The Nukes Are Fake!

By Anders Bjorkman

Let’s start with some real good news! Nuclear weapons, nukes, are just nonsense propaganda! Atomic bombs have never worked or exploded anywhere since 1945. They were never used then and cannot be used today. They were and are just fake news and propaganda! Imagine how easy it has been to fool the whole world with nuclear bombs that never existed nor exploded during 78 years. 

CGI Nuke Explosion Off the Coast of Nowhere!

“Both the war (2022) in Ukraine and the nuclear threat (1945) are fake and always have been. The nuclear fake is now being used to cover up the vaccine genocide (2019) and to try to protect Pfizer and other parties from a lynching.”

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Is A Much Bigger Psyop Than COVID Coming?

I am publishing my theory about a future nuclear psyop on the website at this time so that if it comes to fruition, the prediction is recorded and time-stamped. — Dr. Reizer

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Let me outline the psyop before it happens!

1. Fake nuclear explosions reported in multiple cities and countries.

2. Reports of radioactive fallout in the atmosphere.

3. Drugs/vaccines provided by different governments that can allegedly help prevent the body from absorbing radiation.

Déjà vu 

Remember that all sovereign governments played along with the COVID hoax. There were lockdowns and social distancing practices worldwide. Extreme pressures were also exerted on all citizens to take the bioweapons.

People will believe a nuclear war between nuclear weapons-bearing countries is a genuine event if and when such a psyop is unleashed.

If a nuclear explosion psyop occurs and the mainstream media broadcast constant information about dangerous invisible radiation circling the Earth, people will be in a panic.

If big pharma and governments the world over provide to the public what is marketed as life-saving antiradiation drugs, scared people will be running over one another to get access to such products.

For many decades people have been groomed by Hollywood movies and mainstream media to believe nuclear weapons are a real danger to all living creatures. We are ready to fall victim to an even bigger psyop than the one we just experienced in Covid-19.

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