Governor McMaster Continues to lift Covid-19 restrictions for South Carolina

Dr. John Reizer

I have to give credit where credit is due, and South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster deserves credit, in my opinion, for continuing to open up the Palmetto State despite pressure and criticism from many people not to do so.

McMaster recently stated, “People have to be able to go and work for a living to support their families, support their children, to pay the bills, to keep the lights on, to save for college and all those thousands of things. You simply cannot stop that indefinitely. We slowed it down in South Carolina enough to arm ourselves with the knowledge of what we need to do to be safe.”

South Carolina was one of the first states to reopen its businesses and lift the Covid-19 lockdown orders that had the United States in a complete standstill for several months.

Currently, there is a tremendous uptick in Covid-19 case numbers in the Palmetto State, and people and news reporters are second-guessing the governor’s aggressive approach to allow people to go on with their lives.

The powers that be are trying to create a new narrative that makes the argument that because people have come out of quarantine and lockdown too soon, the coronavirus case numbers are beginning to surge again in South Carolina and many other American states.

This false narrative is based on entirely flawed logic. How many months do people have to remain in lockdown and wear masks before Covid-19 disappears? Come on everyone, stop being so damn gullible. The powers that be are trying to keep members of society afraid until a new vaccine is introduced in 2021.

I applaud the governor’s decision to ignore the new statistics that have many people running for cover and wanting to go back into quarantine. The sudden rise in coronavirus case numbers has to do with drastically increased testing of the public.

As more people continue to get tested with test kits that are totally unreliable and that give false-positive results because they are sensitive to other coronaviruses and bacteria, the more Covid-19 case numbers will be falsely recorded.

This sort of fraud has been taking place all over the world. The case numbers are not an accurate reflection of people that have Covid-19. They are a reflection of people that are dealing with other coronaviruses that are very common throughout the general population. This is how the fraud has been constructed and how so many case numbers have materialized and been attributed to a virus that doesn’t exist.

Many common colds and upper respiratory illnesses are caused by coronaviruses. The test kits that are being used to diagnose Covid-19 register positive responses for these other benign microbes that regularly affect many people. This is why the people that created the fake pandemic screenplay decided to use a coronavirus as the villain. They knew in advance the test kits would give them the positive case numbers that would be required to sound the emergency alarms and report that a pandemic was occurring worldwide. This entire scam has been well thought out by very talented writers, producers, and directors.

Thank you, governor McMaster, for staying strong and allowing the people you represent in the state of South Carolina to resume their lives.