A Message to All Enforcers…

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Everyone in any capacity of enforcement needs to understand that the human government is not God. People make “laws,” and those “laws” are generally not in the best interest of society.  Enforcing man and woman-made “laws” very often requires violence against innocent human beings. Most traffic tickets are nothing more than armed robbery. The police violate speed laws every day. Are they exempt?

Some enforcers have been caught on video terrorizing some individuals for not social distancing. You have to know that such enforcers are low-level morons with no sense of intelligence whatsoever.

Truth be told, all governments on planet Earth are human-made, and they all exist by coercion and force; otherwise, they would not exist at all. There is no such thing as government and freedom because all governments on Earth and at all levels are dictatorships.

Enforcement is not a “service” to society, but rather worship of the state. There is a great deal of abuse by enforcers who wear uniforms and badges, and many enforcers are sadistic human beings. Many of their deeds have been caught on video.

Naturally, there is a flip side to enforcement, and there are times when human beings have to be constrained. Likewise, enforcers need to be restrained and not choke a man to death, as was the case in New York and caught on television. The incident occurred over a pack of cigarettes.

Coronavirus Bullies

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Harmless human beings have been bullied by enforcers in parks as if innocent humans are committing some dreadful crime.  Sure I can give references to these accounts, but do your own research by keying into the Internet every kind of thought and question you can think of and be surprised.

Enforcers belong to a cult of brainwashed human beings wearing uniforms and badges, and their god is the state, all the while they are “public servants.”  In fact, enforcers should be arresting the real criminals in high places, who are exploiting human beings for hidden and ulterior motives while pretending to “protect” the general public.

Why not arrest every politician in government who has given orders to shut down businesses, sports, states, provinces, and nations?  Unfortunately, enforcers are not very bright human beings, because if they were, they would not be in enforcement in the first place.