Certain Comments Not Published Here About Mars and the Moon

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

During the past few weeks I have received a number of comments from readers that were very critical of the writings I have authored relating to my position that there is intelligent life on the planet Mars and our moon. In almost all of the comments there were inappropriate words used by posters.

I have previously written on this forum that I will publish any comment from readers regardless of whether or not they agree with my position on a particular subject. I will not, however publish any comment that has vulgar or obscene language attached to it. I will not bother to edit or remove the obscene words. I will simply not publish the comment.

Posters should not write threatening or obscene comments on this website and expect to see them approved for publication. I refuse to give anyone that authors junk commentary the time of day or publication exposure that has been reserved for visitors that can argue a point in a civilized and decent manner.

The comments I excluded were critical of the photographic evidence I have referenced, demonstrating life on mars and the moon. The posters believe the photos are not credible. The posters believe the photos I regularly refer to proving life exists at these alien locations have been photoshopped or attenuated by NASA and other sources.

Let me address this issue right now and clarify my position in this article. I am not basing my opinions on anything other than photographs that are coming from Mars Global Surveyor, Viking, Clementine (Lunar buildings and bases) and other catalogs that are generated from NASA and remain in the public domain. Please do not make the mistake of confusing these materials with photoshopped presentations from unknown sources. These photographs have been accessed by visiting NASA websites and readers can click on them to visit the original source photos on the actual government websites. It doesn’t get anymore authentic than that!

The sources I just wrote about are the only places I know where you can seriously research this subject. Based on the details in the images, I believe they are extremely legitimate photographs.

I have provided serious evidence. My articles and opinions have always been based on official government/NASA photos I have reviewed and not on a desire to mislead visitors away from conventional paradigms. The pictures speak a thousand words.

I have not made any misleading statements in my writings. I have written on more than one occasion that NASA obfuscates/hides evidence of life on Mars and  the moon. The photographic evidence in the public domain backs up my position.

Another Great Video Demonstrating Intelligent Life on Mars

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

I wanted to share with readers another good video that was uploaded on YouTube by ufoevidence101. This is a nice presentation that shows pretty convincing evidence of life on Mars. The material in the video comes from NASA space probes that have photographed intelligently constructed buildings and other structures on the Red Planet.

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2014, the same obfuscation techniques are still being applied to NASA photographs by its employees and others in the US Government that refuse to disclose the truth about their discovery of intelligent life on Mars.

Hopefully, in 2015 we will see an announcement by the US Space Agency that finally confirms what so many of us already know regarding the presence of life on Mars.

Please take the time to watch the video below:

NASA’s Orion Not Going to Mars Anytime Soon!

By Dr. John L Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

On Friday, December 5, 2014 NASA launched the Orion Spacecraft into the heavens and proclaimed to the world that it had officially set its cross hairs on the planet Mars.

People watching the live telecast on the mainstream media networks might have thought the spacecraft was actually heading to Mars on December 5. The caption printed on the television screen read, “Mission to Mars” as the large and impressive looking rocket was visible in the background.

The truth be told, Orion was not going anywhere close to Mars. It was launched into the sky without any humans on-board and then entered a relatively low earth orbit (LEO) before splashing down safely 600 miles off the coast of Baja, California.

According to the space agency, Orion was loaded with sensitive instrumentation that was recording information about radiation impacting the inside of the space capsule. The same space capsule where live astronauts would be potentially situated in future flights.

The US Space Agency faces an impossible task in launching live astronauts to Mars or any other celestial body that exists in our universe. In order to deliver astronauts to Mars, a rocket must pass through the Van Allen Belts. The Van Allen Belts exist over 60,000 kilometers above the surface of the earth. They protect the planet and life on earth from harmful cosmic radiation. They also form an impenetrable barrier to manned spaceships being launched from any countries or provinces on this planet.

No human beings could possibly survive passage through the Van Allen Belts. It is an impossible journey and NASA is well aware of the dangers its astronauts would face should they be foolish enough to place a space capsule in an orbit that is anything other than a low earth orbit.

