Just How Dangerous Are Vaccines?

Dr. John Reizer

All medicines are dangerous and toxic to animals and human bodies. Sometimes the dangers/risks associated with drugs must be measured and weighed against the potential benefits to be gained by patients in individual circumstances.

Vaccines are an entirely different category of medicines and the dangers/risks associated with these products are much greater than many other medicines.

Keep in mind that I am referring to traditional vaccines and not the mRNA bioweapons that have been fraudulently labeled or disguised as vaccines.

Traditional vaccines are so dangerous that the United States government had to protect vaccine makers from lawsuits by creating special vaccine courts that limit the damages awarded to injured parties to a maximum of $250,000.

If the big pharma companies were not protected by the feds, they would have been put out of business long ago.

This type of bullshit that protects big pharma companies from being accountable for the poisons they manufacture was passed into law by the federal government made up of people from the red and blue teams with some independents thrown in for good measure.

In the case of the mRNA kill shots, those poisons were given complete immunity from lawsuits because they were authorized to be administered by the FDA as experimental products during a defined pandemic that was based on fake case numbers created by a rigged diagnostic testing technology. Isn’t medicine great?


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4 thoughts on “Just How Dangerous Are Vaccines?

  1. lhakes12 December 1, 2022 / 8:20 pm

    All vaccines are thethal to our health.
    I will personally attest to that because of the severe damage that was done to my son by the childhood vaccines.
    Autism (vaccine-injured) wrecks havoc on the entire body. Most individuals with autism have gastrointestinal problems, immune deficiencies, and a dysfunctional detox process. It is more than a neurological disorder.
    The issues we have to deal with in our home are beyond most people’s comprehension. As I describe in my book, “Subtle Sabotage.”
    But besides all the running away and going into other people’s houses unannounced this past year, we had another incident recently. This incident was because of certain food that is sensitive to his stomach (he has celiac disease) He got gluten, and it caused him to go on a rampage. And this hasn’t happened in quite some time because we keep a tight lid on everything. (Locks on fridge and closets) but he managed to get bread and he had an episode. I recognized the irritable noises he makes when he is in pain, and quickly gave him his stomach medicine. Then I dashed to barracade my self in the bathroom with my dogs. I heard things being thrashed around for about 20 minutes, but then his medicine starts to work and he settles down. I then came out to check the damage. I was pleased that things were mostly just scattered. Just a couple of small broken nick knacks.
    I was so grateful all my Quartz Crystal singing bowls were all still intact! I think he enjoys listening to me meditate, sing and play their tunes!


    • Dr. John Reizer December 1, 2022 / 8:27 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Lisa! I have read your book, Subtle Sabotage, and recommend it to everybody. That’s why I keep it prominently displayed on NoFakeNews. 👍😀


      • lhakes12 December 1, 2022 / 8:46 pm

        It has been on your site for a couple of years now. It’s hard to believe! And thank you again, John. I do very much appreciate it! 😀


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