UFO Shot Down by US Air Force over Canada

By Julie Reiner

Washington, DC — In a week that was very unusual, to say the least, with regards to protecting American airspace, yet another Unidentified Flying Object was shot down yesterday by an American F-22 aircraft over Canada.

At the request of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who for the first time since being an elected leader decided to protect his citizens, the US Air Force intercepted the UFO and shot down the strange craft.

According to the Pentagram in Washington, DC, a US fighter jet intercepted the UFO and performed an aerial analysis of the object before deciding what was the best weapon and ammunition combination to use to take down the unidentified craft.

The first idea thought up by the US Air Force was to use the always dependable SP-1 pictured below:

SP-1 (First Option)

The SP-1 was developed by NASA scientists in the 1960s at the astronomical cost of 23 billion US taxpayers’ dollars.

After further consideration, the Air Force ultimately decided on using a second and more lethal weapon option (The Pfizer) that has a two-year proven track record of thoroughly destroying anything that it targets.

The Pfizer Weapon

According to a Pentagram spokesperson, the UFO dropped suddenly after being jabbed with the Pfizer weapon.

No additional details about the craft, or its current whereabouts, are available at this time.


The public viewership of mainstream media is so low that the controlling powers are resorting to reporting stories about UFOs and weather balloons to suck people back into watching the mass hypnosis programming. Don’t fall for the nonsense!

–Dr. Reizer


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