This is the same space agency that claims it sent Apollo astronauts to the moon in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. How did NASA manage to get its Apollo space ships and astronauts through the Van Allen Belts 45 years ago with aluminum and steel constructed space capsules? The inferior technology and space suits used in the Apollo program would have never protected human life passing through the intense radiation belts that completely surround earth. I would challenge any NASA officials suggesting that the Apollo Astronauts were well protected during their journeys to the moon to wear one of the Apollo space garments, and then tour the insides of the Nuclear reactors at Chernobyl or Fukushima, Japan. Good luck with that challenge.

The Space Shuttle program that was brought to fruition by NASA in the 1970’s was designed exclusively to study and defeat the Van Allen Belts and the problems they produced for manned space missions. Guess what happened? Absolutely nothing!

Since the last Apollo mission to the moon in 1972, no human beings from any countries have attempted to tangle with the earth’s radioactive barriers that extend well into the heavens.

Think we went to the moon with Apollo? Think again!

Orion is slated to visit the planet Mars in the 2030’s. Are you kidding me? I guess NASA figures it will solve the radiation belts by that time? I don’t think they will.

Here’s an idea, NASA: How about visiting the moon again? It’s so much closer than Mars and you claim we have already been there a few times.

The moon is probably the most strategic piece of real estate in the entire universe to occupy as far as keeping a close watch on earth. From a military perspective, it would be the best place to watch our planet and any enemies of the United States of America. There are, undoubtedly, military people champing at the bit to get territorial rights to our lunar satellite. Why wouldn’t NASA want to revisit the moon? The answer is simple! In order to get to the moon, humans have to pass through the Van Allen Belts. NASA couldn’t do this in 1969 and they cannot do it in 2014.

In 1994, NASA and the Department of Defense thoroughly mapped the entire moon with Clementine. The pictures they uncovered were pretty amazing according to the mission specialists involved with the project. Click here to see one of the large buildings the unmanned Clementine probe photographed on the surface of the moon.

Who are the real lunatics?  Is it the people that think the Apollo missions were the real deal or the people that think the moon shots were a complete and utter hoax?

What do you think about this subject?

More Evidence of Water on Mars?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

 scan0003457Marsanomalyresearch.com director and investigator, Joseph P. Skipper has published on his website another photograph taken from the Mars Rover Curiosity that appears to have captured evidence of standing water on Mars.

According to NASA, there is no evidence of standing water on the surface of Mars. We’ve heard repeatedly from the scientific community that the Martian landscape is devoid of life and that the planet is a dead, dry and barren world. If this is true, why do pictures keep coming from Mars expeditions that reveal what appears to be free standing water? And to make matters worse for NASA, it appears as if the water is not frozen. Such evidence negates the space agency’s claims that there is no water on the planet and that the planet is too cold to support water in a liquid state.


Photo Credit: NASA

Readers should click on the hyperlink below to view the original picture that is currently on the NASA/ government website that shows apparent water on the Martian terrain. This is an official space agency website and not capable of being modified or photo shopped by civilians or hoaxers.

The following text is found on the NASA website: “The NASA Mars rover Curiosity used its Mast Camera (Mastcam) during the mission’s 120th Martian day, or sol (Dec. 7, 2012), to record this view of a rock outcrop…”

What do you think about this subject?

Public Disclosures Concerning Intelligent Life on Mars and Our Moon Have Already Occurred!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

As many of you already know, I have written several articles detailing the evidence compiled by other researchers that proves or highly suggests the planet Mars is inhabited by intelligent life. The evidence that suggests Mars is home to at least one highly advanced civilization comes in the form of countless photographs that have been captured by the Malin Space Science Systems’ Mars Global Surveyor. In other words, the evidence has been captured by our own US space program. There are other photographs that have been captured by different US space probes that also suggest intelligent life exists on Mars and our moon.

The facts that the discovery of intelligent life on Mars and our moon have been accomplished through the US Space Program and its associated equipment speaks volumes about how troublesome this is considering no mention of said discoveries have ever been released to the taxpayers of the United States that fund said space program.

Why is it that none of the convincing photographs have ever been released or revealed to the general public to date? Or have they?

The truth be told, public disclosures regarding intelligent life on Mars and our moon have been kept very quiet by our space agency. The raw data and information concerning these discoveries have technically been made available by the US Space Agency with regards to the general public. Although plenty of raw data, in the form of countless photographs, is currently accessible to the general public through the Malin Space Science Systems’ websites, it must be understood that the average person would not be in a position to make sense of the evidence available for review.

Let’s illustrate for just a second how difficult it might be for a person to make sense out of images coming back from the planet Mars or the moon by using the analogy of a layperson viewing and trying to make sense out of information coming back in the form of medical diagnostic tests. If a layperson had access to very sophisticated medical diagnostic tests such as MRI or CT scans, it does not mean that he or she would be able to properly interpret the data and come up with a proper diagnosis. Only trained professionals could read and make sense out of the data on the medical diagnostic scans. Laypersons, although the information would be directly in front of their eyes, would be blind to the pertinent information.

The US Space Agency makes available, on different websites, the photographs that have been captured by its various spacecrafts. In some situations there is indisputable evidence that obfuscation techniques have been employed by the government to hide evidence of intelligently made structures on Mars and our moon.

Even if the average person happened to accidentally wander onto one of the Space Agency’s public domain websites, it is highly unlikely that he or she would ever be able to see the evidence in photographs of intelligent life that would literally be right in front of his or her face.

Technically speaking, the evidence has always been made available for any person to access. In reality, the information is quite useless to the average person. In reality, the space agency and the US Government have denied full disclosure regarding intelligent life and intelligently built structures on both the planet Mars and our moon.

A doctor or other trained specialists have the responsibility to read data and diagnostic scans and report accurately about the information to the laypersons they work for. Likewise, the scientists and professionals that work for our space agency have a responsibility to accurately interpret the photographic records captured by our spacecrafts and to report honestly back to the laypersons they work for – US taxpayers.

What do you think about this subject?

The Mainstream Media’s Bait and Switch Techniques are Designed to Keep Us in the Box

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at NoFakenews.net

reizer3It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly predictable the mainstream news companies have become when reporting on their fluff filled stories that attempt to misinform and deceive the public they are supposed to be serving.

On August 22, 2013, Space.com released an off world story that was picked up by Yahoo News. This particular piece was featured with the sensational title, “Astronaut Sees ‘UFO’ Near Space Station.” Really? Do you honestly believe the “lamestream” news companies would be allowed to release a story like that to the American public?

The title, in this situation, is the bait and when the reader (sucker) clicks on the link to view the article, they soon figure out that the “UFO” the astronaut supposedly saw was a piece of space garbage that happened to be floating by the International Space Station. And so the sensational title (the bait) is followed by a nonsense article (the switch) that has no real news content in it whatsoever. Why is this even being packaged and discussed as news? The answer is because it helps to keep people firmly planted within the parameters of conventional thinking. This type of garbage story assures readers that there is nothing of importance going on off world. Think again!

I am pretty sure there are plenty of real UFO’s passing by the astronauts and the International Space Station everyday. It is pretty obvious that the mainstream news companies and NASA are not going to report on the existence of these encounters. They would rather report on how an astronaut observed the passing by of space junk and related debris.

I challenge space.com and NASA to seriously discuss the structures and buildings that exist on our moon and Mars. I challenge them to seriously discuss many of the photos that depict artificial structures on these foreign worlds. And I challenge our space agency to seriously discuss, in a public forum, the photographs that show evidence of intelligent life on other worlds that are currently on file on NASA’s own websites. These photos exist and the funny thing about them is that they are all in the public domain. They are available for public viewing, yet no one even pays attention to the evidence.

We are such a complacent and apathetic society that it is scary. Even when the evidence exists, we couldn’t care less about looking at it.

What do you think about this subject?

Public Domain Photos of the Moon and Mars: A Large Collection of Obfuscated Images

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


Since my early childhood, I have always wondered why we (the U.S. Space Agency) went to the moon, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and then abruptly pulled the plug on the Apollo program as well as any other campaigns that might have been planned to explore our nearest celestial neighbor.

The moon, without a doubt, is the most logical target for NASA to have its cross-hairs focused on. Completely within its reach, one would think our space agency would be overly ambitious to return to the lunar surface. The 6 manned, space missions to the moon the United States managed to pull off 40 years ago should have only scratched the surface of scientific curiosity. I am not exaggerating when I write that there are many scientists today that would love to have an opportunity to explore the moon’s surface. Let’s face facts, our satellite is an extraordinary object, and it’s strategically positioned to offer the best seat in the universe when it comes to keeping an eye on planet earth. For that reason alone, our military leaders are undoubtedly champing at the bit to have access to this lunar lookout.

