Let’s Discuss Sports and Entertainment

By Dr. John Reizer

Professional sports and entertainment venues, which until recently were scheduled around the calendar, with virtually no downtime whatsoever, have been essential components of the plot to manage and takedown the masses for years. They have been the traditional cornerstones of maintaining a sort of hypnosis for citizenry worldwide.

Getting humanity to disconnect from or misunderstand the importance of certain global events that have been taking place was of paramount importance to those controlling bloodlines running the Earth show.

Sports and entertainment industries were created and have been used with regularity to generate the necessary distractions to keep most members of society from focusing on the world governing construct’s objectives to tighten its grip and control over the general population.

In the rare scenario, professional sports schedules were interrupted in the past due to labor strikes or other unforeseen circumstances, governments worldwide would step in and make sure the problems were quickly resolved to ensure the venues could maintain their lengthy, soap-opera schedules. Up until recently, a global crisis could be in the works, and the sports and entertainment venues scheduled across the planet would never be interrupted.

Then came Covid-19. The coronavirus plandemic, like earlier false flag events, was scripted in a studio by gifted writers. But unlike the other false flag events, Covid-19 was not designed to be a drill or dress-rehearsal. It was designed and unleashed on society to totally disrupt the ebb and flow of our lives so that a plethora of draconian policies and laws could be introduced into the matrix. It was designed so that there would be no return to the state of existence people perceived to be as normal. As we have been told through mass media brainwashing repeatedly, there’s a new standard, and things won’t be getting back to the way they were before Covid-19 until a vaccine is made available, and people take that medicinal concoction.

Sports and entertainment venues had to be shut down for the newest psyop to work. The powers that be needed our full attention. They had to awaken us from our hypnotic slumber created from watching hours and hours of mindless sports and entertainment programming. The fact that the few who control the many shut down the sports and entertainment industries speaks volumes about how vital the fake pandemic is to the overall goal of creating and advancing the new paradigms currently being inserted into society.

I don’t anticipate the return of typical sports and entertainment venues in the foreseeable future where there are large crowds of people in attendance. The powers that be want to keep people afraid of the virus. They want the public to perceive the outside environment as being dangerous and a threat to their health and well being. This is the reason for the implementation of new laws that make wearing face masks mandatory.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss Sports and Entertainment

  1. tim June 24, 2020 / 1:26 pm

    I never liked (those who produce) soap opera’s (“those controlling bloodlines running the earth show, Dr. John Reizer”) and knew there was something wrong going on there, all that drama. And could never get into watching sports, (” bloodlines”) especially after the Chargers lost for the 2nd time in the super bowl. Never watched another game after that.

    And this fake scamdammic (” bloodlines”) hasn’t really affected my life. I still go to the store, beach, mountains, camping, hikes, surfing, bike riding, skating, unicycle riding, volley ball, swimming, whatever, and no one has gotten in my way.

    I refuse to do business with ones that make you wear a mask even after you tell them your going through dental surgeries and your face is sensitive to the touch from masks (truth) . Or you have trouble breathing with the mask on.

    There’s a health food store here that I have been going to for a long time. The manager implemented the plastic shields, social distancing floor markers, etc, in his store a couple of weeks before it became mandated for the general public, and told me I could not shop in his store without a mask. (I told him about the dental surgeries I’m going through) I told the manager I would never shop there again if he did this and would not show empathy and make exceptions to the “rules” (“bloodlines”) for medical reasons . He refused, so I left my cart, and walked out of the store .

    I have found two other health food stores who let me shop without the draconian stipulations (“bloodlines”). My family is following suit. And I called that same manager recently just to follow up and told him he is now going to lose 1,000’s of $$$ because we will never shop there again. And that exceptions “to the rules” (“bloodlines”) should be made. This is not a black and white situation.

    I wanted to make a point. They (“bloodlines”) only speak money, and no one gets that. such a shame. Like what if people only bought organic food and products that are pure organic, no chemicals, etc ? What would the (“bloodlines”) have to produce ? What the people want !!! If we only bought electric cars. What would the (“bloodlines”) have to produce ? What the people want !!! The power of the dollar. How come so few get that ?

    If any business does not have enough empathy to make exceptions, that business does not deserve my money. In fact, if all Americans only gave their money to businesses that do not belong to the
    “bloodlines” then this virus problem probably be over in a month or so. (check me on that Doctor)
    The only language the “bloodline” speak is money. If you stop giving the “bloodlines” your money the “bloodlines” will disappear from your lives.

    What if everyone (wherever humanly possible) in the nation went solar, stopped giving their money to the electric mafia (“bloodlines”) and got their energy for free from the sun? Then stopped buying fuel (“bloodlines”) and used their solar panels to charge their electric cars, etc. and everyone stopped giving the oil mafia (“bloodlines”) their money ?

    See where I’m going with this ? It’s not brain surgery. What you feed grows. Right now everyone is feeding “the bloodlines” (corporations) instead of the good, independent businesses that are NOT owned and operated by “the bloodlines.”

    That’s why the “bloodlines” is trying to destroy the middle class (small businesses, deemed “non essential”) because the “bloodlines” knows the power of the dollar bill and hopes you will never learn of this simple yet very powerful weapon (the dollar bill) that can destroy the “bloodlines” control over the human race .

    There are two wolfs inside of me. One is good and one is evil. The one I feed is the one that will grow. Find businesses that have empathy, and are not hypnotized by “the bloodlines ” and will not force “their” draconian laws, protocols, suggestions, rules of conduct , codes of behavior, guide lines, procedures, etc, on you but instead will make appropriate, humane, independent decisions pertaining to how they serve their customers .”

    Then see how fast the “bloodlines” grasp on your necks, chocking you with their masks, rules and regulations will be reversed so “the bloodline” will be the ones that are chocking on their own “traps” (spending your money on the corrupt medical industrial complex / insurance companies, entertainment, property, food, necessities, oil, energy corporations , etc, ect, ect.) set for the masses, that so many have fallen into.

    The people have the power to take back control of this country (watch the well made documentary / movie called “Thrive”, the ending is the best part) and even this nation and the earth. And it’s all by the power of the dollar bill.

    Don’t give it to “the bloodlines” and “the bloodlines” will no longer have it, that is, power, over you. When you give them your dollar you give the “bloodlines” your power, and self control, and you are now a puppet. Stop being a puppet and “cut” the strings (by where you spend your dollar bill.) Feed the good, not the bad.

    Thank you Doctor Reizer, and all your readers, for all you do. Sending thoughts of strength, energy, and peace your way in these trying times 🙂

    • NoFakeNews June 24, 2020 / 4:01 pm

      You are welcome, Tim!

      Dr. Reizer

  2. sandy edwards June 24, 2020 / 3:59 pm

    I know this is off topic but fyi. North Carolina is now under statewide mandate to wear face coverings. Also, the state will remain in phase 2 safer at home for three more weeks from this Friday.

    • NoFakeNews June 24, 2020 / 4:00 pm

      Nothing is off-topic here, Sandy. Thanks for sharing this important and sad news.

      Dr. Reizer

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