The Stealing of Human Health

By Van Robison

Did universal intelligence manufacture human bodies so frail and fragile that it became necessary for people to create giant pharmaceutical and food corporations to get us through life?

Whatever happened to Mother Nature and that which was created free from manmade chemicals?  Virtually all of nature plays a part in human beings’ health and well-being and all life on Earth.

Human health is not the property of mega-corporations.  Pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic creations that don’t grow on trees. They all have side effects.

The food industry giants spend countless dollars on products that taste good and then proclaim their creations are nutritious. They don’t make apples, grapes, carrots, beets, onions, garlic, and other fruits and vegetables that come by nature.

Mother Nature is the best grocery store globally, and the human body is the best doctor.

The cancer industry has been performing the same old chemo, radiation, and needless surgeries for basically the whole of our lives and with the same terrible results—suffering and death. Just ask me because my 31-year-old daughter went through their breast cancer boot camp, and she was booted to the grave.

We all know that highly skilled doctors do wonders in emergency trauma scenarios, but they are abysmal failures in treating diseases.

Do vaccines and other medicinal concoctions contribute to long-term sicknesses and diseases, as well as autism, death, and a long list of paralyzing conditions that turn people into pretzels? Yes!

Based on personal experiences, observations, research, and critical thinking, it is my opinion that human health has been stolen for profit by the food industry and the big pharma empire.

What do you think?


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