There are no coincidences regarding the public administration of mRNA vaccines and skyrocketing cardiovascular issues!

By Lisa Hakes

I find it very disturbing how there are already articles being written to normalize heart disease and myocarditis. And they claim this genocide is only being caused due to our lack of health, and not the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Covid Vaccines Are Killing People!

The AARP Bulletin headlines their article:


Midlife and younger adults are dying of heart diseases more often; Record numbers of older adults are dying, too; The COVID pandemic injected rocket fuel into the heart disease resurgence.” They also state, “America’s obesity and diabetes epidemic took off in 1985. Twenty-five years later, heart disease deaths began inching upward. ‘We have more cases of heart disease because important drivers of cardiovascular disease-obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome are growing more and more prevalent in this society,’ says Anekwe Onwuanyl, M.D. professor of medicine and chief of cardiology at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta.”


It appears that the powers that be are working hard to continue to manipulate the people. Isn’t it ironic how heart disease has skyrocketed since 1985? But as I recall, the administration of childhood vaccines were also skyrocketing in the 1990s. My son (vaccine-injured) who was labeled with severe autism was born in 1995.

And I think that Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills is a great example of how someone young and healthy has most likely fallen victim to the pharmaceutical bioweapons at hand. The COVID-19 vaccines are required for these football athletes. 

Also, Lisa Marie Presley publicly stated that she had received her death shots. And she has now sadly fallen victim. No coincidences!

I came across the following article recently and thought it might be something that the NoFakeNews readership would find interesting.


Lisa Hakes is a regular contributor on NoFakeNews. Lisa is the author of the book, Subtle Sabotage and an executive producer of the Target List movie.


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