A Slightly Different Perspective: The Russian – Ukraine Conflict Made Ridiculously Simple

Dr. John Reizer

The Russian – Ukraine conflict was dreamt up and planned by the globalists far in advance of the first shots being fired. The few who control the many were obsessed with the different resources in Ukraine that represented potential profits and so that is the major reason the war was executed as planned.

The Globalist Plan

Ukraine had a perfect history with Russia which made it a prime target for a future war. The country was also laden with valuable resources coveted by a plethora of filthy rich corporations.

The globslist plan from the beginning was to go into Ukraine and overthrow the democratically elected government (2014). Next, the globalists used every asset and means possible to destabilize the country and implement strategic actions that ultimately provoked Russia into a conflict with Ukraine.

Once you have war and destruction taking place, you get the NATO-aligned countries to cry out that Ukraian people are victims of crimes against humanity. Russia is made to look like a monster and the groundwork is in place for the most important and profitable phase of the scheme.

Post-War Reconstruction

The most powerful economic entities in the world (huge corporations) are now lining up to help with the reconstruction of Ukraine. The post-war reconstruction project will be led by the likes of Blackrock, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and others.

It’s always about the money!

Do you understand what is happening here? Ukrainian people are being sacrificed by the globalists and the one percenters are profiting again as they have throughout history. And no, you won’t hear this perspective described on the evening news telecasts.


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