Remember What We Are Trying to Accomplish with this Website

Dr. John Reizer

I am providing a platform where people can challenge the official narratives of many mainstream stories without the fear of being censored by the corporate media or other big tech platforms.

My goal has never been to tell people what to believe, but rather to encourage all readers to critically think about all the different posts published on the forum.

If you don’t agree with something that I or another writer publishes, you shouldn’t feel intimidated or bad about expressing your opinions.

Sometimes we can agree to disagree on a certain subject and still be civil and get along at the same time.

At NoFakeNews we don’t censor opinions if someone writes certain words unless they are vulgar. The censorship that occurs on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms does not take place here.

Thank you for being a reader of NoFakeNews and for having the courage to think outside the box!


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This is how bad the censorship is on social media

This is the way people have to spell out the word myocarditis to not get censored on social media. This is where we are in 2022, smack in the middle of a global vaccine genocide.

Can you believe that there are still millions of morons out there who believe anti-vaxxers have created a worldwide conspiracy theory that alleges the covid vaccines are killing people?

Dr. Reizer


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The Truth Has Been Banned!

By Van Robison

As a followup to Dr. Reizer’s article on TikTok, let me write that anyone with their eyes opened knows that social media platforms are controlled by the powers that be and are censoring a great deal of public information. This is being done to keep the general public from being exposed to the truth.

What censorship really tells the world is that the controllers fear the truth. What do they have to hide? I can tell you what they have to hide — poison, lies, propaganda, fear-mongering, and some dark buried secrets.

Censorship, of course, is centered on destroying freedom of speech, and it seeks to squelch voices and opinions the socialists don’t want to hear expressed. They call evil “good” and good “evil.”

The controllers regularly impose their will upon society. They don’t care what we think or say. They shove their lies and propaganda down our throats relentlessly.

Society should not be harassed and muffled by psychopaths. Social media should be open to freedom of respectful expression, and I suggest that the controlling freaks who are censoring us should be outed and freedom of speech restored immediately.

The socialists make the claim that we have violated their policy and seek to silence our collective voice.  I can tell readers that those in control have repeatedly violated humanity and shut down many voices that have a right to be heard on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms.