The Plandemic Book Reviews: The Good and the Bad!

Book reviews from and Goodreads for John Reizer’s PLANDEMIC novella:

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6 Global One-Star Ratings

Linda – (One-Star)

Could Not Finish 

Poorly written nonsense that Covid19 is fake. Stupid.

CB – (Five-Stars)

A Perspective

This is a story challenging the prevailing narrative about current events. It will resonate with some and not with others, but questioning any dogma is a good thing. I purchased 3 hard copies to give out to those who may have open minds.

Bruce – (Five-Stars)

More Reality than Fiction

A must-read for the non-NPC

Pharmish – (Five-Stars)

Spot on

I believe you hit the nail straight on the head. This whole thing is about control and not about seeing to the good of mankind. We need more stories that expose the truth. Thank you.

Luis – (Five-Stars)

Awesome Book!

Great read! I enjoyed John’s creativity of the Plandemic- great insight.

Trish – (One-Star)

Mostly Propaganda

Really a disappointment. Conspiracy propaganda…the author claims it is fiction but clearly has an agenda and seems to be taking the typical anti-science stance that permeates America. It Comes off as satire but is poorly done so doesn’t quite make it. It does give insight into the mindset of a particular group’s way of thinking, namely anti-vaxxers. I am not sure I would pay full price for this book, I got it on a day it was free.

ElisEt – (One-Star)
Anti-vax, NWO woo

Well. That was rather painful. If you’re OK with a not particularly well written anti-vax, NWO, Malthusian conspiracy theorist’s fantasy, then you’ll probably love this. Please be aware that practically NOTHING in this story is factual. As one other reviewer said, lots of fiction, no science. While bemoaning the public’s lack of knowledge of ‘microbiology and how viruses interact with society’, the author sadly shows a significant lack of knowledge in these areas as well. Please, if you have any concerns about life-saving vaccinations, ask a REAL doctor.

Holli Bode – (Five-Stars)
Good Read!

Really an eye-opener. Makes you wake up and listen to all the possibilities out there. More than likely very true story.

Anne – (Five-Stars)

Everything You Need to Know About the Global Upset!

Much truth depicted in this sensational fiction novel. Everything about what is happening in our chaotic world today. Approached in an entertaining way.
If you can keep an open mind, you will find many answers to your questions. All sides of the story must be heard. The author, Dr. John Reizer, is an intellectual man and he has done much research. This book is a must-read!

Van – (Five-Stars)

Plandemic Review

I have always been, as an adult a non-fiction reader of hundreds of books and I am now 78. If I have ever read a book of fiction as an adult, I cannot remember it. This book by Dr. John Reizer is based on “fiction”, but really is more truth than fiction and about the global scam of Covid 19. There are a few laughs in the narrative, such as President Stump and COX News. I highly recommend this book, because it is a real eye-opener to anyone who has been deceived by the television news media about the “pandemic.”

BWS – (Five-Stars)


Great little read to begin with. I’m not an avid conspiracy theorist, BUT this novella may have awakened my natural untrusting nature. Bottom Line: I Will NOT TAKE ANY COVID-19 VACINE. This novella is great food for thought RICHT NOW.

Carol – (Five-Stars)

Stop the madness

Love this book as it tells in fiction form what is really happening in our world right now. Everyone needs to read this book and pray every single day that we awaken the sheep that still believe in the virus hoax. No one should be even thinking of getting the poisonous vaccine injection

Gamecreature – (One-Star)

Plenty of fiction, no science

If you make one or two ridiculous assumptions, then it all makes sense.



Julia – (Five-Stars)

Disclaimer! I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Plandemic, a novella by John Reizer, is a fictional story about the real-life ongoing saga otherwise known as Covid19. I found the story to be interesting, thought-provoking and well-written. The two main characters, Julie Reiner and Donald Barnes felt real and were well fleshed out.

The story’s premise is centered on the idea that Covid-19 is a fake event that was staged by a New World Order government attempting to reset society and lower the global population numbers through the creation of a vaccine.

The story is a page-turner and from a fictional perspective quite plausible.


I read Plandemic over a week ago and was so intrigued by the premise, I wanted to check out the alleged science interwoven throughout the story. The main scientific point the author writes about in the fictional work is that the testing procedures used to diagnose the disease in human subjects are unreliable. The author claims, in the story, the virus was never properly isolated by the scientific community.

Reizer claims PCR tests are unreliable in clinical cases and were chosen by the architects of the fake pandemic because they conveniently register false-positive case numbers in a significant minority of the global population. The reason for this is because many people have genetic materials in their bodies that are harmless but trigger a false-positive response in the lab tests.

The author also writes that all of the covid19 cases were based on false-positive PCR tests or upper respiratory and pneumococcal infections that were fraudulently diagnosed as coronavirus cases.

After I read many scientific papers, checked out the CDC website concerning the lab tests, and looked into how the virus was isolated in real-life, I learned that many of the author’s fictional story claims are well documented by medical physicians and reputable scientists.

There’s a lot of information out there about the unreliability of the PCR tests and Reizer’s fictional account is not so far-fetched and off the wall as I first believed.

The other thing I found to be mind-blowing, is that in Plandemic, the story, the author writes about “THE EVENT” where the main characters, Julie Reiner and Donald Barnes first meet in October 2019, in New York City. THE EVENT in the story was a simulated world pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus. It’s significant because the two characters realize as time goes on, the Covid19 virus and its collateral damage mirror the simulation.

THE EVENT in Reizer’s Plandemic novella happened in real life in New York City. It was called EVENT-201. Event 201 was a simulated world pandemic caused by…a novel coronavirus.

Plandemic is worth the read, and if you have an open mind, it will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about the virus that has haunted us in 2020.

Breanna – (Five-Stars)

Outstanding Book!

This is one of the most interesting books I have come across in a while. It’s a “fictitious story” about the coronavirus. The idea behind the novella is that the disease is a hoax and the creators of the fake sickness used rigged lab tests that were over-sensitive to harmless DNA materials in a certain percentage of the population to build up the fake case numbers worldwide. They did some other fancy frauds with the reporting of statistics… you’ll have to read about it in the story.

The book is filled with plenty of real science and it explains, in my opinion, what has probably occurred in real life.

I was reading the reviews on Amazon, and they are either great or horrible. Same thing here. What gives?

I read it yesterday in one sitting and then I read it again today. It has made me question everything I have been told about Covid-19.

Do yourself and family a favor and don’t pay attention to the bad reviews, this story is fantastic and you need to read it!

Brandon – (Five-Stars)

An Island of Truth in a Sea of Lies

I have sent this one to all my friends. It’s difficult for me to think that people are still walking around afraid of the “virus” after nine months.

I just want to say to the people writing that this book is propaganda and that Amazon should be ashamed of publishing “garbage” that is harmful to drug companies; this is what we do in America. We don’t censor books, articles or videos because they are in conflict with what drug companies are promoting as the truth. At least we didn’t before corona. Now it seems a pretty common practice.

I think this little story is an island of truth in a sea of lies, and that infuriates many zombies.

Susan – (Five-Stars)

I have read several of this author’s books and I think Plandemic is my favorite. Millions of people in America believe the official story being told. It’s nice to finally read something truthful about the coronavirus. All the lies and misinformation being written by the CDC and their cronies is ridiculous. Thank you, Dr. Reizer, for attempting to expose the lies in your book and on your website.

Glen (Five-Stars)

John Reizer’s PLANDEMIC is a must-read! I don’t know what else to write about the short novel other than it is a story about real life in the year 2020. Reizer’s fictional account of the coronavirus nightmare paints a very different picture about what is happening in the world than what has been portrayed by governments worldwide. It is something I never thought about before, but it makes sense the way the author explains everything.

It’s a short novella, but well-written and Reizer provides readers with real science to back up the book’s theme. This was eye-opening for me.

