Freedom of Speech and Censorship

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Social media such as Facebook and YouTube have become forums of censorship against what they deem as “not the truth.” In reality, social media does not want the general public to hear the truth on specific issues.  The controllers who own and control social media have the same mentality as much of the public television “news” media.

“Fact-checkers” will censor the truth, all the while proclaiming that they are authorities on what is and what is not the truth.  You have to know that “fact-checkers” are actually censors of freedom of speech.

Human beings have been lied to up one side and down the other for eons of time. History is so distorted and twisted that it is next to impossible to know the truth. It is for sure that television “news” is not the guardian of fact, and neither is Hollywood movies or documentaries.

Years ago, I read the book “The South Was Right” by James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy in regards to the “Civil War.” These same brothers penned the book “Why Not Freedom! America’s Revolt Against Big Government.”

Some perspectives differ radically from the propaganda and lies presented to school children, college students, and the general public. Society is victimized by a great deal of false information and false history.  In fact, I would say that the real truth about human history is impossible to know. After all, we were not there, and we did not experience it. All we know is what someone says.