Why, then, did we abandon all future plans to return to the moon? Some of the answers that have been offered by NASA are, “It’s too expensive” and “We’ve been there and accomplished that. The moon is a dead, rocky,  barren world and we don’t need to go back.” Those responses are almost laughable. When was the last time the U.S. government ever worried about spending too much money? For God’s sake, they print money, out of thin air, and bail out banks that are too big to fail like some people change their underwear. Besides the financial considerations, when was the last time our government invaded a strategic territory and then decided to withdraw from that location at a later date? The answer is never.

The truth about NASA and the U.S. government is that they have never lost their desire to return to the moon. We spent money sending the Clementine spacecraft there in 1994. The Clementine mission was designed to thoroughly photograph every nook and cranny of the lunar surface, and that it did. According to the government’s official website, “The mission results were spectacular.”

If our government really had no interest in returning to the “dead moon” then why did it bother to map the entire planetoid? When all those photos were being taken by Clementine, did the U.S. government see something so disturbing on our satellite that they made a decision to never return there again?

Researcher Joseph P. Skipper (www.marsanomalyresearch.com) has compiled numerous photos, courtesy of NASA and JPL, which clearly show both the moon and planet Mars have artificial structures (buildings) on their respective surfaces. According to Skipper, NASA has been obfuscating images of the lunar and Martian surfaces for many years. The catalogs of photographs on his website, made exclusively from property released into the public domain by NASA, show huge buildings on our moon. The catalogs also contain numerous photographs clearly showing large buildings, cityscapes, lakes, rivers, vegetation, civilization evidence, and fossil remains on Mars.

The questions I have are not centered on whether there’s life on the moon or Mars. I would like to know who is on our moon and what type of civilization resides on Mars.

Recently, photos coming from Mars probes, that have been sent to photograph the Martian surface, have revealed pictures of what appear to be small mammals and lizards. There certainly seems to be a lot of strange things happening on both the moon and Mars. It would be wonderful, and a breath of fresh air, if we were one day permitted to view un-obfuscated photos of these foreign worlds that have been taken by our space agency. It should be mentioned that American taxpayers have funded all of these missions and the associated equipment that was used to create said photos in the first place.

It is one thing to make photos available in the public domain. It is quite another thing to make the photos available so that they accurately reflect what was captured at the locations where the pictures were taken. Enough already, NASA, with all the smudges, airbrushing, and computer generated obfuscation techniques you are creating.

What do you think about this subject?

Mars Curiosity Rover Photographs Lizard on Mars?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


They’ve done it again! It appears that NASA and the scientists that work for our space agency have let another one slip through the cracks. Or maybe not? Maybe this is whistle-blowing in action or an attempt to slowly and purposefully release the information to the public? This time it was Mars Curiosity that photographed what appears to be a small lizard like animal on the Martian surface.

The picture was discovered, according to a story that was written and posted by Dr. Michael Sala on Exoploitics.org., by a Japanese researcher in March of 2013. There was also a Youtube publication added on May 14, 2013.

The evidence continues to pile up that Mars is not the dead and barren world that mainstream science would like us to believe. Pictures taken directly from NASA’s own servers have featured very clear images showing proof of vegetation, water, artificial structures, civilization, and even a custom built home on Mars.

As usual, the comments attached to this story are filled with naysayers claiming the alleged animal is a rock formation or the product of our imaginations.

Photo of Lizard on Mars?

Mars LizardClick Photo to Enlarge — Photo Credit: NASA

The truth be told, it is hard for the people that have been hired to marginalize these type of stories to do their jobs when the evidence comes directly from the NASA websites that are in the public domain. These photos cannot be the products of tampering from unauthorized individuals. They are supposed to be the real thing, directly from a foreign world.

It appears to be only a matter of time before an announcement about full disclosure is made to the general public. Technically speaking, I believe this is a form of partial disclosure. The evidence is being regularly released in the photographic catalogs made available by our space agency. You just have to know how to access the proof that is already out there.

Are we seeing drip theory at work here? Are they slowly releasing the information to us about life off world one drop at a time? What is your opinion on this subject?