in the story for several years.

In some ways, I am like the little kid at Christmas time who wants to open up the biggest present under the tree before midnight. I honestly can not wait to share the movie with everyone.

Several days later, MJ texted me and said that she and Andrew Arguello (the film’s other director) had talked it over and decided they would be happy to include people on my website in a VIP special early release of Target List if I wanted that to happen.

“What exactly is a VIP special early release?” I asked.

MJ explained that the VIP special release was a showing of the nearly completed film. It’s a version or cut of the film about 98% finished. There are a few VFX items that are still being edited.

“Won’t people notice that there are unfinished portions of the film?” I asked.

MJ explained that some edits are so minor at this point that most people would never know anything needed editing.

So, I went on to learn that family members of the cast and crew and some industry friends were sometimes invited to view a film before its official release.

I thought about the offer from Mad Wife Productions for a few days before confirming with Andrew and MJ that I wanted to include the readers at NoFakeNews in the VIP early release.

The Importance of Our Movie

Target List is a remarkable film that delivers a unique and vital message to its viewers that needs to be heard broadly by the public. There has probably never been a more opportune time in modern history for a movie like Target List to be released.

The distribution of our movie will be significant. Mad Wife Productions believes that the film will be highly successful. We are planning on using all proceeds from the VIP release to help increase our marketing and advertising budgets for Target List.

You can be a part of movie history. By renting our film, you can help us market our exciting movie above and beyond what its standard distribution package will allow.

Thank you for supporting NoFakeNews and the Target List movie.




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Stay tuned for another major announcement on Thanksgiving Day about renting the full-feature movie this holiday season during a VIP Special Early Release opportunity.