Raymond – (Five-Stars)

I must be one of those NWO, anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists having a wet dream because I think this book was spot on. As far as there being no science in it, I don’t know what some people are reading, but the story I read was filled with a heck of a lot more science than fiction.

I’d give Plandemic 6-stars if the site would let me.

Jasmine – (Five-Stars)

This book rocks!!! What a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone with the guts to tell the truth about what is going on in the world with a well-written fictional story.

Fritz – (Five-Stars)

A Story that speaks the truth

Here in Germany, we have millions of people that know the virus is a hoax. There are many medical doctors speaking out and writing about the fake PCR testing and the statistical manipulations of case numbers.

Plandemic is a great story that speaks the truth about how the world has been fooled by criminals that work at the highest levels of government and medicine. They have committed crimes against humanity.

In my country, there are great protests happening every week and millions of Europeans are participating. People need to wake up and stop worrying about being afraid of a make-believe germ that does not exist.

Paul – (One-Star)


Conspiracy theory throughout, positing corrupt drug manufacturers creating a false pandemic to justify lethal vaccination.
Shame on Amazon and Authors!

Trish – (One-Star)

Really a disappointment. Conspiracy propaganda…the author claims it is fiction but clearly has an agenda and seems to be taking the typical anti-science stance that permeates America. It Comes off as satire but is poorly done so doesn’t quite make it. It does give insight into the mindset of a particular group’s way of thinking, namely anti-vaxxers. I am not sure I would pay full price for this book, I got it on a day it was free.

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10 thoughts on “The Plandemic Book Reviews: The Good and the Bad!

  1. Kevin September 18, 2020 / 11:31 am

    It’s a very good book and it tells the truth about how the scam was pulled off.
    The trolls will do what trolls always do…write nonsense and attempt to discredit the truth.
    Most of the reviews are good ones because people know that covid is a fraud.

    • NoFakeNews September 18, 2020 / 11:51 am

      Appreciate the support, Kevin. 🙂

  2. tim September 18, 2020 / 11:44 am

    You CANNOT CONTROL, what people say, think, do, or feel. You CAN ONLY CONTROL what: YOU say, think, do, or feel !!! Focus on what you CAN control, and leave the rest. We are all on the same path, just at different places on that path. Some need to catch up, some, we need to catch up too.
    your friend,
    tim 🙂

    • NoFakeNews September 18, 2020 / 11:50 am

      Not worried one bit about negative reviews, Tim. I only post the information so that readers can see the polarizing views out there concerning the pandemic.

      I am only marketing the book to new readers so that more people will read the story.

      I know that many visitors here have already read the story and might be tired of me pushing the book, but I have to keep introducing the novel to new readers.

      When the powers that be stop pushing their agenda, I will stop pushing mine!

      Dr. Reizer

      • tim September 18, 2020 / 2:09 pm

        I know Doctor. My commernts are for “others” to see. I know your knowledge is purchased on a rock, and will stand strong against the storms waves and high winds.

        So, you better keep on pushing there, “pusher man!”

        hehe 🙂

      • NoFakeNews September 18, 2020 / 2:18 pm


  3. Sharon September 18, 2020 / 11:58 am

    Doctor, you keep promoting the book. I keep telling others as well. You can’t let up if you want to change the world.

    • NoFakeNews September 18, 2020 / 12:14 pm

      Thank you, Sharon. I really appreciate your feedback and support.

      I have received plenty of hateful emails concerning the Plandemic story that I simply delete. I am pretty thick skinned and, for the most part, don’t let that stuff bother me too much.

      But it’s been a nonstop campaign for me since January writing about the virus. It gets exhausting after a while.

      I am seriously considering taking a month or so off to regroup and prepare for whatever is ahead with my family.

      I think that the content on the website gets the general idea out there that the virus is fake.

      Dr. Reizer

  4. Kenneth T. September 18, 2020 / 12:40 pm

    Some people are so dependant on the system that they will fight to protect it. They can not see the truth

    • NoFakeNews September 18, 2020 / 1:51 pm

      You are one hundred percent correct, Kenneth. 🙂

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