Here’s What I Am Thinking…

Dr. John Reizer

1. Nuclear Weapons — Fake!

2. COVID — Fake!

3. Climate Change — Fake!

4. Weather Manipulation — Real!

5. Secret Electronic Weapons Against Humanity — Real!

6. All Space Travel Programs — Fake!

7. Manufactured Global Food Shortages — Real!

8. People Worldwide Are Awakening — Real!

9. Something is Desperately Attempting to Modify the Human Genome — Real!

10. The Global Genocide — Real!

11. We are Living in a Holographic Simulation — Real!

12. They Can Modify our Bodies — Real!

13. They Can Steal Our Souls — Fake!

14. They Are Attempting to Hijack the Game from A Vast Intelligence — Real!

15. They Will be Successful — Fake!


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2 thoughts on “Here’s What I Am Thinking…

  1. lhakes12 September 23, 2022 / 11:56 am

    Cuz Jeff’s Facebook
    6 hrs ago

    “One thing about this journey of seeking truth
    Is that just when you think you’ve found it
    Even after you’ve found it
    You continue to find yourself coming back around full circle again
    Upon the realization that you still have much to learn
    Even more to unlearn and we continue to fuck it up
    Again and again
    It’s difficult to identify with who and what we’ve become
    Because almost everything we are is a lie
    Split down the middle our cerebral cortex like a hacked computer program
    Sentient but unaware

    Simply trying to teach others how Cleverly we are deceived
    And trying to use examples of our cognitive dissonance
    To explain the difference between truth and false parodies of psychological operations we’ve been given
    We grasp at straws trying to imagine the Real
    Without falling into another trap of the reimagined

    The word was Spun into this world we know
    It’s like the truth is buried at the center of an onion
    But we will have to peel back so many layers of simulations before we get the core truth

    The seesaw effect is very real

    As you try to show people who aren’t awake yet
    Or maybe at least lukewarm awake
    And it’s a challenge
    Because we are challenging their emotions And triggers of indignation
    To let go of their attachments to the reality they live in
    Being a 15 year veteran of investigation and independent research
    We are among those far passed these reactionary flaws being more advanced in our truth and our Journey
    But then when met with others who are beyond our own level of awareness
    Who point out those flaws we don’t even recognize
    That are so buried in our own indoctrination

    Then, you have a moment where
    You have graduated from getting mad about it
    Being corrected isn’t so bad
    And humility teaches us lessons
    It’s like a moment of defeat
    Where you realize you need to keep learning
    Keep reading
    And keep listening
    And the humility in you wants to learn more
    Rather than debate the inevitable realization that you
    may be wrong about some things

    This I share with you all
    So you know we all do it sometimes”

    • Dr. John Reizer September 23, 2022 / 12:00 pm

      No, doubt about it! Thanks for sharing Jeff’s thoughts. 👍


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