Coronavirus Bullies

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Harmless human beings have been bullied by enforcers in parks as if innocent humans are committing some dreadful crime.  Sure I can give references to these accounts, but do your own research by keying into the Internet every kind of thought and question you can think of and be surprised.

Enforcers belong to a cult of brainwashed human beings wearing uniforms and badges, and their god is the state, all the while they are “public servants.”  In fact, enforcers should be arresting the real criminals in high places, who are exploiting human beings for hidden and ulterior motives while pretending to “protect” the general public.

Why not arrest every politician in government who has given orders to shut down businesses, sports, states, provinces, and nations?  Unfortunately, enforcers are not very bright human beings, because if they were, they would not be in enforcement in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Bullies

  1. tim April 22, 2020 / 4:24 pm

    Agreed. There is a lot of finger pointing that is being done. But if we shine the light on the REAL reason it is the way it is, ie:the puppet masters, the secret societies, illuminati, , satan worshipers, baby sacrafices, tyranical psychopaths, governments, cdc, fbi, cia, who, etc, etc, So many guilty who will probably never be prosecuted. But again, why don’t we shine the light on the real guilty ones ? I see millions of stuff pointing fingers at everyone. Don’t see too many pointing their fingers at the puppet masters who are the blame for it all, really. And it’s the puppets’ fault for doing what the master pupperteer wants them to do. We are all to blame for letting them do this to us. We need to join as one , 7 billion minds thinking the same thing. Remove the evil, and bring in the good. Thank you for your words of truth. Good article.

    • Van Robison April 22, 2020 / 5:39 pm

      Thank you Tim, you are one of the few who sees through the matrix.

      • tin April 24, 2020 / 4:27 pm

        Thanks to Dr. Reizer and others like you Van the few are becoming many. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen. One day this site will have 1000’s of followers. Dr. Reizer can start a telecom ? or whatever they call it, on the internet, and spread the truth via video … how cool would that be ?

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